Where to get Ingredients Pokemon Scarlet ? Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: A Complete Guide To Sandwich Ingredients

Where to get ingredients pokemon scarlet? Making Sandwiches in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are very useful as they give you different encounter buffs to catch certain types of Pokémon.

The main thing that is required to make different recipes of Sandwiches are the ingredients. Players will have to get ingredients from different shops in the Paldea Region and then make different recipes of sandwiches.

There are two shops from where you can get the ingredients and one of them will sell you the filling which are the main ingredients, and the other shop will sell you the condiments which are for seasoning.

Without the proper ingredients, the sandwich recipe will not be completed, and you will not get the buffs after eating the sandwich.

Locations of Shops to Buy Ingredients

There are two shops from where you have to buy all the required ingredients.

  • Artisan Bakery
  • Sure Cans

Both of these shops can be found in the Mesagoza from where you start the game after completing the Prologue. Go to the Mesagoza and you can find these shops either on east side of the city as well as the west side.

There are different types of shop on both side of the city. Go to any side and you will come up to both of these shops as they are close to each other.

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The ingredients shops have the icon of a Bottle with a Fruit so, if you pass through any shop with that icon, you will be able to get sandwich ingredients from it.

where to get ingredients pokemon scarlet

How to Get Sandwich Ingredients in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Once you have found both of the shops, you need to go inside the shop. There will not be any kind of icon outside the door of the shop so, just go right inside the Shop.

You will see two options on your screen and you need to select the “I’d like to buy” option to see all the ingredients. You will see the filling as well as the condiments in the Ingredients List. Both of the shops have different Ingredients List so, visit both of them to get all the required ingredients for sandwich.

You will also have to buy the Picks which are used to hold the sandwich after placing all the ingredients. You cannot complete the sandwich without placing Pick in it.

Picks are also bought from these shops and if you scroll down in the list, you will see different kinds of Picks. Select any one of the picks you want for your sandwich.

Ingredients are bought with the Poke Dollars which are the main currency in the game. Make sure that you have enough money to buy the number of ingredients that you need.

Every Ingredient & How to Get Them

There are many sandwich ingredients and condiments in Scarlet/Violet. Like Sandwich Recipes, more of these will be unlocked as players earn Gym Badges.

Each ingredient and condiment has a “flavor” and corresponds to different Pokemon Types. For example: Avocados are classified as a sweet and somewhat sour ingredient that provides a Dragon-type Boost when used in a sandwich.

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The best way to get ingredients is to shop for them at Paldea’s four markets: Deli Cioso, Sure Cans, Artisan Bakery, and Aquiesta Supermarket.

Most of these stores can be found in almost every major city in Paldea. Another way to get ingredients is to speak to picnicking NPCs in different Provinces. They’ll be standing next to a picnic table and their Pokemon. Speaking to them will net free ingredients and the chance to rest up and restore HP/PP of the player’s party.

How to make sandwiches in Scarlet and Violet

You can make sandwiches by setting up a picnic from the main menu – accessed by pressing the “X” button – and you get your picnic set after visiting the academy for the first time. Every sandwich needs a condiment and filling of some variety, which you have to provide, but the bread is just there automatically.

A picnic table appears after you choose the picnic option. Interact with one of the place settings – it may take a few seconds for the game to recognize you’ve done this – and a new menu shows up. Choose to make a sandwich.

How to get more sandwich recipes in Scarlet and Violet

You learn new sandwich recipes from one of the customers in Every Wich Way, the man standing by the counter in a white shirt. He has a yellow text box instead of the usual white.

Every Which Way is the sandwich shop in every town, though unlike other shops, Scarlet and Violet don’t mark this one on your map. You’ll have to explore a bit to find the shop.

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The man at the counter teaches you a handful of new recipes as you earn more Gym badges, so make sure to check back after earning a new one. While you’re here, you can also purchase one of a handful of pre-made sandwiches if you don’t want to use any of yours or set up a picnic.

Once you have Herba Mystica of the different flavors in your inventory, make sure to speak with the Sandwich Shop man again to learn a new round of Mystica-specific recipes.

where to get ingredients pokemon scarlet

Meal Powers explained

Every sandwich grants a Meal Power, which consists of three effects: a primary power, a secondary power, and a boost to the chance of encountering a certain Pokémon type (the Encounter power).

Each sandwich’s Meal Power effect lasts for 30 minutes, and they don’t stack. The dominant ingredient flavors seem to determine the Meal Power you get. For example, Sweet is tied to Egg Power, while Salty seems to influence Encounter.

Make a sandwich with no recipe

If you have the right ingredients, you can pick from any recipe you’ve learned. You can also press “X” to enter creative mode, where you can mix and match ingredients to get a unique creation with meal powers that vary depending on the type of ingredients you use.

The benefit to using creative mode is that, once you figure out a combination of ingredients that suits what you’re after – Shiny hunting, for example, or catching Fire types – you can often get the Meal Power effect without using quite as many ingredients as recipes call for.

For example, if you wanted to increase the number of items y

ou get from Bug-type Pokémon, you might want to make a cream cheese-and-cherry tomato sandwich with nothing else on it.

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