Where to find Mangrove trees in Minecraft ? How To Find Mangrove Swamps

Where to find mangrove trees in minecraft ? Trying to find Minecraft’s new Mangrove Trees? Mojang has really decided to branch out this time—bringing this new tree type that’s just a bit different from all the tree types we’ve seen so far. In real life, mangrove trees dominate their environments with huge visible root systems that give them a slightly spooky look. They’re just the same in Minecraft, growing large roots and taking over the waterways of their new swampy biome.

Let’s get to the root of the issue then. These huge new trees arrived as part of the 1.19 Wild Update on June 7, alongside the two new creatures: the frog mob and the Allay. Here’s everything you’ll want to know about finding, planting, and crafting with your new aquatic arboretum.

Where can you find Mangrove Trees?

You won’t be surprised to hear that Minecraft’s mangrove trees can be found in the new Mangrove Swamp biome. During the Minecraft Live 2021 reveal, Mojang showed off the new biome full of huge mangroves. It’s very pretty and just a little unsettling too, honestly. In the new swamp biome, mangrove trees tower over you, growing out of land and water both, with roots so large and winding that you can actually walk and swim beneath them.

Real world mangrove swamps occur around the planet near tropical coasts in over one hundred countries. Mojang is definitely digging into that family tree, calling mangroves “super trees” for their role in mitigating climate change through carbon dioxide capturing and providing habitats to nearby wildlife.

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where to find mangrove trees in minecraft

How do you plant a Mangrove Tree?

Like some other parts of the Wild Update, the new Mangrove Trees are a bit different from all the tree types that Minecraft has so far. Instead of saplings, they’re grown from a similar small item called a Propagule. Unlike other tree saplings, the mangrove’s propagules can be planted either on land or in water, which is a first for Minecraft. You’ll spot these towering tree types growing right out of shallow pools all throughout the swamp.

Once they grow into a full tree, you can see more of the little propagules hanging down from its leaf blocks. Mangroves also have vines growing from their leaves like other swap trees. What makes them both lovely and just a little creepy to look at are their root blocks. A mangrove’s trunk is propped up on a spider leg-like collection of root structures. Some even arch high enough that you’ll be able to swim and boat beneath them. It certainly looks like exploring these new swamps at night may be just a little frightening.

Do Mangroves have their own wood type?

Yes, mangroves also bring a new wood type to Minecraft! Building fiends rejoice—there’s yet another color in our palette of wood choices. Mangrove Log blocks are brown in color, about like oak. On the inside, they’re very, very red. The same thing goes for turning them into Mangrove Planks, which are candy-colored in hue.

During the original reveal in 2021, Mojang had planned for mangrove wood to be orange, similar to acacia wood. It’s now filling a much different spot in our wood color wheel with that bright magenta interior.

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As with other types of wood, Mangrove Planks can be used to create other decorative wood pieces in the same color. There are mangrove variants of half blocks, stairs, fences, gates, signs, doors, and all the rest of the usual wood pieces. The new boats with chest also have a mangrove coloring

Where Are Mangrove Trees in Minecraft?

While none of Minecraft’s latest snapshots actually added Mangrove trees, we already know where they’ll end up spawning. You’ll be able to find these new trees in regular Swamps but if you want a ton of Mangrove wood, your best bet is to find an aptly named Mangrove Swamp biome. These areas will be packed with Mangrove trees for you to chop down and break up to your heart’s content.

Mangrove trees will also bring some other unique blocks with it, namely Mangrove Roots. These decorative blocks spawn around Mangrove trees, assumedly under them or at least to their sides, and can either come clean or muddy, with the latter variant looking less like a bundle of twigs and more a dense block of mud and wood.

where to find mangrove trees in minecraft

What Can You Do With Mangrove Trees in Minecraft?

Like any other tree, Mangrove trees are in Minecraft to be harvested. Mangrove logs themselves sport brown bark that’s just a bit darker than Oak logs. However, Mangrove trees are a striking crimson on the inside. Planks, stripped logs, and any simple wooden products made from Mangrove Logs will include that striking color, giving builders a whole new color and texture to experiment with.

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If you want to start your own Mangrove tree farm, you have to do more than simply plant some saplings. Mangrove trees propagate through Mangrove Propagules, which grow at the bottom of Mangrove tree leaves. You can grow new Mangrove Propagules by using bone meal on Mangrove tree leaves as well, or use it to accelerate their growth. After going through four stages of growth, Propagules are ready for harvest and can be broken and planted like any other sapling.

What Will Minecraft 1.19 Change?

Mangroves aren’t the only new block type coming to the game in Patch 1.19. There’s also the addition of the Sculk blocks including Sensors, Shriekers, and Catalysts alongside the more expected mud and mud brick blocks! Just keep in mind that those pesky Sculk blocks need Silk Touch!

Outside of the swamps, you’ll be able to find two more new mobs in Minecraft after its 1.19 Wild update drops. The first, Allays, can be found either in Woodland Mansions or as prisoners in Pillager Outposts. Once freed and given an item, these helpful sprites will follow you around, picking up any more of that item that it sees until it has a full stack. Wardens on the other hand are terrifying new mobs that make their homes in Ancient Cities, a set of generated structures only found in the Deep Dark.

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