Where to find dripstone minecraft ? How to find dripstone caves in Minecraft

Where to find dripstone minecraft ? Minecraft’s dripstone blocks and pointed dripstone are the stalactites, stalagmites, and stalagnates (I learned a new word!) found in some caves. The pointed dripstone stalactites are useful for farming infinite lava or for defensive purposes. Luckily, there’s a way to farm more.

In this Minecraft dripstone farming guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know to start your own stalactite farm.


In order to farm dripstone, you’ll first need to find some dripstone — specifically, dripstone blocks and pointed dripstone. The best place to find dripstone, unsurprisingly, is in the dripstone cave biome.

Dripstone caves generate underground (starting from about level 0 down to -64) — you’ll know you’re at the right depth when you go from mostly stone to mostly deepslate. Because of Minecraft’s biome generation rules, they also tend to generate inland away from water and ocean biomes.

You’ll rarely find small patches of dripstone in canyons (ravines) or, even more rarely, in any other cave type.


To start dripstone farming, you’ll need (at least) 1 dripstone block, 1 pointed dripstone, and 1 water bucket.

Place the dripstone block a few blocks above the ground (we like three for space saving purposes, but you can place it up to seven blocks high). Place the water on top of the dripstone block and the pointed dripstone under the dripstone block. You’ll see the water dripping along the pointed dripstone stalactite.

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And that’s it. Now all you need is a lot of patience. There is a roughly 1% chance that the pointed dripstone will grow every time it’s updated with a random tick (about 50 seconds, give or take). That means you’ll get a new block of pointed dripstone every five in-game days or so (about an hour and a half in the real world).

Make sure to harvest only the second pointed dripstone block down and any stalagmites that form on the ground underneath. That leaves the original one to continue growing.

where to find dripstone minecraft


First, pointed dripstone can be used to craft dripstone blocks (4 pointed dripstone). That means you’ll be able to (slowly) expand your dripstone farm.

Dripstone stalagmites (pointing up) cause damage to anything that falls on them. That means they could make up the bottom of a tiger pit-style trap. Similarly, falling dripstone damages players and mobs.

Even more useful, though, is that dripstone blocks and dripstone can be used to farm infinite lava by placing lava on top of the dripstone and a cauldron below.

Where to Find Dripstone Caves

An overworld cave biome, Dripstone Caves are filled with clusters and pillars of pointed dripstone as well as dripstone blocks. While these biomes aren’t listed as rare in Minecraft they, still might take some time to find. Dripstone Caves generate underground, which automatically means that players will have to spend a good deal of time exploring caves (as they did before the Caves and Cliffs updates) in order to find them.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy surface indicator that a player is above a Dripstone Cave. Instead, the true indicators happen when players begin to explore any of Minecraft’s many cave systems. Players will know when they have found this new cave biome by the sheer amount of dripstone blocks present. Though dripstone blocks and pointed dripstone can spawn in other cave types, players will know they are in a Dripstone Cave when dozens of these begin to appear. It is important to note that those pointed dripstones on the cave ceiling can fall and hurt players, so caution is needed when exploring in this biome.

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What to Find in Dripstone Caves

Once a Dripstone Cave has been found, there are several interesting things players can gather there. The most common block to find here is obviously the dripstone block, which can be broken and used to anchor pointed dripstone. Players can place these blocks underneath a water source, and watch the pointed dripstone grow over time. These come in especially handy for those players looking to add more of a cave aesthetic to their base.

Aside from these blocks, this biome also generates a bit more copper ore than other biomes, making a trip to this biome important for anyone looking for that new ore. It is also home to a bunch of interesting mobs, including the Minecraft fan-voted glowing squid. Aside from the traditional hostile mobs, players also have a chance to run into the rare Spider Jockey and Chicken Jockey mobs in Dripstone Caves.

where to find dripstone minecraft

Dripstone caves in Minecraft 1.18: How to locate them with ease

Dripstone caves are jagged, yet beautiful caves that can be found quite commonly in almost any biome or cave generation across the world of Minecraft. Players may stumble across Dripstone caves several times while mining or exploring. Additionally, they can be found submerged beneath huge underground bodies of water called aquifers, another new addition to Minecraft.

In Minecraft 1.18, dripstone caves are composed largely of dripstone blocks and pointed dripstone, in the form of stalactites hanging from the cave’s ceiling, or stalagmites, growing from the ground. Large clusters of Dripstone are indicative of a Dripstone cave being situated nearby.

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Dripstone clusters are more commonly found inside ravines. Additionally, stalactites and stalagmites in these caves can damage players and other mobs if they come in contact with their sharp and pointy ends.

Copper is one of the resources that is found more commonly in this biome. Another great feature these caves exhibit involves stalactites and stalagmites, collectively known as pointed dripstone.

During the reveal of the Caves and Cliffs update at Minecraft Live 2020, it was revealed that stalactites can be waterlogged, which essentially means that water (or lava in the Nether) will be dripping out of them as they hang in the Dripstone cave biome. A cauldron can be put under a stalactite to collect the dripping water from it, therefore giving these structures a unique purpose in the game.

Dripstone caves are one of the most interesting additions to Minecraft 1.18, alongside their sister biome, the Lush caves. This feature acts as a response to the Minecraft community, as many players had been asking for an update to the game’s cave systems for a while.

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