Where to find Emeralds Minecraft ? How To Get Emeralds

Where to find emeralds minecraft ? Emeralds are a rare Minecraft ore, which only spawns within mountain biomes. Emeralds have several uses for players, including, but not limited to, beacons, trading, and decoration. These rare ores are green and must be smelted in a furnace to produce the shiny gem.

One of the most practical uses for emeralds is to use them for trading with villagers and wandering traders. Emeralds act as a universal currency in Minecraft. Each villager will offer different supplies for emeralds or emeralds for a certain amount of supplies.

Many players know this, but they may wonder what the best and easiest way to find emeralds is in Minecraft. The following is a list of five different ways players can easily find emeralds in Minecraft.

5 Best ways to find emeralds in Minecraft

1 – Strip mining in the mountains

Strip mining has been around since the very beginnings of Minecraft. Before emeralds were added to the game, players would use this tactic to mine for diamonds, iron, coal, Redstone, and lapis lazuli. Ever since emeralds were added to Minecraft in the 1.3.1 update, players have been using the strip mining technique to find these green gems.

For those unaware, strip mining is when the player goes underground and mines in a straight line until they find the ores they’re looking for. It’s very effective to use this technique as it’s fast and efficient. It’s also recommended that players create a few different strip mines in their area to get all the ores near them.

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Emerald ore only naturally generates in the veins of the mountain biome. Players should be sure to strip mine there if they’re looking for emeralds.

where to find emeralds minecraft

2 – Trading with villagers

Another sure way to get emeralds is to trade with villagers. Villages are naturally generated in every Minecraft world with “generated structures” turned on.

As mentioned earlier, emeralds are the currency that villagers use to trade. This means that as long as the player has the items required for a trade, they will get emeralds.

Villagers also usually ask for easy trades, so the player should have little issues getting the required items.

3 – Treasure chests

Minecraft is known for its treasure chests scattered throughout the terrain. In these treasure chests, players can find emeralds. These buried treasure chests are only generated in Minecraft Java Edition.

Still, if the player happens to come across one, there’s a 59.9% chance of four to eight emeralds generating within the chest. These are good odds.

4 – Desert and jungle temples

Desert and jungle temples are fan favorites in Minecraft. Players who enjoy exploring these dangerous structures can expect to come across emeralds from time to time.

In Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions, there is an 18% chance of one to three emeralds generating in desert temples. There is an 8.7% chance of one to three emeralds generating within a chest in jungle temples.

5 – In the ocean

Players often find forgotten shipwrecks and underwater ruins. Players would be delighted to know that emeralds generate in these structures under the sea. In Minecraft Java Edition, one to five emeralds have an 8.9% chance of generating naturally in shipwrecks.

Underwater ruins have about a 15% chance of generating one emerald in both the small and large chests.

In the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the player has an even greater chance of finding emeralds in the ocean. In shipwrecks, one to five emeralds have a 73% chance of generating.

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In underwater ruins, one emerald has a 15% chance of generating in any chest. The odds are really in the player’s favor in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

What Can You Do With Emeralds?

Trade Emeralds For Other Items With Villagers

The primary use for Emeralds is for trading with Villagers. These are NPCs that live inside Villages, which you can find in many different biomes, including the Plains, Snowy Tundra, Taiga, Desert, and the Savannah biomes. When you interact with Villagers, they will show you a trading menu that you can use to trade items with them. Many Villagers request Emeralds in exchange for their items. Trading with Villagers isn’t the only use for Emeralds, though, so only trade your Emeralds if you feel that the item you will receive is worth the exchange.

Craft Emerald Blocks

Emerald Blocks are a unique item that you can obtain through crafting. You need nine Emeralds to craft one Emerald Block, which is expensive considering how rare Emeralds are in a Minecraft world. You can place Emerald Blocks down as decoration or store them inside chests to covert them back into regular Emeralds at a later time. Additionally, you can use Emerald Blocks to add power to a Beacon.

Power Beacons

Among the things you can do with Emeralds, powering Beacons is one of the most important. You can use a Beacon to grant you a unique effect, such as a jump or speed boost. You can place Beacons in your settlement or house, and they even provide a beautiful blast of light that moves upward into the sky, which is nice for decoration. You don’t need Emeralds to craft a Beacon; however, you use emeralds to power the Beacon.

How To Get Emeralds

Emeralds are very rare, and you won’t encounter them often underground. Although mining for Emeralds is one of the best ways to find them, it isn’t the only way to get Emeralds. Here is every way that you can acquire Emeralds in Minecraft.

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Trade Items For Emeralds With Villagers

Not only can you trade Emeralds for items, but you can also trade items that Villagers request to get Emeralds. The items that the Villagers require vary a lot, however, some of the trades request common items, and you may have a lot of tradable items depending on your collection. Villages are inside of the Plains, Desert, Taiga, Snowy Tundra, and Savanna biomes in a Minecraft world.

Find Emeralds In Chests Inside Randomly Generated Structures

Similar to other gems in Minecraft, randomly generated structures are an easy way to obtain Emeralds because chests occasionally contain them. You have to open a chest to have a chance to acquire an Emerald; however, it’s rare. Regardless, you should keep an eye out for randomly generated structures while you are exploring the open world so that you don’t miss a structure that may have Emeralds or other rare items inside it.

where to find emeralds minecraft

Mine Emeralds Underground

The most notable way to get Emeralds in Minecraft is by mining them underground. You need to find Emerald Ore, which is a stone-looking block that has green gems inside it. Emerald Ore only appears in Mountain biomes, which makes finding Emeralds much more difficult. However, Mountain Biomes are common throughout a Minecraft world, so there are a lot of areas where you can find this ore.

Cave systems are a useful place to search inside of Mountain biomes since you can see the ore on the sides of the cave. When you mine an Emerald Ore block, you only obtain one Emerald. However, you can obtain up to four Emeralds if you mine the ore with a pickaxe enchanted with the Fortune enchantment. You will receive more Emeralds the higher the level of Fortune.

You only receive an Emerald if you mine the ore with an Iron, Diamond, or Netherite Pickaxe. Don’t use a pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment to mine Emerald Ore; otherwise, you will only receive an Emerald Ore block when you mine it.

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