Where to find armor trims ? How to find all Armor Trims?

Where to find armor trims ? Armor in Minecraft has remained mostly the same for quite some time, but the 1.20 Trails & Tales update aims to change that. Thanks to the upcoming update, players will be able to trim their armor for added customization. By combining a smithing template, an armor piece, and a specific set of materials at a smithing table, fans can create many different armor trim combinations.

While this is certainly exciting for the future of customization in Minecraft, there are a few catches. Specifically, finding smithing templates isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. However, players can clone them once they find one, so they won’t have to worry about running out.

Where to find each armor trim smithing template in Minecraft 1.20

As of the latest round of Minecraft 1.20 betas, there are 17 total smithing templates that can be collected. One template is used for upgrading gold gear into netherite gear, so that leaves 16 templates that provide armor trim patterns.

Each pattern is quite different and will be found in different locations with varying rates of appearance in loot chests or via mob drops. However, if you know where to search for these templates, you should be able to save plenty of time rummaging around.

Once you have your templates, all you need to do is collect armor trim materials like gems or redstone dust, and snag an armor piece as well. When these three components are combined, a piece of trim will be placed on the armor. However, you can create different combinations by combining different smithing templates with different materials, since the materials dictate the color of the pattern being applied.

Taking all armor, pattern, and color combinations into account, there are over five octillion potential armor combinations to create. Although it is highly unlikely that you will see every possible combination, the variety of options is impressive.

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Where to find armor trims

How to get Smithing Templates in Minecraft

Smithing Templates are found in chests in their respective structure, except for the Ocean Monument. Instead of finding it in chests, Elder Guardians sometimes drop a Smithing Template upon death. Some Armor Trim Smithing Templates are rarer than others, so luck plays a big factor when it comes to finding all of the shiny new templates.

An armor trim has two properties: a pattern and a material. The pattern is defined by the Smithing Template used to apply the trim, and represents the visual pattern of the trim. The material is defined by what ingredient you used to apply the trim, and represents the color of the trim.

List of all Armor Trim Locations in Minecraft

In the newest update, The armor trims allow players to decorate their armor pieces colorfully. There are 16 different armor trims you can find in the latest update and ten other color options for them.

Remember that these armor trims are only meant to be a cosmetic change to the armor and do not provide a defensive increase to that armor. They do not improve their strength in any practical way. However, they are still the most wanted feature in the game.

Most of them you will find by exploring structures, brushing suspicious gravel, or looting chests in various structures. However, some require doing other things, such as killing a high-level mob. Let us take a look at where you can find all 16 trims.

Sentry Armor Trim

This one is the easiest to get out of all the other armor trims in the game. The best chance of locating this armor trim is to find a Pillager Outpost and loot chests. It will be difficult with all the mobs but a fun ride nonetheless.

The armor trim on the helmet is a straight line, while the chest plate looks like a crosshair. The boots look like an abstract pattern, making them one of the best ones to get. Simple but elegant.

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Dune Armor Trim

Since it is the Dune Armor, it is a given that they will be found in the Deserts. But you have to know where to look. You can see these armor trims hidden in the underground rooms of the Desert Temples. However, you will have to search the four chests most of the time to get them.

The design is simple, with a simple square in the chest piece. There is also a giant dot in the center of the piece. The boots and helmets both have curved lines, which are placed simplistically.

Coast Armor Trim

The Coast Armor Trim will spawn underwater, as the name indicates. There are tons of shipwrecks all over the world. You can find them inside the chests in all of those shipwrecks. There are close to 3 chests that spawn in every one of them.

The number of chests gets higher if it is rarer the shipwreck is. However, you can still expect to find them in all the chests you explore. You might want to find the right wreckage to guarantee a drop.

As for the design, it has the same stripe-like design that looks good on any armor. It is sleek and almost has an Aztec-like design.

Wild Armor Trim

It would be best to explore Jungle temples for this, as these armor trims spawn in Jungle Biomes. But be aware of all the dangers in the game’s jungle biomes. Search the chests inside the Jungle Temples, and you should be able to find them.

These armor trims in Minecraft have a combination of Spikey and Straight lines, making them a unique trim.

Tide Armor Trim

The next is the Tide Armor Trim. This is a unique one because it is the only template that does not spawn inside the chest in the game. Instead of exploring chests, you must find and kill an Elder Guardian in Ocean Monuments to obtain it.

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The chance of the Guardian dropping it is 50 percent or less. In addition, you have to be prepared to fight them since they are tough mobs to kill. Ensure that you have enchanted weapons and strong armor to boot. The design is worth it since it has a beautiful helmet design with an emblem on the back of it.

The chest plate design has a curvy lined design that connects the whole piece. There are also curvy designs in the boots.

Where to find armor trims

Ward Armor Trim

The name Ward is short for Warden, which means that you will have to travel to the Ancient City and explore the home of one of the most brutal mobs in Minecraft. There are a lot of chests in these areas, so you will have plenty of opportunities to get these armor trims.

However, stay aware of the Warden because it is one of the most challenging mobs in the game. The armor trim is worth it because it is one of the best-looking ones, with different lines and patches running through the armor.

Vex Armor Trim

This armor trim needs you to travel to the Woodland Mansion. It has multiple pillagers you will need to face, and it is one of the most significant structures in the game. However, this structure is sporadic to find, so when you do, you must check every chest to see the Vex armor trims in Minecraft.

You will get a helmet that looks like eyelashes piercing out of the sides. The armor chest plate has a singular line running down the center of the chest.

Rib Armor Trim

The Nether is where you will find this armor trim. You must make a Nether Portal, reach the Nether, and search the Nether Fortress to find chests with this smithing template inside them. While the Nether tends to be calm most of the time, you might find some mobs hanging around.

Prominent among those mobs will be the Wither Skeletons. You might also notice that this armor draws inspiration from those creatures with the skeleton-like design and a wrapped look different from other armor trims in Minecraft.

Above is information where to find armor trims.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where to find armor trims .Thank you for reading our post.

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