Where to find brown Mushrooms in Minecraft ? How to make Brown mushroom in Minecraft

Where to find brown mushrooms in minecraft ? Players must have experienced that feeling where they played Minecraft and started craving mushroom stew.

In Minecraft, there are two meanings to the term “brown mushroom.” One is the most prevalent; the fungi are a key to making mushroom stew and can be found in a few biomes. The other is the Mooshroom mob variant, which has stolen the hearts of Minecraft players.

The Fungi

The brown mushroom is a mushroom stew component (made in company with a bowl and red mushroom). These are not difficult to find but are very nourishing when made into soup. This stew can keep a Minecraft character full for a long time.

Where are they?

Gamers can usually find brown mushrooms in shaded areas; areas under trees and swamplands are promising places to gather them. They also generate in the Nether and proliferate in the mushroom biome.

Huge mushrooms

Huge mushrooms in Minecraft are the large mushrooms that grow to the height of a tree. These can be both discovered and grown. A player can plant a brown mushroom and apply bonemeal to it to reap the results of a large mushroom with enough space (7*7*9 blocks).

where to find brown mushrooms in minecraft

Minecraft mob variant

The mooshroom mob made its first appearance in the 1.9 beta pre-release. Since then, it has been adored by much of the Minecraft community.

Normally, they pose the qualities of the red mushroom. However, a brown mooshroom has the .00097% of spawning on its own. Red mooshrooms can also turn into brown mooshrooms if they are struck by lighting – like a charged creeper.

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Mooshrooms can provide mushroom stew, brown mushrooms, milk, and suspicious stew. These mobs should be treated with care, as they are extraordinarily uncommon and have a lot to offer.

Uses of the brown mushroom

Brown mushrooms are an ingredient for a few items other than mushroom stew. It is also used to make suspicious stew, rabbit stew, and fermented spider eyes.

How to Get Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft

As an avid player of Minecraft, you constantly want to acquire new resources to help you with whatever you have going on. It starts simply with wood being very valuable, though can grow to gathering End Crystals for respawning the Ender Dragon. It’s an expansive game, with its potential merely limited by your imagination. One such item doesn’t have a major impact on how you play Minecraft, but can still be nice to have a large amount. Here’s how to get Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft.

Where to Get Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft

Like many things in Minecraft, there’s a good handful of ways to secure some Brown Mushrooms. The most common way is by finding a giant brown mushroom and breaking its blocks. These can be found either in Mooshroom biomes or scattered across Dark Oak forests. Breaking these blocks without a silk touch tool can yield a few Brown Mushrooms for yourself. Other ways include finding them in caves naturally, trading for them at a Wandering Trader, or shearing a Brown Mooshroom (though it’ll turn into a Cow if you do this).

As for its uses, Brown Mushrooms are used in several recipes. They can be used to help create Fermented Spider Eyes, Mushroom Stew, Rabbit Stew, and Suspicious Stew. It can also be turned into a giant Brown Mushroom with bonemeal, making a renewable source. Finally, it can be used in a Composter to make more bonemeal. Otherwise, it can make for a nice little decoration when placed in a Flower Pot.

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While Brown Mushrooms aren’t the most useful item in the game, having them is always a nice bonus. Mushroom Stew can be quite the great source of food too, albeit with it taking up a lot of space in your inventory. Rest assured that with some proper care, you’ll have infinite Brown Mushrooms in no time. You can even see them in ray traced glory by checking out Minecraft in ray tracing.

Where to Find Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft 1.20

With their versatile uses in creating vital potions and unique bases, brown mushrooms are a must-have item in Minecraft. These rare fungi can transform your gameplay and make a difference, especially on the best Minecraft survival servers. But finding them isn’t a feat that everyone can achieve. So, join us and learn where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft 1.20.

Where to Find Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft (2023)

Our guide goes over a variety of methods to collect and use brown mushrooms in Minecraft. It contains spawn location, tips, and details about this amazing fungus in the game.

What is Brown Mushroom in Minecraft

Brown mushrooms are a rare type of fungus in Minecraft that spawns in dark areas. These unique mushrooms serve as perfect ingredients for both crafting and brewing, unlocking a variety of items. Furthermore, they also have a special ability to grow into massive tree-like structures which can turn into great bases.

How Do You Get a Brown Mushroom in Minecraft

Other than their natural generation, Minecraft offers a bunch of great ways to obtain this versatile item. So, let’s explore some alternative methods before figuring out where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft 1.20.

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Bonus Chest

One of the easiest ways to get brown mushrooms in Minecraft is by selecting a bonus chest when creating a new world. Moreover, the chest also gives you a bunch of other basic items to make your survival journey easier for the first night.

Upon spawning, you just have to open the chest and immediately collect 1-2 brown mushrooms. This mechanic works almost half of the time. Plus, if you plan to create a new world then, there is no better place to start than the best Minecraft survival seeds.

where to find brown mushrooms in minecraft


When it comes to mobs, brown Mooshrooms are your only option to get brown mushrooms in Minecraft. However, finding these rare mobs isn’t easy. They exclusively spawn in the mushroom fields biome which, without the Minecraft island seeds, can be a nightmare to locate.

But, if you somehow strike luck and find this biome, it will reward you with dozens of these mobs. Then, to collect brown mushrooms, you need to use shears, which allow you to harvest 5 mushrooms from each mob. Doing so also turns the Mooshroom into a regular cow, making shearing a one-time process.

Wandering Trader

Another reliable way to obtain brown mushrooms in Minecraft is through trading with Wandering Traders. They spawn once during every in-game day and stay within 40 blocks of the player. By trading one emerald, you can get one brown mushroom from them.

While the trade isn’t cheap, you can use our guide to easily find emeralds in Minecraft and make it worthwhile. Though, once you learn where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft 1.20 then trading won’t even cross your mind.

Where Do Brown Mushrooms Spawn

All fungi, including brown mushrooms, only spawn in dark or poorly lit areas of Minecraft. They need a light level of 12 or less to generate and spread. With these conditions, every in-game chunk (16 x 16 area) has a 25% chance of generating patches of brown mushrooms. Most of the time they appear inside the dark caves.

Above is information where to find brown mushrooms in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where to find brown mushrooms in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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