Where to find clay Minecraft ? How to get clay in Minecraft

Where to find clay minecraft ? There are many kinds of blocks players can get in Minecraft. One of them is Clay, a gray block that can be mined with anything. After over 10 years, Minecraft remains one of the best games around, with over one hundred million monthly users as of 2021. Of course, with the game’s popularity, Mojang continuously develops it. Minecraft recently released Caves and Cliffs part two in patch 1.18. The next update will spoil players with new biomes and hostile mobs, but there’s no official release date for it yet.

While new biomes (and likely new blocks) may sound exciting, old items still shouldn’t be overlooked, especially for players who enjoy making aesthetically pleasing buildings. One of the available decorative items in Minecraft is the Terracotta. This block can be smelted using Clay. As for the Clay itself, here’s how players can find them.

How To Get Clay In Minecraft

Clay is not an uncommon commodity in Minecraft. Players can easily spot them near watery areas. This includes swamps, beaches, rivers, shallows, and oceans. Other than that, this gray block can also be spotted in savanna, desert villages, and on some Villagers’ houses.

Additionally, a Mason Villager may give a Clay block if players have the Hero of the Village status. To gain this effect, people have to kill either an Illager Patrol, Illager Outpost, or Illager Raid Captain. Doing so will grant the Bad Omen effect.

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Afterward, enter a village to trigger a Raid. Now, players have to ensure they defeat the Raid. A win will grant the Hero of the Village status effect. However, if the enemies destroy all Villagers’ beds or kill the inhabitants, the Illagers will win instead.

As previously mentioned, a Clay block can be broken with anything. Mining this block will grant four Clay Balls. These balls can then be crafted back to form one Clay block.

where to find clay minecraft

What Clay Is Used For In Minecraft

To put it simply, Clays are mainly used to create decorative blocks. Other than that, players can also trade the item for an Emerald.

Terracotta block: Clay block can be smelted to form a Terracotta. This decorative block can even be dyed with 16 different colors, allowing players to be free with their imagination.
Brick block: One Clay Ball will first form one Clay Brick. Afterward, four Clay Bricks can be combined into one Brick block.
Emerald: Novice-level Mason Villagers will buy 10 Clay Balls for 1 Emerald. So players need to break three Clay blocks for this trade.

That’s about all the uses of Clays. It may not be the most useful block in Minecraft, but it’s surely a treat for players who love to build things in this sandbox game.

Where is clay located in Minecraft

Sand, Dirt, and Water combination

Clay is usually found in places with a combination of sand, water, and dirt. These places can easily be found near desert biomes and near lakes in Minecraft. Clay can also be found near shallow waters.

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If players mine around near shallow water it is a possibility that they will run into clay while mining.


Clay can be found inside the chests around the Minecraft world if the player gets lucky. Players can find clay sitting inside a chest inventory while just exploring around the Minecraft world.

Players can find chests inside villages, caves, ravines, dungeons, the Nether, etc. Players can move whatever that is found inside of the chest into their inventory.

Along the Coast

Clay can be found commonly around the coast of islands. This is where the island is just about to be cut off and move into water. Players can find clay commonly around these areas by just mining around.

Minecraft: Finding lush cave biomes for clay

Long-awaited by much of the Minecraft community, lush caves introduce a biome rife with plant life despite being placed within the confines of a cave. These caves can even feature flowing water, and by extension clay blocks underneath.

With that in mind, finding a lush cave is now a solid option for players attempting to collect some extra clay blocks. However, these biomes can be somewhat tricky to spot, though there are some telltale signs of their location.

Lush caves are found within the Overworld and can generate underground at any height in Minecraft. However, forested biomes are allegedly a more suitable generation area for lush caves, so beginning there is a good idea.

Additionally, Azalea trees are rooted above lush caves. They can be pointed out by their purple flowers among their leaves when fully bloomed, so if Minecraft players spot an Azalea tree, digging underneath its roots can often lead to a lush cave.

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Finding clay blocks in a lush cave biome in Minecraft may not be super ideal, as the biomes themselves are quite visually busy. It may be wise to begin from a source of water and checking under the surface before branching out to the rest of the cave.

The conventional wisdom of where to find clay blocks still likely applies, so checking in areas where water, dirt, and sand converge in the lush cave is likely the best spot to find clay in that specific biome.

However, if players are having trouble finding lush caves in Minecraft 1.18, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to shorelines and shallow-watered areas. At the end of the day, what matters is that the player receives the clay blocks/balls they need.

where to find clay minecraft

What is the easiest way to find clay in Minecraft?

The easiest way to find clay in Minecraft is still going along the lakes and rivers. This is suitable if you’re looking for a small amount of clay and just want access to it as soon as possible. Otherwise, finding a lush cave is recommended.

How do you find clay in a Minecraft River?

As long as you see any type of water, just run straight into them and look underwater. If you see a vein of white blocks stand out from the rest, it’s clay! You can also swim down the ocean and place doors there to easily gather the clay. Just make sure to brew the Water Breathing potion!

Above is information where to find clay minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where to find clay minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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