Where to find gravel in Minecraft ? How to find Suspicious Sand and Gravel in Minecraft

Where to find gravel in minecraft ? In Minecraft, there are two types of blocks. Some blocks are affected by gravity, while others are not. Gravel is one of the few blocks that obeys the law of physics.

Gravel is a non-craftable and naturally occurring block in Minecraft. Due to its gravity-obeying nature, gravel has many uses in Minecraft.

The block is used for creating bridges above lava oceans in the Nether. Players often use gravel to build tall one-block thick towers since they can easily be undone by quickly placing a torch underneath the bottom gravel block.

Gravel can be mined using hands or any tools, but the shovel is the quickest. The block is also the best source of flint in Minecraft.

There is a 10% chance of a gravel dropping flint when mined. If there is no flint in the first attempt, players can place a gravel and try again. Flint in Minecraft is required for making arrows, fletching tables, and steel.

Finding gravel in Minecraft

Mining and exploring caves

Players can get lots of gravel just by mining in Minecraft. Like ores, gravel occurs in the form of veins in the overworld. It can be generated on all height levels. And players will often come across them when exploring caves.

One must be careful while mining gravel, as several players have died by being suffocated inside gravel blocks. Players must make sure that there is no gravel above their head before mining.

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Beaches and rivers

Players may come across gravel blocks in rivers and beaches. In the early game, these are good sources of gravel. Rivers and beaches are usually shallow, so there is no need to worry about slow mining or breathing.

where to find gravel in minecraft

Gravelly mountains

As the name suggests, gravelly mountains are covered with gravel on the surface. It is a rare sub biome of mountains. Players won’t have to dig down to find gravel since it’s available everywhere on the surface.

Ocean floors

Ocean floors are one of the best places to find gravel in Minecraft. Players can find gravel at the bottom of these ocean biomes: normal ocean, deep ocean, cold ocean, and the frozen ocean.

The only downside is breathing and mining underwater. In Minecraft, mining underwater is slower than mining on land. Also, players will have to keep their breathing in check. They can take a conduit to make mining easier underwater with no breathing problem.

Nether realm

Gravel also generates in the hellish biomes of the Nether. In fact, it seems to generate more layers than gravelly mountains and oceans.

In the Nether realm, gravel generates as the shore of lava oceans. Players must be careful while mining or walking on gravel in the Nether realm. Sometimes, there is no solid block under them. So when a player mines or walks, gravel blocks get updated and fall into the lava.

How to find and use Suspicious sand

In the latest Minecraft 1.20 update, suspicious sand blocks can be found naturally in newly discovered rooms beneath desert pyramids. They can also appear at the base of desert wells and generate within ocean ruins structures located in warm temperature oceans.

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Suspicious sand has a slightly different texture compared to regular sand, with noticeable cracks and holes on its surface. These blocks are affected by gravity and will break upon falling, without dropping any items. The same outcome occurs when they are manually broken or when a tool, even one enchanted with Silk Touch, is used.

Obtaining suspicious sand as an item in Minecraft is possible if it falls from a height greater than 30 blocks, lands on an upward-facing bubble column, or passes through two stacked cobweb blocks. However, the block itself will not retain the loot items it contains.

The main purpose of suspicious sand in Minecraft is to be brushed using the new brush tool. After a few seconds of brushing, it will release the items it holds and transform into a regular sand block. The specific items contained within suspicious sand depend on where the block is generated.

How to find and use Suspicious gravel

Similar to suspicious sand in Minecraft, suspicious gravel is a block influenced by gravity that is extremely fragile but contains loot items that will be revealed when brushed. The specific items contained within the suspicious gravel block are also determined by where it naturally generates in the game world.

Just like suspicious sand, players in Minecraft will generally be unable to break the block to collect it. However, it can be obtained by allowing it to fall from a height of 30 blocks, passing through two vertically stacked cobweb blocks, or landing on a bubble column. Otherwise, players will need to use commands or switch to Creative Mode to acquire the block.

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Suspicious gravel can be found in Minecraft’s cold temperature ocean ruins structures, as well as the newly introduced trail ruins structures in the 1.20 update. Brushing the suspicious gravel will cause the loot to be revealed and transform the block back into an ordinary gravel block.

In contrast to suspicious sand blocks, suspicious gravel blocks found within trail ruins have two distinct loot tables in Minecraft 1.20. Depending on the specific block that is brushed, common or rare items may pop out, each offering different types of loot.

where to find gravel in minecraft

How to Brush Suspicious Sand and Gravel for rare items in Minecraft

To brush both suspicious sand and gravel for rare items, players must first craft a brush in Minecraft. After crafting a brush, head to a Desert Pyramid or Trail Ruins and search for suspicious blocks hidden among regular ones. When you find a block you suspect is suspicious, hold the right mouse button or console equivalent. Doing so will brush the block until an item reveals itself. Repeat this process with suspicious sand or gravel at every location, and you will eventually find rare items.

Where do Suspicious Sand and Gravel Blocks spawn in Minecraft?

Suspicious sand and gravel spawn in structures that only appear in specific biomes. Some locations require the player to excavate and dig around to locate suspicious blocks. For example, inside Desert Pyramids, you need to dig around until you find a staircase down, as shown below. The following are all locations and structures players can find suspicious sand and gravel in Minecraft

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