Where to find kelp in Minecraft ? How to Make Kelp XP Farm

Where to find kelp in minecraft ? Kelp only generates in the water in Minecraft, and players will have to go to the sea to look for it.

Kelp will not generate in the frozen ocean biomes, deep-frozen, warm ocean, and deep-warm. Kelp is mainly spotted around sea grass and can actually be put to use in the Minecraft world.

Kelp can be used as a fuel for furnaces in Minecraft. Although it may not last very long, it can still be used. Players cannot just place regular kelp into a furnace. For it to work as fuel, players will need to turn the kelp into dried kelp.

Dried kelp is created by placing the kelp inside of a furnace and cooking it using any other kind of fuel. Cooking the kelp will cause it to turn into a darker color.

In this article, players will be informed on where to find kelp in Minecraft.

Where players can find kelp in Minecraft?Ocean biomes

Kelp naturally generates in Ocean biomes in Minecraft. Oceans are the largest biomes in Minecraft and contain a lot of unknown things inside them that players can explore.

Ocean biomes consist of a deep body of water, and players will definitely need a helmet enchanted with respiration in order to explore the ocean more freely due to how large it is.

where to find kelp in minecraft

The different ocean variants

There are different variants of the ocean biomes that the player can access. The basic ocean is where most of the sea plants originate such as kelp. Players will know that they are in the basic ocean due to the large amount of colorful fish. This biome is where kelp will mostly be found.

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The warm and vibrant ocean variant is where most of the colorful and vivid colors are. This biome will not contain kelp in it since it is too warm for it to grow. The warm ocean is where players can find coral reefs, dolphins, and other marine animals.

What elevation is kelp found & what it looks like

The kelp is a tall green plant that is growing from the bottom of the ocean. It is skinny, and it sort of looks like a super tall vine growing straight up from the bottom of the sea.

Kelp can be found in any height from two blocks to 26 blocks. Kelp does not require any light to grow in the Minecraft ocean, so it will mostly be found in the bottom of the ocean in the lower Y elevations.

Players will definitely need to have on the respiration effect or a helmet enchanted with respiration to be able to get all the way down to kelp. Since kelp can be pretty tall, sometimes players will not need to go too far down to mine it.

How to mine kelp

Kelp can be mined with any tool in Minecraft, even including the players fist! Breaking one part of the kelp will destroy all of the kelp above it, so the best thing for the player to do would be to mine it straight down.

Why Build A Kelp XP Farm In Minecraft?

XP farms have been a constant thing in Minecraft, but what shape they take has changed dramatically over the years. With each new major update, the best XP farm seems to stop working and then is quickly replaced with another created by fans. These have looked like giant towers that spawn monsters and drop them to their deaths all the way down to minuscule farms. The most recent XP farm in Minecraft uses kelp, however.

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Kelp XP farms are relatively easy and cheap to make. They don’t require a lot of blocks like mob farms, and players don’t need to get lucky and find a spawner in the wild. They’re very accessible, even to the beginner player, which makes them a worthwhile building project.

How To Build A Kelp XP Farm

The design for this farm has changed slightly with the release of 1.18 Minecraft. Players with a previous, older world from 1.17 may want to update their world and also work on updating their farms, which might no longer work in the new version of the game. In order to make this compact kelp XP farm, players will need the following items

  • 1 bucket of water
  • 6 chests
  • 2 smokers
  • 4 levers
  • 1 piston
  • 1 sticky piston
  • 3 redstone torches
  • 2 redstone repeaters
  • 7 hoppers
  • 6 redstone
  • 2 glass panes
  • 1 sign
  • 1 kelp
  • 6 ladders
  • 2 blocks of sand
  • 1 slab of any block type
  • 1 trap door
  • 1 full stack of any building block

Most of these resources are very accessible, but more expensive items like redstone will require the player to venture deep into the caves to find some. Make sure to check the ore distribution guide to see where redstone can be found in Minecraft 1.18. Kelp can be found in most oceans, regardless of temperature.

After gathering all of the materials, players can start the construction of this Minecraft XP farm. It doesn’t take up too much space compared to some other models and has some very nice benefits that go along with it.

The video above from JC Playz shows in great detail the step-by-step process of making this farm. After completing it, players will have three important things. The intended purpose is as an XP farm, and letting it run for a bit while the player does other things is a great way to hit level 30 very quickly.

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where to find kelp in minecraft

How Does The Kelp XP Farm Work?

When kelp passes through the two smokers at the bottom of the farm, a bit of XP is stored inside. Players should wait for as long as possible for the XP to accumulate before grabbing kelp from the smokers. Make sure to also fuel the farm regularly using the dried kelp in the bottom chest. When first starting, players will likely have to use coal or charcoal and then switch to dried kelp once they have ample stock of it.

Aside from that, it also serves as a source of dried kelp, which players can use to restore hunger in a pinch. This kelp XP farm is also efficient in terms of how much space it uses, the amount of XP it generates, and for the fact that it literally fuels itself. With this built, players should have no problem enchanting a plethora of weapons, tools, armor, or books. In fact, it’s highly likely Minecraft players will run out of lapis lazuli before they run out of levels.

Above is information where to find kelp in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where to find kelp in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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