Where to find sugar cane in minecraft ? How to Make a Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft

Where to find sugar cane in minecraft ? Despite what many players think, sugar cane is very important to have in Minecraft. The main reason is that you can get paper from it, which you will definitely need to do to start upgrading and enchanting your gear.

It has other uses too, for example, sugar. There are unbelievable amounts of recipes which will require sugar. But still, where can you find this interesting plant?

Most are unaware of its spawns and mechanics, so we will show you where you can find it, and tell you all about it, for any version of Minecraft.

Where to Find Sugar Cane in Minecraft (Any Version)

You need a few things to get Sugar Cane. Those are water and some kind of ground, most likely sand or dirt.

Sugar Canes don’t grow anywhere else except next to water! The highest chance of finding Sugar Cane is at the desert biome.

That is not to say that you can’t find it at other places too. Even 1×1 water sources might sprout out Sugar Canes next to it.

You can technically get it from a Wandering Trader too, but will cost you one emerald to get one. Don’t do anything rash, Sugar Cane is not worth for even a tenth of an

where to find sugar cane in minecraft

How Does Sugar Cane Work and Grow?

You can plant it on a block without a hoe, that has a water source close to it, i.e. touching the block that the Sugar Cane is planted on.

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Depending on which version of Minecraft you’re running, it might grow to 3-4 blocks high. You can either gather the excess Sugar Cane and leave the base so it can grow again, or break it off completely.

You can break the Sugar Cane the same way you do for carrots, wheat, potatoes, and any vegetable really. What I’m trying to say that it is the same mechanic.

They’ll grow relatively fast. It will take up to 3-4 Minecraft days to be fully grown. I recommend looking at some farms for Sugar Cane to grow it more efficiently, and not waste space, because it does take up a lot.

How to Farm Sugar Cane

There are many items in Minecraft that have obvious uses. Players will need to gather food in order to survive, and weapons and armor can help the player protect themselves and defeat their enemies. For every one of these items, though, there is something less obvious. Sugar Cane is one such example of an extremely useful item that players might not think is all that important at first. The item is only used for two crafting recipes, but both of these are important and players will end up finding themselves in need of a lot of Sugar Cane as they play.

Putting a single Sugar Cane in the crafting menu will craft Sugar, a food ingredient that can be used to make items like cake, pumpkin pie, and even potions of speed. Alternatively, if players put three Sugar Cane in a row on a crafting table, they can make three paper, an item that Minecraft players need to make books, banner patterns, cartography tables, maps, fireworks, and more.

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In order to farm Sugar Cane, there are a few things players must know about the plant. First, Sugar Cane can only be planted on grass, dirt, coarse dirt, moss, podzol, sand, or red sand, and only if that block is directly adjacent to water (waterlogged blocks and frosted ice work as well). When the player plants a single piece of Sugar Cane, it will grow over time until it reaches a maximum height of three blocks tall. At this point, players can simply break all but the lowest block of Sugar Cane and the growing process will repeat.

Sugar Cane is not affected by light, meaning it can be farmed in complete darkness if the player should choose to do so. If left unchecked, a Sugar Cane crop will grow about one block every 18 minutes, but this process can be sped up with bonemeal (Bedrock Edition only). Finally, there are two primary methods for setting up a Sugar Cane farm, either using rows or grids. In the row example, players will create a row of water, planting Sugar Cane on either side of the water, whereas the grid formation sees each block of water surrounded by four Sugar Cane.

The row setup is much easier to use, as players aren’t as likely to fall into the water while they are trying to harvest Sugarcane, but this is also not the most efficient. By contrast, the grid setup is the most efficient way to farm Sugar Cane, but players will need to take care not to fall into the water holes. To remedy this issue, they can place lily pads or carpets over top the water.

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Use Allay to Improve Sugar Cane Farm

An unfortunate problem that a sugar cane farm, and several other food farms, in Minecraft face is that the dropped item doesn’t always go into the collection system. For example, when the sugar cane is harvested by the piston, it might end up getting dropped on the dirt block instead of inside the water. To avoid such a scenario, many players rely on various complex Redstone mechanics.

But the simplest solution is getting an Allay in Minecraft. The Allay can collect the fallen sugar canes and easily throw them on top of a hopper. To make the Allay do such a complex task, you have to place a jukebox next to the hopper. This specific jukebox should continuously play music to keep the Allay attached and not wander away. Now, whenever Allay will throw the sugar cane at the jukebox, it will be automatically collected by the hopper next to it.

Make an Automatic Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft

With that, you are now ready to make your own sugar cane farm in Minecraft. It is one of the easiest automatic farms that you can make in the game. But if automation isn’t an issue, you can also try to make a cow farm in Minecraft. With proper planning and some luck, it can be ready and running within 10 minutes of spawning in the game. However, we would suggest you gather enough knowledge of the Minecraft biomes before starting any mob farm. Having said that, how will you use the sugar cane farm in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments below!

Above is information where to find sugar cane in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where to find sugar cane in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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