Where to find Cherry trees in Minecraft ? How to Get Cherry Blossoms in Minecraft Early

Where to find cherry trees in minecraft ? Putting many mods out of business and the fans’ minds at ease, Minecraft finally has its own cherry blossom biome, and it’s truly beautiful. Recently revealed as a part of the Minecraft 1.20 update, the new cherry grove biome is already part of the game. But finding and exploring this biome is an entirely different discussion. While it is easy to spot, it often generates far from the spawn point. So, let’s quickly learn how to find Cherry Grove in Minecraft 1.20, so you don’t miss out on the new pink biome.

What is Cherry Grove Biome in Minecraft

Cherry Grove is a new overworld biome added to the game with the Minecraft 1.20 update. As the name tells, this biome is inspired by the real-world phenomena of cherry blossoms and features cherry trees with pink petals. You can’t find either of these plants in other biomes of Minecraft.

All Cherry Grove biomes spawn around the mountainous biomes in areas similar to the existing grove biomes. While you won’t find them on top of snowy mountains, the Cherry Grove biomes often generate next to snowy mountains and on top of smaller hills.

where to find cherry trees in minecraft

What Mobs Spawn in Cherry Grove Biome

While there are no exclusive mobs that spawn in the Cherry Grove biome, you can easily find the following mobs here:

  • Bees,
  • Black Rabbits,
  • Cows,
  • Sheep,
  • and Pigs

Thanks to the flowering aspects of Cherry Grove, you can find a bunch of bee nests all around the biome. Furthermore, giving a contrast to this cheerful biome, a lot of black rabbits also spawn here. Meanwhile, since most Cherry Grove biomes spawn next to the plains or grove biomes, you can find cows, sheep, and pigs venturing into it. At times, if there’s a snowy mountain nearby, you can also encounter goats here.

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How to Find Cherry Grove in Minecraft

From natural search to a few tricks, there are a bunch of ways to find the Cherry Grove biome in Minecraft 1.20. Let’s explore all of them to uncover the one that suits you.

Exploring the World

The traditional way of finding the biomes in Minecraft is viable to Cherry Grove as well. Just make sure that your Minecraft world is made in a version that’s Snapshot 23W07A or newer. Once that’s out of the way, you just need to look for large mountain ranges and pink colors. Within the green and white mountains of Minecraft, the pink biome is easy to locate.

In our testing, we used an Elytra in Minecraft to fly around the world, and the Cherry Grove showed itself in no time. Not to forget, keeping the render distance high definitely helps during the search.

Best Cherry Blossom Seed in Minecraft

As per our testing, the Cherry Grove biome spawns thousands of blocks away from the world spawn point in most Minecraft seeds. But you can use the seed we discovered to reach the new biome quickly. This seed will spawn you only a few hundred blocks away from two Cherry Grove biomes. One of them is next to a vast plains village.

  • Seed Code: 67
  • Closest Cherry Grove Coordinates: -347, 202, -460

With that, you are ready to explore the only new biome of the upcoming update. But before that, check out the best cherry grove seeds in Minecraft 1.20 using the linked article. And this is only the tip of the iceberg of features coming to Minecraft. So, don’t forget to meet the new camels in Minecraft as well as the winner of Mob Vote 2022 – Sniffer. Both of them are new mobs making it into the game, alongside other amazing Minecraft 1.20 features, including archaeology.

How to Find Cherry Blossom Biomes

Players searching for cherry blossom biomes will have the most luck on or around mountains of the more temperate variety. Biomes like plains, forests, and meadows of a higher altitude. Unfortunately, nothing in the vanilla game can expressly point a player to cherry blossom biomes, leaving the chance of seeing one mostly up to luck.

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However, with determination and the will for a long adventure, those searching will always find one soon enough.

How to Find Cherry Blossom Biomes with Commands

For those who may not have the time, there is always the option of using the “/locate” command. This nifty tool provides the exact coordinates of the nearest structure or biome, and by clicking them, teleports the player there.

How to Quickly Grow Cherry Trees in Minecraft 1.20

Before Minecraft fans can grow cherry trees, they’ll need saplings like any other in-game tree type. As the name implies, cherry trees will only be found in the new cherry grove biome, which is located near mountains, much like standard grove biomes. They can be rarer than most other in-game biomes, but once players have a few saplings, growing them is as easy as growing oak, birch, spruce, etc.

That’s all there is to it. Cherry trees work like most other trees in Minecraft, so players can farm them much like they would other tree types. Simply plant the sapling, ensure it has room and light, and apply bone meal if you’re in a hurry. With just a few saplings, fans won’t have to return to cherry groves to get their wood and should have a thriving cherry tree farm much closer to home.

How to Get Cherry Blossoms in Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot Early

According to various social media posts and other sources, the Cherry Blossoms biome can be found in mountainous areas, similar to Grove biomes. However, it won’t appear on top of snowy mountains. In Creative Mode, you should be able to easily spot the pink trees within the green and/or white mountains while flying. Usually, bees, black rabbits, cows, pigs, and sheep can spawn in the Cherry Blossoms biome.

Aside from finding one manually, you can also use the locate command to find them. Simply type the “/locate biome cherry_grove” (without quotation marks) command, and the game should let you know where is the nearest one from your spot.

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Lastly, Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot also lets you create a single biome World when you’re creating one, which means you can instantly make a Cherry Blossom-filled World. Open the Create New World menu, turn on the Update 1.20 option, go into the World tab, change the World Type to Single Biome, and select the Customize option. From there, you can choose Cherry Grove to make a World full of cherry blossom trees.

where to find cherry trees in minecraft

Minecraft Is Finally Adding Cherry Trees In New Blossom Biome

Get ready for a lot more pink pixels in Minecraft. The upcoming 1.20 update is introducing a brand-new biome to the game, filling the world with cherry blossoms. That’s right, cherry trees are finally coming to Minecraft. Not only do these blossoms add a splash of color, but they will attract three different mobs of creatures.

Plus, the trees themselves can be broken down into a new wood-set.In an official post on the game’s website, Mojang Studios went into detail on what this new biome has to offer. Not only do the canopies of the trees give off the look of fluffy, pink clouds in the distance, but they attract some cute creatures. In fact, mobs of pigs, sheep, and bees are drawn to the cherry blossoms and will spawn in this biome. You can also take the cherry tree saplings and plant them wherever your blocky heart desires.

While the creatures are cute and all, one of the best aspects of this biome is the new wood-set, courtesy of the cherry trees. Players can craft and build with the new light-pink wood to add some color to any building or creation. It can also be crafted into the new hanging sign being introduced with update 1.20.

While this new pink biome didn’t quite make it in time for Valentine’s Day, players won’t have to wait too much longer to explore it. In fact, it will be available in the next Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot on February 15. It is expected to hit other editions not long after this, so get ready to open the game one day and find yourself in a sea of pink. And pigs, sheep, and bees, of course.

Above is information where to find cherry trees in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where to find cherry trees in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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