Where to find sea pickles in minecraft ? What are Sea Pickles for in Minecraft, and what do they do?

Where to find sea pickles in minecraft ? Sea pickles are small, stationary underwater ‘animals’ that emit light and can usually be found in clumps of up to four sea pickles. They have quite a few uses in that they can act as a light source, players can collect dye from them, and it can be used to create a general aesthetic.

Sea Pickles in Minecraft 

Obtaining Sea Pickles

In Minecraft, sea pickles can be broken instantly. Each colony will drop anywhere from 1-4 sea pickles, depending on how many are in the colony. Meaning, if there are two sea pickles in a colony, when the player breaks that specific colony, two will drop.

Natural Generation

Sea pickles generate on the bottom of warm oceans, and are usually found on top of coral blocks in coral reefs. Each chunk in Minecraft has a 1/6 chance to generate sea pickle colonies.

However, sea pickles may also be found in desert village houses as decorative blocks that resemble pottery.

Sea pickles produce light when they are underwater. A single sea pickle gives off a light level of 6, and a colony produces an additional 3 levels per sea pickle, meaning that 4 sea picles produce a light level of 15. When they produce light, there is a pale greeen glow at the end of the sea pickle.

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Post Generation

When the player uses bone meal on a sea pickle that’s placed on top of a living coral block, it will create more sea pickles. Specifically, the colony to which bone meal is applied increases in size. This is useful, as sea pickles do not grow or spread naturally. It should also be noted that sea pickles do not require light.

where to find sea pickles in minecraft


Sea pickles can also be obtained by trading with wandering traders. Wandering traders usually sell them for 2 emeralds.

Sea pickles can be found in coral reefs in Minecraft

For players looking for sea pickles in Minecraft, they’ll need to head to the ocean floor. Sea pickles can be found in coral reefs and when found, the player can easily strike them with their hand to harvest them. How many Sea Pickles there are in a colony will determine how many will drop for the player. This means that colonies of one will drop one, but colonies of four will drop four.

Players should be sure to keep their eyes peeled for these little green creatures, as they can be easy to miss. When mining for coral, they will sometimes get Sea Pickles as a byproduct – so they should keep an eye out for those as well.

Sea Pickles can also be found in other biomes in Minecraft

For players who don’t want to get their feet wet in their quest to find some Sea Pickles, there are luckily some other methods to obtaining them as well. First, players can head over to a desert biome where they can be found inside desert village houses. In these houses, the Sea Pickles will be in a decoration that looks like a piece of pottery.

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Additionally, players can also try to locate a Wandering Trader. If the Wandering Trader has any Sea Pickles in stock, players will be able to purchase them for two emeralds a piece.

Using Sea Pickles as a light source in Minecraft

Besides making for a great decoration, players can also use Sea Pickles as a light source in Minecraft. Though they only work as a light source when used underwater, they can make a big difference and even allow players to have some underwater farms.

An individual Sea Pickle produces a light level of 6, and for each additional Sea Pickle in the colony, an extra 3 light levels are added. This means that a colony of four Sea Pickles will produce a light level of 15. Players will know when the Sea Pickle is producing light, as there will be a small green glow emanating from the end of the Sea Pickle.

Using the Sea Pickle to craft dye in Minecraft

Dyeing items is another great way for players to further customize their worlds and builds in-game, and the Sea Pickle can help add some color. By taking a Sea Pickle and a source of fuel and placing them both in a furnace, players will be able to craft one Lime Dye per Sea Pickle consumed. This dye can then be added to crafting recipes to add a splash of lime color to them.

Players can grow Sea Pickles by using Bonemeal

Another way for players to get Sea Pickles in-game is by growing them using Bonemeal. This is done by finding Sea Pickles that have less than four in a colony and using Bonemeal on them. When this is done, the Bonemeal causes the Sea Pickle to add one more to the colony, up to a maximum of four. Players can also plant Sea Pickles on pieces of living coral to give them a nice safe place to grow.

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While Sea Pickles are a strange oddity, as an animal that looks like a plant, they have multiple uses and can be a great way for players to spruce up their world. By looking in all the right places, players will be well on their way to having as many Sea Pickles as they could ever need.

where to find sea pickles in minecraft

How to get Sea Pickles in Minecraft

Sea Pickles are items you can find on the ocean floor in Warm Ocean biomes and on top of Coral blocks in Coral Reefs. Putting Bone Meal on top of a Sea Pickle sitting on a Coral block will create more Sea Pickles on the same block or on a nearby Coral block if it is filled. There is also potential to find them in Desert Villager Houses. Wandering Traders will sell them for two Emeralds as well.

What are Sea Pickles for in Minecraft?

While you may get a clue from its name that a Sea Pickle is a type of food, it is not. It is actually a tiny source of light when underwater. It does not give off light when outside of it. Up to four Sea Pickles can be placed on top of a block at a time, with each one adding to the brightness surrounding that area.

Outside of being a short light source when underwater, Sea Pickles can also be used to create Lime Dye. When smelted in a Furnace with any kind of fuel type, it will be converted to the light green color that you can apply to various items like Beds, armor dyes, and Sheep.

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