Where to watch Pokemon the first movie? Where To Watch Classic Pokémon Movies Online

Where to watch pokemon the first movie? The classic Pokemon movies are available online — but there’s a catch. Netflix’s remake of the iconic 1998 Pokemon: The First Movie is here; titled Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution, Netflix’s 2020 CGI adaptation of the first Pokemon feature film arrived on the platform on February 27, 2020.

No doubt, long-time fans of the Pokemon series will feel nostalgic while watching the CGI remake, perhaps leading some to wonder: where can one watch the classic Pokemon movies online?

The first official Pokemon feature-length film was released worldwide in 1998, at the height of the franchise’s popularity — a franchise that remains highly profitable, even today.

The now-ubiquitous “pocket monsters,” who appear in manga, anime, movies, and even a card game, have a humble beginning as the Gameboy games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. The games took the world by storm, and were followed-up by Yellow, then the second generation games, Gold and Silver.

Pokemon, the TV series adaptation of the video game, first premiered in Japan in 1997. The series was subsequently licensed, dubbed, and then broadcast for American audiences in 1998 (titled Pokemon the Series, presumably to differentiate it from the video game line).

The success of the anime led to the release of Pokemon: The First Movie, which was followed by Pokemon: The Movie 2000 in 1999. So far, there have been a whopping 23 movies based on the Pokemon anime’s core characters.

where to watch pokemon the first movie

Where To Watch Classic Pokemon Movies Online

Netflix currently holds the streaming rights to the classic animated series; however, this does not, unfortunately, extend to its movies. At the time of writing, Netflix only has recent Pokemon movies available to stream: 2017’s Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You and 2018’s Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us.

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The first animated series, Pokemon: Indigo League and the updated version Pokemon: Sun & Moon are available to stream as well, skipping over numerous series, like Black & White and XY.

Amazon Prime has (some of) the streaming rights Netflix is missing; the classic Pokemon movies Pokemon: The Movie 2000 and Pokemon 3: The Movie are available to stream on Amazon’s platform, as are the other TV series, with the exception of XY and XYZ, which can be accessed on Hulu.

Unfortunately, none of the main streaming sites have Pokemon: The First Movie available for free, but fans can purchase the movie, either to rent or to buy, on most digital content purchase platforms, such as iTunes or Youtube.

How to watch Pokemon in order – the TV show (release date order)

Below is our guide on how to watch all of Pokemon in order. Yep, all 26 seasons. We start at Ash’s adventures in Kanto, before heading to the Orange Islands, then on to Johto; Hoenn; Sinnoh; Unova; Kalos; Galar – before ending Ash’s journey. Liko, from the Paldea region, is the current protagonist in Pokemon Horizons.

Ordinarily, we would put a simple episode count next to each of these seasons – but that’s a fool’s errand here. Confusingly, the episode count differs by region. Some episodes have been pulled, while a couple of entries have never aired in the West. As such, we’ll keep it simple and just refer to the overall season name and number.

  • Pokemon: The Indigo League
  •  Pokemon: Adventures in the Orange Islands
  •  Pokemon: The Johto Journeys
  •  Pokemon: Johto League Champions
  •  Pokemon: Master Quest
  • Pokemon: Advanced
  •  Pokemon: Advanced Challenge
  •  Pokemon: Advanced Battle
  • Pokemon: Battle Frontier
  •  Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl
  •  Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension
  • Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl: Galactic Battles
  • Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors
  • Pokemon: Black and White
  • Pokemon: Black and White: Rival Destinies
  •  Pokemon: Black and White: Adventures in Unova and Beyond
  • Pokemon: XY
  • Pokemon: XY Kalos Quest
  •  Pokemon: XYZ
  • Pokemon: Sun & Moon
  • Pokemon: Sun & Moon Ultra Adventures
  •  Pokemon: Sun & Moon Ultra Legends
  •  Pokemon: Journeys
  • Pokemon: Master Journeys
  • Pokemon: Ultimate Journeys
  • Pokemon: Horizons (ongoing)
  • How to watch the Pokemon movies in order (release date)
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To date, there have been 23 animated Pokemon movies. The first 19 up to Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel are all part of the mainline Pokemon series. While they are essentially canon, they rarely – if ever – impact the main series, and can be skipped if need be.

The movies I Choose You, The Power of Us, and Secrets of the Jungle all take place in an alternate timeline from the main series and are either re-tellings, re-imaginings, or new adventures with Ash.

It’s also worth noting that Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution is a CGI remake of the first movie – but we’ll get into the weeds of that more with our chronological order later on. On top of that, the Pokemon Black/White movies are two movies with slight variations. We’d recommend choosing just one and not both.

where to watch pokemon the first movie

How to watch Pokemon in chronological order – including movies

Now we’re getting into the tricky stuff. While Pokemon can be watched in chronological order alongside the movies, it’s not always clear where each feature-length adventure slides into the core narrative. But there are clues and hints to help guide us, and we’ve done our best to present the complete saga below.

The overall series is also split into eight eras: the original series, Ruby and Sapphire, Diamond and Pearl, Black and White, XY, Sun and Moon, Journeys, and Horizons. As of writing, however, not all episodes have been released in the West. We’re still waiting for the conclusion of Ultimate Journeys and Horizons. Expect them to arrive across 2023 and 2024.

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To help make the list seem less daunting, we’ve split everything up into those separate parts. We’ve also tagged each list entry with the episode number of that season, as per Pokemon’s website. E.g. Pokemon: The Johto Journeys may start at episode 105 overall, but we’ll stick to the official numbering convention of Johto Journeys episode 1, and so on – as that’s how it’s listed on various streaming platforms.

Alongside our general list, there’s also three movies that consist of an alternate timeline/retelling of Ash’s adventures. These should be watched separately from the main series.

As mentioned earlier, there’s also a CGI remake of the first Pokemon movie. Purists may prefer the original, but the choice is yours. We’ll also include certain story-heavy specials such as Mewtwo Returns in this list.

Above is information where to watch pokemon the first movie. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where to watch pokemon the first movie .Thank you for reading our posst.

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