Where to find Deino in Pokemon Scarlet ? Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (SV): How to Find, Get & Catch Deino

Where to find deino in pokemon scarlet ? Hydreigon has proven to be one of the most powerful Pokemon in all of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and players will most certainly want to add it to their Pokedex. First, they will have to get its lower evolutions; Deino and Zweilous.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have a lot of pseudo-legendary Pokemon from previous generations. Alongside having a new one of its own in Baxcalibur, the Paldea region is also home to the likes of Dragonite, Tyranitar, and Salamence.

While there’s plenty of stiff competition when it comes to being the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Hydreigon has a very strong case. Here’s how to catch a Deino and raise it into Hydreigon.

Where to Catch Deino

Deino can be caught in Pokemon Scarlet in the Alfornada Cavern and the areas surrounding Glaseado Mountain. Deino and its evolutions are Pokemon Scarlet exclusives, meaning Pokemon Violet players need to use multiplayer features in order to get one.

The most easily accessible area to find it is the Dalizapa Passage to the south of Glaseado Mountain. Deino’s habitat in Pokemon Scarlet can be seen here:

Players also have the ability to catch Deino’s evolved form, Zweilous, in the wild. The Pokemon can be found on the northeastern and northwestern corners of Paldea’s snowy area as well as parts of Area Zero.

While catching Zweilous doesn’t make the road to having a Hydreigon any shorter, it does offer an easier path as it is considerably stronger than Deino.

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where to find deino in pokemon scarlet

How to Get Hydreigon

Pokemon Scarlet players can get Hydreigon by raising a Zweilous to level 64. The Pokemon cannot be found in the wild through normal means. This is one of the toughest Pokemon to evolve in the entire franchise, as even the likes of Dragonite and Tyranitar are fully evolved by level 55.

The only option that players have for getting a Hydreigon without raising a Zweilous up to level 64 is Tera Raid battles. Hydreigon can be found in five and six-star Tera Raid battles and was also featured in a limited-time Tera Raid event where it appeared in four-star raids.

Unfortunately, finding a Hydreigon raid requires a good bit of luck as it’s no more likely to appear than the dozens of other Pokemon that appear in high-level raids.

The best option is looking at the Tera Raid battles section of the Poke Portal, or finding friends to party up with for a raid. Link Codes allow players to invite each other to Tera Raid battles, allowing players to help each other find rare Pokemon.

Is Hydreigon a Good Pokemon?

Hydreigon is one of the strongest Pokemon in all of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The Pokemon can be a potent support, a massive offensive threat, and everything in between.

Hydreigon was a great beneficiary of the introduction of Terastallizing, allowing it to shed its debilitating double weakness to fairy-type moves. Offensively, players can change its Tera Type to get STAB on powerful moves like Flash Cannon, Heat Wave, or Surf.

Its double weakness to fairy moves disqualifies it from some Tera Raid bosses, but it’s still strong enough to be an option in many encounters. Even though it’s tough to get a Hydreigon, players are well-rewarded for taking the time to do so.

How to catch Deino in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

There are various spots dotted around the Paldea region where you can encounter Deino in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. As you will see in the habitat image below, Deino live in caves, so go into these areas for a good chance to encounter them.

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They will not appear outside of caves. There really are not any other factors you need to keep in mind with them because they don’t really react when you are present.

When you enter a battle with Deino, its Dark and Dragon typing gives it some pretty good strengths, but its weaknesses are from Bug, Dragon, Fighting, and Ice attacks, with an extra susceptibility to Fairy moves.

It is resistant to Dark, Electric, Fire, Ghost, Grass, and Water moves, with complete invulnerability to any Psychic attacks. Be sure to attack with other moves so that you can lower its health without making it faint.

How to Evolve Deino into Zweilous and Hydreigon

After you have caught Deino, you can see its evolutions after putting some heavy leveling work into it. It evolves into Zweilous at level 50 and Hydreigon at level 64. If you decide to go after Hydreigon, you are getting an absolute beast of a Pokémon that can be a great late-game addition to your party.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (SV): How to Find, Get & Catch Deino?

In order to find and catch Deino in Pokemon Scarlet, you will first need to fast travel to the pokemon center in Alfornada. If you don’t already know, this is in South Province (Area Six). Now, all you have to do is head right and enter the Alfornada Cavern. Most players have encountered Deino chilling just inside the mouth of the cave.

This purple pokemon with a long neck all covered in fur is hard to miss. But, if you are unable to spot it, then we recommend heading out of the cave and returning after a while.

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If you are unable to find Deino in this location then you can also visit the East Province Area Three, Dalizapa Passage, Glaseado Mountains, and the regions in North Province (Area Two).

These are all the places where Deino spawns. All you have to do is visit the caves in these regions and you are bound to come across a Deino. Once you find this pokemon, simply poke it to start a battle and then catch it. Well, this also brings us to the end of this article. We hope that you found it helpful. Stay tuned to Digi Statement, and happy gaming.

where to find deino in pokemon scarlet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (SV): How to Find, Get & Catch Deino

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (SV) combined have an abundance of pokemon. But, some of them are exclusive to each title. Deino is one of the Scarlet-exclusive pokemon. So, the only way for Pokemon Violet players to get their hands on this pokemon is through trading.

Now, as for Pokemon Scarlet players who are wondering how to find and catch Deino, you have come to the right place. A lot of players seem to be having trouble locating this pokemon in the huge world of Paldea. So below, we will tell you everything that you need to know about this Deino in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (SV).

Deino is a Dark and Dragon-type pokemon. This combination alone makes it a great addition to your Pokedex. It also has two evolutionary forms- Zweilous and Hydreigon.

Although it is not a rare pokemon, it is still quite hard to find. Most players are unaware of its spawn locations. This makes it difficult to locate a Deino and hence most folks just keep wandering aimlessly. Since Paldea is a huge region, you will spend a considerable time wandering around without proper guidance. We are going to save you time and help you find and catch Deino in PSV.

Above is information where to find deino in pokemon scarlet.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of  where to find deino in pokemon scarlet .Thank you for reading our post.

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