Where to find Croagunk in Pokemon Violet ? Where to find Croagunk in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Where to find croagunk in pokemon violet ? Croagunk and Toxicroak are among the returning creatures in the Paldea region of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Since they are the first Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon to be introduced in the series, many trainers may want to add them to their team.

Given the open-world approach of these Nintendo Switch games, the path every player chooses to take will always be different. While this is a great gameplay choice, it makes finding certain creatures a bit more challenging.

Thankfully, there are still many places in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet where players can encounter Croagunk and Toxicroak. Some of these locations can be easily accessed early in one’s playthrough.

Trainers should also keep a few factors in mind if they intend to use Croagunk and Toxicroak on their teams.

Croagunk and Toxicroak can easily be found in the wild in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To find Croagunk in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players must head to either of these areas:

  • South of Casseroya Lake (West Province Area Two)
  • Southern Wetlands (South Province Area Five)

Many Croagunk freely roam these areas, so players can easily battle and catch one. For those who may still have issues finding Croagunk in the wild, it may help to have a picnic and make a sandwich with Poison Encounter Power. This can be made using green peppers, noodles, and horseradish.

Players looking to catch Croagunk as soon as possible may want to opt for the Southern Wetlands. Finding the Pokemon in this location only requires players to complete the story until the treasure hunt begins. There are also lower-leveled creatures in the area, so it is much safer to look here as opposed to South of Casseroya Lake.

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Croagunk evolves into Toxicroak at level 37, which may sound a bit steep compared to other creatures in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This level can easily be achieved through the use of EXP Candies, which can be found across Paldea and can be earned through Tera Raid Battles.

For those who want Toxicroak to complete the Pokedex rather than use it in their party, catching one in the wild may be more beneficial.

To find a Toxicroak in the wild, players need the ability to travel on water. This can be achieved by completing missions in the Herba Mystica questline.

Once players receive the ability to traverse water in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they must make their way to Casseroya Lake. Toxicroak is most commonly found on any of the smaller islands in the area. Trainers may also find one overseeing an army of five Croagunks that they can auto-battle for a boost in Attack EVs.

In terms of how effective Toxicroak is in battle, players should keep it far away from Psychic-type Pokemon. This is because both of its typings share a weakness to the element.

With Toxicroak’s low special defense, it can easily be knocked out with one super-effective hit. Aside from this shortcoming, its attacking power and movepool make it quite potent in most fights.

where to find croagunk in pokemon violet

Where to Find Croagunk

The soonest you can find Croagunk in your playthrough is by exploring South Province (Area Five). This location is in the far southeast of the Paldea region. Here, Croagunk spawns in the muddy swamp-like spot just southwest of where the river meets the sea. The ones you find here will be between levels 15 and 20.

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However, if you’re after a higher-level Croagunk, you’re better off exploring West Province (Area Two). Along the stretch of the river north of Porto Marinada, Croagunks between levels 50 and 55 spawn on the north side of the river. You won’t find any south of this body of running water.

Also, despite the Pokédex not showing this, Croagunks can spawn around Casseroya Lake anywhere that Toxicroaks can. This includes the west, north, and eastern shores of the big lake. The individuals here will be between levels 50 and 55 as well.

Where to Find Toxicroak

Unlike Croagunk, Toxicroak can only spawn in a single—albeit large—area in the Generation IX games. This spot encompasses every shoreline of Casseroya Lake. The Toxicroaks that spawn here are between levels 50 to 55. The Pokédex map highlights the waters of Casseroya Lake, however, Toxicroaks cannot spawn in or on the water.

Keep in mind that Toxicroak is a fair deal stronger than Croagunk, so be prepared for the evolved form to hit harder! What’s more, Toxicroaks sometimes spawn with a gang of similarly-leveled Croagunks around them. As such, you may have a hard time approaching a Toxicroak for a solo encounter.

How to Evolve Croagunk Into Toxicroak

As in previous main-series Pokémon games, Croagunk evolves into Toxicroak when it reaches level 37. If you catch a Croagunk in South Province (Area Five), you need to increase its level about 20 times to evolve it.

However, if you catch one of the level 50-something Croagunks in this species’ other spawn locations, you only need to increase its level once! With that said, it may just be better to straight-up catch a Toxicroak if you’re only after Pokédex completion.

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If you’re looking to farm experience and strengthen your Pokémon, try battling wild Chanseys and Blisseys, completing Tera Raid Battles, and battling NPC trainers.

where to find croagunk in pokemon violet

How to catch Croagunk in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

To catch a Croagunk, you must find its habitat locations and go there. There are two locations where you can get your hands on this Pokémon; one is northwest, and the other is southeast. Although you can find this Pokémon at both of these locations, there is one spot where you are almost guaranteed to find it.

To reach that spot, you need to head from Porto Marinada to Medali through the cave road. At the end of the cave, you will need to cross a small bridge, and on the right side of the bridge, you will see one or more Croagunks.

Once you spot a Croagunk, head over to it or throw a Pokeball to start a battle. During the battle, try to damage it by using a Pokémon that it’s weak against.

Croagunk is weak against any psychic, ground, and flying-type Pokémon. Once you lower its health, throw a Pokeball to catch it, but if it escapes from the Pokeball, try to use a better Pokeball, like a Great Ball, which has a better chance of catching it.

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