Where to get Herba Mystica? Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Get Herba Mystica

Where to get herba mystica? Pokemon Scarlet and Violet house many unique features that help separate them from the rest of the franchise. The games take an open-world approach to their exploration, gyms can be challenged in any order, and the titles have three different main storylines to pursue. However, one of the most impactful features by far is the sandwich-making minigame.

While several individuals surely chuckled when Game Freak revealed their Jersey Mike’s side activity in the trailer, this feature has become quite the staple for shiny hunters and level grinders in the game.

The importance of each sandwich comes down to the combinations of different ingredients players can put in their meal, with the most important of them all being the Herba Mystica.

Though some may have originally thought these herbs were just plot points in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and could not be found in-game as an actual item, trainers can actually find these ingredients to further boost the effectiveness of their sandwich buffs. But how can trainers find these Herba Mystica?

Where to get Herba Mystica

Sour Herba Mystica in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to find and effects

The first disclaimer about the Sour Herba Mystica that trainers must keep in mind regarding the herb is that it does not have a different effect from the rest of the legendary spices in-game.

Although it may seem like it does, due to each having a different name, the differences are only aesthetic so any Herba Mystica can be used for the same effect as a sour one.

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For trainers who may not know, Herba Mystica is used in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to increase the “power” of a sandwich. What this means is that players who consume a sandwich made with any Herba Mystica will have an increased likelihood of finding Shiny Pokemon in the wild.

Knowing this, a lot of players will want to get their hands on this rare ingredient. So how can trainers find them in the game? Every type of Herba Mystica can be found at equal odds and is rewarded to teams of players after defeating a Tera Raid Boss with a difficulty rating of at least five stars or higher. This sadly restricts these ingredients to the post-game grind.

After viewing the credits and finishing the Academy Tournament, players will receive a call telling them that Five-Star Tera Raids are appearing around the map. This is how players will know when they can begin farming raids for Sour Herba Mystica. This will also allow these raids to be seen from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Poke Portal.

In terms of what method to use when farming these raids, the Poke Portal truly is a trainer’s best friend. Seeing all the different active raids that are waiting for players to join them allows trainers to quickly get into action and also lets them find more when they complete one.

This is far more consistent than finding these raids in the player’s own overworld.

The Sour Herba Mystica as well as the others are some of the most valuable post-game resources trainers can come across.

Thankfully, Game Freak learned from their previous mistakes and made Raid Battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet a much more grindable and streamlined form of gameplay so players can easily work towards getting their hands on these items.

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5-Star Tera Raids

The first thing you’ll need to do is unlock the second-highest rank for Tera Raid Battles, 5 stars. All flavors of the Herba Mystica are possible rewards for Tera Raid Battles, but only when you reach as high as 5-star raids.

If you try a 1, 2, 3, or even 4-star raid in an attempt to gain a piece of Herba Mystica, you have done nothing but waste your time. Herba Mystica will never be a reward for Tera Raid Battles weaker than 5-star encounters.

If you are online, only sniff out the Tera Raids available at this level or higher. When it comes to playing offline, sadly you will have to walk into and select the raid den itself to see its star level.

You may spend several minutes flying through Paldea until you come across a den of the right level. While this is the only way to find dens offline, it should also be noted that when you find a den in this matter you can still then connect online to get help.

You may need it, Pokemon in 5-star raids will be in the mid-sixties and have plenty of tricks to counter you if you aren’t careful. If you win, you can choose to capture this Pokemon and then gain extra rewards.

If you are lucky, you’ll gain 1 or more Herba Mystica. Maybe even a powerful Tera-type that complements the attached Pokemon or something shiny. Not just Pokemon, as bottle caps are also earned. But, that’s where another problem can arise.

You have no guarantee of Herba Mystica dropping. All rewards are randomized, and higher-value rewards are rarer. Bottle caps, Herba Mystica, and even Ability Capsules can be something you won’t find even after several raid battles. Bare that in mind, and just go for whatever 5-star raid is happening if you just want any Herba Mystica at all.

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Where to get Herba Mystica

6-Star Tera Raids

Play enough 5-star raids and 6-star raids will pop on your map, always noted as sparkly and black. 6-Star Raids are an even harder challenge, but like the previous level you do have the chance at Herba Mystica.

Also, like the previous level, you can tackle them with online multiplayer or by yourself with AI-controlled teammates. Same luck applies to whether or not you actually get the Herba.

What To Do With Herba Mystica

When you gather the Herba Mystica during Arven’s story quests, you end up using them as sandwich ingredients, and that does not change for the Herba Mystica you’ll receive as Raid rewards.

To use them in your own unique concoctions, set up a picnic, start making a sandwich, and go into creative mode. The Herba Mystica are not part of the meats and veggies section, they’re considered part of the condiments section with items such as ketchup or olive oil.

Being a rare ingredient, the Herba Mystica you use in a sandwich can lead to incredibly useful meal powers. Be careful in choosing your Mystica if you have a particular meal power in mind.

Along with teaching you unique classes, the teachers of Naranja/Uva Academy can also have moments for you to bond with them outside of class. For Professor Saguaro, the home economics teacher, he’ll eventually need you to bring him an Herba Mystica.

Above is information where to get herba mystica. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where to get herba mystica .Thank you for reading our posst.

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