Where to find Redstone in Minecraft ? How to get redstone in Minecraft Legends

Where to find redstone in minecraft ? Minecraft Legends follows a brave adventurer on their quest to rid the Overworld of the Piglins that recently invaded. Much of the game requires the player to recruit various mobs in order to take down Piglin strongholds, but recruiting them requires certain materials to be acquired first.

In Minecraft, Redstone can be used to create a variety of useful and functioning contraptions, and though it can be used similarly in Minecraft Legends, it also serves another purpose. Redstone is an extremely valuable resource to have, but it isn’t always easy to find.

What Does Redstone Do In Minecraft Legends?

When obtained, Redstone can be used to create helpful contraptions like Battle Drums and Redstone Launchers, both of which can be used while attacking Piglin Outposts and strongholds and also while defending villages.

Redstone can also be used to create Zombie Spawners, useful devices that, when used, can spawn Zombies to aid the protagonist in their endeavors. Before players can create this device, however, they will first need to travel to the Zombie Homestead to defend the Zombies from attacking Piglins. After the battle, they will be able to create Zombie Spawner for 25 Wood, 25 Stone, and 5 Redstone. Spawning Zombies themselves required 2 Redstone, 2 Lapis, and 1 Flame of Creation.

where to find redstone in minecraft

How To Find Redstone In Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft, if players wanted to collect Redstone, they would need to find some by exploring the vast world before harvesting it with a Pickaxe. In Minecraft Legends, players also need to find Redstone by exploring the map but harvesting it requires a different approach.

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During the tutorial, the game will teach players how to harvest Wood and Stone by using the Allays. When deployed, Allays will collect whatever materials they are assigned to, so long as said material is near where the player commands them to search. The same process can be used to collect Redstone, but players won’t be able to command their Allays to collect any until they have first placed an Improvement: Gather Redstone Melody at the Well of Fate.

Building an Improvement: Gather Redstone requires 100 Stone and 100 Prismarine. Once the Improvement: Gather Redstone Melody is in place, the “Gather Redstone” icon can be assigned to the hotbar, making it possible for the protagonist to send their Allays to search for some. To collect Redstone, all the player needs to do is locate a vein of it in the Overworld and command their Allays to harvest it.

Like most resources in Minecraft Legends, however, Redstone tends to only appear in specific regions, so players might have a hard time finding any if they are aimlessly exploring. Those hoping to obtain large amounts of it need to focus on searching the Jungle and Swamp biomes on the map. If the protagonist has already defended a village in one of these biomes, they can fast-travel to the village itself and begin searching from there.

Redstone can also be obtained from Village Chests. To find a village that produces Redstone, the player should examine the world map and hover the cursor over each village. The resources each village will produce will then be visible in the information box on the right side of the screen.

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How to Find Redstone in Minecraft

Freedom and flexibility permeate every aspect of Minecraft, including item farming. Many items can be found in several locations, and Redstone is no different in this respect.

You can try several methods to obtain this all-important element, such as looting chests, trading for Redstone dust, killing witches, and mining Redstone Ore. Visiting temples and caves is another viable alternative. Here’s a breakdown of each solution.

How To Find More Redstone

Despite the grind it could take for players to build the Redstone Improvement at the Well of Fate, there are plenty of places to find it once they do. The Jungles and Swamps of the overworld host the most Redstone for players to pick up, in far greater quantity than other biomes. So whether players are in the PvE or PvP modes of Minecraft Legends, these locations remain the best spots to grab this resource.

Redstone usually appears on the map when players look at different biomes, but it does not show exact locations. Veins of Redstone, similar to gathering Diamonds in Minecraft Legends, may be gathered faster when Allays place down a chest near these veins, allowing players to obtain far more Redstone than normal. Letting an Allay take care of one vein lets players go off in search of another that could be nearby.

How To Craft Using Redstone

Two important structures and one mob spawner are worth noting as items that demand Redstone to build. A zombie spawner may only be created with Redstone, giving players a bulky warrior for their front lines at the cost of two Redstone and a Lapis for each mob.

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The Redstone Launcher and Battle Drum both use Redstone as well, with the former being a strong Tower that hurls explosive projectiles at enemies. On the other hand, the Drum is a support structure that buffs other contraptions such as Arrow Towers, Traps, or even the Launcher just mentioned. Those that figure out where to find more Redstone have a far better chance at driving back Piglin raids in Minecraft Legends using these structures.

where to find redstone in minecraft

Where to unlock and find redstone in Minecraft Legends

In order to unlock the ability to mine the redstone, players must first build the Gather Redstone improvement. To do that, head to the Improvements tab on the hot bar and select the improvement. You’ll then need to place it within one of the four improvement areas near the Well of Fates.

Once you’ve got the improvement set down, you can start gathering redstone in the world. Hovering over the map will tell you where the redstone is found. The node spawns in swamp and jungle biomes, so players need to teleport or run to the nearest biome that has it.

After you’ve reached the biome, select the gathering tab, and make sure redstone is on the bar. Select it, then place the chest down over it so the Allay can mine it for you. You’ll know you’re in a spot with redstone because the square around the chest will turn blue. The Allay will then mine the resource for you, even if you run away.

If you want to carry more redstone, you’ll have to build improvements that allow for more storage of it. Players shouldn’t find themselves too hindered by not having enough redstone, however, as it’s only used for a few advanced structures and to spawn Zombies.

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