Where to find blaze in minecraft ? How To Farm Blaze Rods

Where to find blaze in minecraft ? Blaze in Minecraft is a lethal mob that players will only find in the Nether. These mobs will attack the player using fire damage, and they will float around causing the player to not be able to attack back, except with a bow.

Killing these creatures is the only way to obtain blaze rods in Minecraft. Players will need blaze rods to do various amounts of things around the Minecraft world.

Blaze rods can be used to create blaze powder which is needed to create the eyes of ender. Players can also use blaze rods and powder to create different potions in the Minecraft world

Blaze are pretty easy to spot out in Minecraft due to their golden tint. They can be seen with a black smoke appearance around them, and when they are about to attack, fire is also seen. Players will not be able to defeat the ender dragon without obtaining some blaze rods or powder.

Blaze will launch fireballs at players causing fire damage for three seconds. They will float around over lava so players will not be able to hit them, then launch fireballs at the player from up to 48 blocks away!

Blaze usually aim to be .5 – 3.5 blocks above the player to get an upper hand advantage on the player. These mobs will try their best to attack players without getting hit.

where to find blaze in minecraft

Where to find blaze in Minecraft

Nether Fortresses

Nether Fortresses are big tall buildings in Minecraft that are composed of burgundy bricks which are supported by tall pillars at the bottom. The Nether fortresses are where players will mostly find blazes.

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Nether fortresses are randomized in each seed. The location of each fortress will not be the same for each seed in Minecraft. Players will have to venture through the Nether in order to find the Fortress.

Nether fortresses can spawn a little distance away from the players’ Nether portal. These fortresses will contain chests, loot, and mob spawners that players can use to farm XP. A blaze spawner will be located here.

Blaze Spawner

If players do not just find a blaze randomly floating around the Nether fortress, the blaze spawner is where they need to go in order to find blaze. Blaze spawners are little boxes that will spawn the mob when players get close to them.

These spawners will spew out around 3 blaze at a time, so players should be careful and attentive when activating a spawner. Blaze are very hostile mobs, so players will have to make sure to kill them before getting lit on fire by all of them.

Multiple different types of mob spawners are found all over the Nether fortress. A player can distinguish the difference between a blaze spawner and a regular spider or zombie spawner because they will see the golden mobs spinning around trapped inside of the spawner.

How To Get Blaze Rods

The only way you can get your hands on the desired items is by killing blazes. Unfortunately, this flying enemy only hangs out in the nether.

So, before you can acquire blaze rods, you need to build a nether portal. This requires at least ten pieces of obsidian as well as a flint and steel. When you enter the strange dimension, the first thing you’ll want to do is look for a nether fortress as that’s where blazes live. Then you can find their spawners on platforms around the structure.

Once you’ve found where they’re hiding, you can begin slaying them. Luckily, the drop rate for blaze rods is quite high at around 50 percent, meaning it shouldn’t take long to get a bunch.

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Blazes will possibly drop one rod when slain, but it’s possible to increase the amount of loot gained through the Looting enchantment. The number of rods given will increase by one for each level of Looting a player has, meaning a maximum of four rods can possibly drop from a blaze if the player has the strongest enchantment possible.

Create an End Rod

Nobody likes to play Minecraft in the darkness; you need a decent light source. Thankfully, the game gives you multiple options to illuminate your surroundings. If you’re not into torches and feel lanterns aren’t quite fancy enough, you can opt to make an end rod.

This is where blaze rods come in handy. Simply put one of them in the middle of the crafting grid and place a popped chorus fruit below it to create four end rods. They not only look nice, but they provide ample light.

Collect Obsidian To Make A Netherworld Portal

The first thing players will need to do to begin farming blaze rods is to create a Nether Portal. This step requires the collection of specific supplies to construct the doorway, including a minimum of ten obsidian blocks. Unfortunately, this step is not as straightforward as it sounds because obsidian is not a readily available material and rarely spawns in the wild. Players will most likely find it underground by exploring until they find pools of lava. The obsidian forms when running water flows over the lava.

Once they find the obsidian, they cannot just mine it with any tool, as it is incredibly hard. It requires a diamond or a netherite pickaxe. There is also one more potential problem players may face. Underneath all that beautiful obsidian they just found in the caves are most likely pools of lava, so when they break out a block, it will simply fall into the lava and be destroyed. They will have to be crafty, using water on adjacent blocks to immediately cover the lava as soon as you break out the obsidian.

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where to find blaze in minecraft

Collect Or Craft A Flint And Steel

The next step is obtaining a Flint and Steel. While this fire-starting tool can be found in dungeons and Nether Fortresses, it’s much quicker to simply make one, especially considering players can’t get to a Nether Fortress until they finish building the Nether Portal.

To make one, players will need a flint and iron ingot. They will need to find gravel blocks and break them to obtain flint. A couple of steps will need to be completed for the iron ingot. First, players must find iron they can mine with a stone pickaxe. Once they have a block, they must smelt it in a furnace to create the ingot. Finally, they will craft a Flint and Steel using the flint and iron ingot.

Create A Nether Portal

Using at least ten obsidian blocks and four other blocks of any origin, which do not have to be the best building blocks, players will need to create a Nether Portal. They will need to start by placing two of the obsidian blocks between two of the other blocks directly on the ground to form the base of their portal.

Next, they will build up the sides with three obsidian blocks a piece, placing one of the other blocks on top of each of these stacks. Between the two different blocks at the top, they must put the remaining two blocks of obsidian to complete the frame. Taking the Flint and Steel, players will light the interior, creating an active portal to the Nether. At this point, the four different blocks can be removed.

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