Where to watch Pokemon Horizons ? Pokemon Horizons Episode 15: Release date, where to watch, preview, and more

Where to watch pokemon horizons ? Pokemon Horizons’ 14th episode “Fly! Wattrel!!” certainly had its heartwarming moments as well as some more harrowing occasions. One of the most notable moments came at the episode’s conclusion, where Spinel tricked Liko and stole the protective pendant given to her by her grandmother. This cliffhanger has fans anticipating Episode 15 Someone We Can’t See! Whosawhatsit? even more.

Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long to see more of the story unfold, as Episode 15 is slated to air on July 28, 2023, in Japan. Unfortunately, while progress is being made on Pokemon Horizons’ localization in other countries, fans will still have to rely on fan translations for the time being.

Where and when to watch Pokemon Horizons Episode 15

Japanese viewers have the benefit of watching Pokemon Horizons on stations such as TV Tokyo right when the episode kicks off at 6:55 JST. However, not every Pokemon fan has access to TV stations in Japan, and even if they did, the episode isn’t translated for audiences in other languages.

Fortunately, the community of watchers and fans is a dedicated one. Roughly a day or two after a given Pokemon Horizons episode airs, the fan community tends to re-upload them with subtitles on sites like YouTube and Twitch. While this violates Fair Use and Copyright guidelines, fans can still catch the episode if they’re fast.

Furthermore, if fans have access to a VPN and an Amazon Prime Video subscription, the new episode tends to be dropped on the platform shortly after its air date. The VPN is necessary though, as the show only pops up on the Japanese iteration of Prime Video, so fans will need to set the region accordingly in their VPN settings.

Unfortunately, until Pokemon Horizons is officially localized (which is in the works thanks to a recent trailer showcasing its English dub), watchers will have to rely on third-party uploads or Prime Video for the time being.

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where to watch pokemon horizons

What might happen in Pokemon Horizons Episode 15?

After losing her pendant to Spinel in Episode 14 of Pokemon Horizons, it appears that Liko will be spending quite a bit of time in Levincia, likely in an attempt to track it down. However, the preview for Episode 15 also showcases many other events and characters of note.

One of the most evident introductions in the preview is the appearance of Iono, Levincia’s Electric-type gym leader and streamer. Roy is seen with his new Wattrel, and a Corvisquire even appears clutching silverware in its claws. This certainly leaves plenty of questions, but not too many answers by comparison.

Will Liko and/or Roy battle Iono? Maybe not quite yet, but Liko is a big fan of online personalities, as fans have no doubt gathered from her immense appreciation of Dot’s Nidothing persona. One thing’s for certain though, the Rising Volt Tacklers will have a tough job on their hands recovering Liko’s protective pendant.

The only way to see what happens for sure is to catch the next episode of Pokemon Horizons after it airs in Japan on July 28, 2023.

Ways to watch Pokemon Horizons Episode 21

While viewers are awaiting Pokemon Horizons’ dubbed version that is set to release outside of Japan in the future, they can still catch the Japanese broadcast using a few different methods. Some are more reliable than others, and certain tactics will require the assistance of a VPN, which not every player may have access to.

Regardless, Pokemon Horizons’ Episode 21 broadcast is set to go live on September 8 at 6:55 am JST, but viewers may have to wait a bit to see the episode elsewhere.

For an official avenue to watch Pokemon Horizons, you can use a VPN and Amazon Prime Video to access the Japanese broadcast. However, this iteration doesn’t exactly come with subtitles ready to consume, so you may have to wait a bit for third-party translators to get their hands on the episode and add subs.

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On that subject, plenty of episodes of Pokemon Horizons are uploaded to platforms like YouTube and Twitch, despite this violating Fair Use and Creative Commons. This often results in The Pokemon Company taking the uploads down pretty quickly, but some viewers may be able to stream them before that happens.

That leaves one final option, which happens to come via third-party anime streaming sites. When the translation work is completed by the fan community, the subtitled episode tends to pop up on many of these third-party sites. Players should use their best judgment in picking the right site to avoid any issues, but they remain an option all the same.

It’s also important to note that many third-party anime sites won’t obtain the new Pokemon Horizons site right away, as the fan translation process can take some time. Viewers are encouraged to stay tuned over the weekend following the release, as Episode 21 should be available in the days following its broadcast in Japan.

What might happen in Pokemon Horizons Episode 21?

In Pokemon Horizons’ 20th episode, Liko and Roy learned some Pokemon battling tips from the Gym Leader Kabu, and the duo also discovered that the black Rayquaza was seen heading toward the Galar Mine. It appears that the Rising Volt Tacklers will have to make a detour before heading out to find Liko’s Grandmother to follow this new lead.

Based on Episode 21’s preview, it appears that Liko, Roy, Friede, and Captain Pikachu are making their way to the Galar Mine when they encounter a Hatenna on its own. Liko brings it to Mollie, and the two have a discussion surrounding the lonely Pokemon.

Liko is also seen alongside Sprigatito, staring at a Hatenna costume and even watching the Hatenne as it sleeps. It seems as though this stray Pokemon and Liko/Sprigatito are building a tenuous bond, but the journey to the Galar Mine is still important, and plenty of the preview shows Liko and Sprigatito walking en route and thinking about the Hatenna.

Since Roy has already gained a new Pokemon partner in Wattrel, perhaps this Hatenna will be Liko’s next addition to her team. The only way to find out for sure is to find out by watching the series’ next episode after it kicks off on September 8.

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where to watch pokemon horizons

What Happened in Pokémon Horizons Episode  22?

Episode 22 of Pokémon Horizons saw the team investigating the mines of Galar, where the Black Rayquaza was allegedly spotted. However, Liko and Roy quickly became separated from Friede, and each ran into members of Amethio’s team, with Friede once again facing down Amethio himself.

However, they soon find out they’re not alone, and that a Galarian Moltres, one which apparently belonged to the Ancient Adventurer, has taken up roost inside the mines.

Moltres proved to be far too powerful for Liko and Roy, and the pair had to escape, with the mine caving in behind them. Friede and Amethio were still inside, however, leaving their fate up in the air for now.

In Pokémon Horizons Episode 23, Captain Pikachu Challenges Galarian Moltres

From the preview, it seems Liko and Roy will find their way back inside the mines somehow, likely searching for Friede. Captain Pikachu, who took a beating from Moltres in their first encounter, is looking for some revenge, but it seems Liko is curious about another idea to possibly handle the beastly Pokémon.

Since Moltres was shown to have an Ancient Poké Ball, it may be possible to reason with it, like they did with Arboliva. Liko’s pendant is also shown glowing again in the episode preview, suggesting that its connection to the Ancient Poké Balls may be key.

Episode 22 was quite exciting, and the episode marked Galarian Moltres’ first appearance in the anime. The series has so far used cliffhangers sparingly, but each has been well-executed, so there’s no reason to think episode 23 will be any different.

Will Moltres escape, like the Black Rayquaza did, or will it be entrusted to Liko and Roy like Arboliva? That’d be one powerful Pokémon to entrust to these two relatively fresh trainers. Of course, the only way to find out what will happen is to watch the next episode of Pokémon Horizons.

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