Where to get Orange dye Minecraft ? How to make Orange dye in Minecraft

Where to get orange dye minecraft ? Orange Dye is one of the many diverse colors available in Minecraft. Players can use dyes to change the color of blocks, decorations, and even several mobs. Orange Dye is one of the more complex dyes in Minecraft, meaning it can require more than a single ingredient to create, depending on what items are used. While most players may have a rough idea of how this dye can be made, knowing where to find the materials to craft it may be somewhat tricky. Read further to learn where and how to get Orange Dye in Minecraft.

How to Get Orange Dye in Minecraft

To obtain Orange Dye in Minecraft requires combining Red and Yellow Dyes in the in-game crafting menu. Conversely, players who are able to find the slightly rare Orange Tulip can craft Orange Dye directly. If players cannot acquire the necessary ingredients, they can trade with a Wandering Trader, who can sell 3 Orange Dye for one Emerald.

Players can craft Red Dye by using the following flowers: Poppy, Red Tulip, and Rose Bush. Beetroots are also another method to make Red Dye and is actually a great way to mass-produce it (via farming). Yellow Dye is crafted from Dandelions or Sunflowers. While most flowers will spawn across various biomes, such as Forests or Plains, the best place to find flowers is in the Flower Forest biome in Minecraft. This biome is where the Orange Tulip will spawn more commonly.

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If these biomes still don’t have the needed ingredients, then trading with a Wandering Trader for Orange Dye is the next best option. Players shouldn’t have to worry too much about actively looking for Wandering Traders. In most cases, these traders will often find players on their own, especially when the player has established a place to live (with a bed). While Emeralds are quite a sparse resource in Minecraft, Villagers will happily haggle with players a variety of items in exchange for Emeralds.

where to get orange dye minecraft

Craft From an Orange Tulip

To get an orange dye directly, you will need an orange tulip. It is the only source of orange dye but it can be challenging to find.

While you can find them randomly in a field you are more likely to find orange tulips in the Meadows (Flower Forest) biome as it’s filled with flowers. Pay attention to the flowers growing if you want to use bone meal – if in an area there are only sunflowers, bone meal will only generate more sunflowers.

Put the orange tulip in a crafting menu and it will give you one orange dye.

Combine Red and Yellow Dye

An easy method to get an orange dye in Minecraft is to combine red and yellow dyes in the crafting menu. Red and yellow are much easier to obtain compared to looking for an orange tulip.

For a red dye, you can use a beetroot, red tulip, a rose bush, or a poppy flower. And for the yellow dye, you will need either a dandelion or a sunflower. Most of them can be easily found in biomes like forests, plains, and mountains.

Combining red and yellow dyes will give you two orange dyes. One for each ingredient used.

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Buy From Villagers or Traders

Lastly, if flowers don’t grow anywhere near you, your only option is to trade the dye out from villagers (if there is a village around) or a Wandering Trader.

You can find both the dye and the flowers when trading, but that depends on how lucky you are. The prices are usually around 3 emeralds for 3 dyes, which is not too horrible considering you aren’t able to make it yourself.

How To Get The Orange Dye In Minecraft

You can get the orange dye by finding the orange tulip flower in Minecraft. Combining the Red and Yellows dyes can also get the Orange Dye. The Orange Tulips are easily found resources, and that makes the Orange dye easy to get.

Getting the Orange dye in Minecraft is easy enough, and there are a couple of ways to obtain it. There are only a handful of necessary ingredients, and all of them can be found in the Flower Forest Biome of Minecraft. Red dye and Yellow dye are everything you need to craft Orange dye.

The Red Dye:

You can craft Red dye by using several different flowers. These flowers are Red Tulip, Rose Bush, and Poppy. All you have to do is bring these flowers to a crafting table, and you can place the flowers on the crafting table to get Red dye.

The Yellow Dye:

To Craft the Yellow dye, you need a sunflower or dandelions. Once you have these flowers, you can repeat the process of bringing them to the crafting table and using it to get the dye.

Once you have both the dyes, it’s time to craft the Orange dye. Here are the different ways you can get the Orange Dye in Minecraft:

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Once you have the Red and Yellow dye, simply put them on the crafting table, and it will give you the Orange dye.
You can also craft the Orange dye by merely putting an Orange tulip on the crafting table.
You can also purchase the Orange dye from a Wandering Trader. You can get 3 Orange dyes for one emerald.
These are the multiple ways you can acquire the Orange Dye in Minecraft. All of these ways are easy and will not cost you a lot of time or resources.

where to get orange dye minecraft

What Does The Orange Dye Do In Minecraft?

As we have mentioned before, Minecraft offers a wide array of options to satisfy all of the player’s needs. Whether they are color-related or not. With the Orange dye, you can paint your world Orange. No matter what it is, you can make it Orange.

Do you want to make your goat Orange? By all means, go ahead. Do you feel like your newly finished house needs an Orange interior? The Orange dye can help you get that.

Apart from decorations, dyes don’t have a particular use in Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that prides itself on the number of options that it can provide to its players, and dyes are just another one of those options. There are other dyes in Minecraft as well if Orange is not your color. We have already mentioned the Red and Yellow dyes.


So, this is how you get the Orange dye in Minecraft. It’s incredibly easy to acquire, and we think that every Minecraft house needs a little bit of Orange. Get your Orange dyes and start coloring!

What are some of your other favorite dyes in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below.

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