Where to find Cherry Blossoms in Minecraft ? How to find cherry blossom biome

Where to find cherry blossoms in minecraft ? Putting many mods out of business and the fans’ minds at ease, Minecraft finally has its own cherry blossom biome, and it’s truly beautiful. Recently revealed as a part of the Minecraft 1.20 update, the new cherry grove biome is already part of the game. But finding and exploring this biome is an entirely different discussion. While it is easy to spot, it often generates far from the spawn point. So, let’s quickly learn how to find Cherry Grove in Minecraft 1.20, so you don’t miss out on the new pink biome.

What is Cherry Grove Biome in Minecraft

Cherry Grove is a new overworld biome added to the game with the Minecraft 1.20 update. As the name tells, this biome is inspired by the real-world phenomena of cherry blossoms and features cherry trees with pink petals. You can’t find either of these plants in other biomes of Minecraft.

All Cherry Grove biomes spawn around the mountainous biomes in areas similar to the existing grove biomes. While you won’t find them on top of snowy mountains, the Cherry Grove biomes often generate next to snowy mountains and on top of smaller hills.

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where to find cherry blossoms in minecraft

How to Find Cherry Grove in Minecraft

From natural search to a few tricks, there are a bunch of ways to find the Cherry Grove biome in Minecraft 1.20. Let’s explore all of them to uncover the one that suits you.

Exploring the World

The traditional way of finding the biomes in Minecraft is viable to Cherry Grove as well. Just make sure that your Minecraft world is made in a version that’s Snapshot 23W07A or newer. Once that’s out of the way, you just need to look for large mountain ranges and pink colors. Within the green and white mountains of Minecraft, the pink biome is easy to locate.

In our testing, we used an Elytra in Minecraft to fly around the world, and the Cherry Grove showed itself in no time. Not to forget, keeping the render distance high definitely helps during the search.

How to find the cherry blossom biome in Minecraft

Like the meadow biome, you can generally find cherry blossom grove biomes worldwide in higher altitude areas. Still, just like all other biomes, generation is unpredictable, so some world seeds will have more of these biomes present than others. Cherry blossom grove biomes are tough to find since they are considered a rare biome.

If you’ve ever gone searching for a mushroom fields biome, you have a solid idea of how tough finding a cherry blossom biome is. To see this biome naturally, it will come down to what your seed looks like, although you can also use a cherry blossom seed to make the process easier.

To find a cherry blossom grove naturally, consider making a spyglass. The signature pink trees throughout this biome will be easy to spot from a distance, but the spyglass will make the process easier since you can closely analyze areas from afar.

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Once you have a spyglass ready, embark on an adventure until you come across the cherry blossom biome. Along the way, climb to the peaks of any mountain and use your trusty spyglass to check all around you before proceeding.

Best areas to look for the cherry blossom biome in Minecraft

While there is no way to guarantee you naturally come across a cherry blossom biome since it all comes down to what your seed looks like, there are some tips you can keep in mind regarding the best areas to find one.

Seek out and closely navigate through any high-altitude areas you come across. Cherry blossom biomes usually generate up high.
Look for mountain ranges since cherry blossom biomes are more likely to appear in high-altitude areas like these. The vibrant pink trees should also be easy to spot—otherwise, primarily blue and green areas like this.

Cherry blossom biomes will usually be located in the lower regions of mountain ranges, but climbing to the top is the best way to ensure you can check all sides of the mountains to notice it quickly.

While you’re more likely to find this biome up high, you may also come across a cherry blossom biome as a plateau near a plains biome or a meadow on the other side of a river.

Keep your eyes out for bright pink. The cherry blossom grove is the only biome with massive, vibrant pink trees, so if you spot anything pink in the distance, there’s a good chance you’ve found one unless it turns out to be just a regular Minecraft pig.

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While you can use these general tips to increase your odds of locating a cherry blossom biome, finding it naturally will mostly come down to luck and seed generation, as with every Minecraft biome. But if you’ve tried and failed to find one, consider using a command cheat to track one down.

How to use the locate cherry blossom biome command in Minecraft

If you want to bypass the wandering around and get yourself to a cherry blossom grove instantly, you can use a command to locate and teleport to one immediately. The command you can use to find the closest cherry blossom biome is

where to find cherry blossoms in minecraft

How to find Cherry Blossom biome while exploring Minecraft

Though finding a Cherry Blossom biome in your Minecraft playthrough is random, there are clear hints on where you need to explore. This is only going to be found in high altitudes normally.

If you’re trying to find this biome in the game, look to the mountains. The Cherry Blossom biome can be found similarly to the Meadow biome. You’re likely to find them around mountains, but you aren’t guaranteed to find one.

How to find the cherry groove biome in Minecraft?

The cherry blossom biome is the newest vegetation added to Minecraft with the 1.20 update and looks mesmerizing in the game. Even though it is a new biome, the cherry grooves are hard to spot when exploring the overworld.

You’re likely to find these biomes are around higher altitude areas with temperate grass. Since the generation of Minecraft worlds is unpredictable, keep your visions up to spot them during your adventures. If you are making exploration the only option to find this biome without unfair means.

Above is information where to find cherry blossoms in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where to find cherry blossoms in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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