Where to find tropical fish minecraft ? How to get and use tropical fish in Minecraft

Where to find tropical fish minecraft ? When it comes to the most beautiful aquatic mobs in Minecraft, tropical fish take the crown. These lesser-known mobs are gorgeous to look at since they come in loads of different sizes and colors.

In a single world, there are a whopping 2700 variants of tropical fish naturally spawning in several ocean biomes. Not only are they great to look at, but they can also be used by players for several purposes.

When players explore the ocean, they will notice different types of ocean biomes depending on the color of the water. This will help players find and obtain tropical fish. Remember, the method of obtaining these fish will result in different uses.

Ways to obtain and use tropical fish in Minecraft

Where to find them

First, players must find these fish in a world. They spawn in Mangrove Swamps, Lukewarm Oceans, Deep Lukewarm Oceans, Warm Oceans, and Lush Caves biomes.

Tropical Fish usually spawn in groups of eight.. Players can find Lukewarm and Warm Ocean biomes by observing the light blue or aqua color of the water. They are the most common near coral reef generation in warm oceans.

where to find tropical fish minecraft

Ways to obtain and use tropical fish

When players find tropical fish, there are two ways to obtain them: as an item by killing them, or in a water bucket. Depending on the method of capturing them, their use will change.

As an item

Usually, new players first try to kill tropical fish like any other fish mob to obtain it as an item. Once killed, they might also drop bone meals (Java Edition only) and bones (Bedrock Edition only). Tropical fish as an item can be either used to trade with villagers, feed a wolf, or eat as a food item.

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The fish restores one hunger point for wolves and players. Additionally, an expert-level fisherman villager will buy a single fish for one emerald (Bedrock Edition) or six tropical fish for one emerald (Java Edition).

In a water bucket

If players want live tropical fish from the ocean, they will need to capture them in a water bucket. One bucket can only capture one fish. After scooping a fish, the water bucket item changes to ‘Bucket of Tropical Fish.’ This can either be used to attract and breed Axolotls or to simply transfer the fish from one location to another.

After the 1.17 update, the bucket of tropical fish finally received a purpose of usage after the release of Axolotls. Players must always remember that Axolotls will not breed with a tropical fish as an item.

Varieties of Tropical Fish

With the boring details out of the way, it’s time to tackle the more interesting information.

There are 22 common varieties of Tropical Fish that spawn about 90% of the time in Java Edition. A Tropical Fish will spawn with a unique combination of pattern, size, and color only about 10% of the time.

The 22 common variates of Tropical Fish include White-Silver Sun Streak, Tomato Clownfish, Yellow Tang, White-Gray Dasher, Parrotfish, Queen Angel Fish, Red Cichlid, Red Lipped Blenny, Red Snapper, Threadfin, Cotton Candy Betta, Dottyback, Emperor Red Snapper, Goatfish, Moorish Idol, Ornate Butterfly, Anemone, Black Tang, Blue Dory, Butterfly Fish, Cichlid, and Clownfish.

Where to find Tropical Fish in Minecraft

The Tropical Fish you find in Minecraft can be handy to you. Not only do they drop bone meal for you, but you’re capable of picking them up into a water bucket and feeding them to animals, notably the Axolotl. A Tropical Fish is an Axolotl’s favorite food, and if you plan on breeding these aquatic animals, you’re going to need a few Tropical Fish in your back pocket.

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You can primarily find Tropical Fish in the ocean. They can appear in both the lukewarm and warm variants of the ocean. A lukewarm ocean features a distinct teal color when you’re swimming around in it and is usually pretty barren, save for the chance of ocean monuments, ruins, and shipwrecks that can spawn in it. A warm ocean has a slightly similar color to it but features much more color. Both locations feature the same chances of a group of Tropical Fish spawning in it.

These fish usually prefer to remain in groups of eight to 24, so the chances of finding several when you stumble upon them are excellent. You want to make sure you have a good water bucket at the ready or a fishing pole ready to reel them into your inventory. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. There are over 2,700 combinations that a Tropical Fish can spawn in as in your game, making it hard to nail down what you’re going to find.

Once you have a Tropical Fish, they don’t do much beyond being food for Axolotl or adding them to a fish tank you’re making or any of your creative projects.

How to Get Tropical Fish in Minecraft Bedrock 

In Minecraft, you will come various types of mobs inspired by real-life creatures. You will find animals like sheep, cows, llamas, and more on land. Oceans are populated with aquatic creatures like dolphins, sea turtles, tropical fish, etc.

Tropical fishes are one of the most accurately represented mobs in Minecraft. Some players may not know that there are 22 varieties of tropical fishes in Bedrock Edition. A tropical fish can have different shapes, patterns, and colors leading to more variations, just like real-life tropical fish.

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These beautiful aquatic mobs have limited spawning areas in Minecraft. This Minecraft guide will explore ways to get tropical fish in Minecraft.

where to find tropical fish minecraft

Tropical Fish in Minecraft

After Mojang Studios released Caves & Cliffs update, the need for tropical fish suddenly saw a rise among Minecrafters due to the introduction of adorable axolotls. Since axolotls need to be fed tropical fish for breeding, many players began searching for tropical fish in Minecraft.

Tropical fish

Among the common aquatic mobs in Minecraft, we can find tropical fish. These mobs are most often found in oceans, but a few other biomes will house them too. Those being mangrove swamps and lush caves primarily. The biggest and most fascinating draw of their appearance is that there are 2,700 naturally occurring variants of tropical fish. However, if you were to check the files and use commands, there are almost another 1,000 to be found in the game’s files.

Tropical fish will spawn with a randomized color whenever the world is generated or when the game needs to spawn extra fish. the spawning process itself varies between editions.

Java Edition has tropical fish spawn in random colors in groups of 8 inside lukewarm or warm oceans, which includes their deep variants as well. These fish will be of different colors most commonly and require a certain depth to be reached before they start spawning properly and have a different depth if we look into lush caves. Whether or not the game will try to spawn them depends on the general fish spawning requirements.

Above is information where to find tropical fish minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where to find tropical fish minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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