Where to find a Camel in Minecraft ? Everything You Need to Know

Where to find a camel in minecraft ?With so many new features coming in 1.20, a Minecraft camels guide is a no-brainer for the player seeking to go into the the snapshot beta or upcoming update with all the knowledge they need. Adding some more flavour to the deserts of our favourite blocky game, camels are a powerful new mount that’ll help make your adventures that much easier.

In this guide, we’ll break down how to find the creatures, how to ride them, how to breed them, and more. And if you fancy keeping up to date with all the new mobs, checking out our Minecraft sniffer guide might also be a shout.

How to find camels in Minecraft

First, to find a camel, you’ll need to head into the desert. You can find camels in desert villages, with at least one camel always spawning in the centre of a village in this biome. Unlike the other rideable mounts in Minecraft, camels won’t simply spawn anywhere in a desert, and will instead be exclusive to the villages. This makes them a somewhat rare mob, but well worth the search.

Camels have a powerful lateral jump/dash ability that will allow players to quickly traverse tricky terrain. In addition, their height means that players will be safe from a variety of hostile mobs with melee attacks, which will be unable to reach. This will include zombies, vindicators, and even zombie piglins (if your mount is somehow unfortunate enough to wind up in the Nether). Their superior movement makes them a better choice at clearing ravines and rivers than a standard horse, although they don’t boast storage space capabilities that donkeys and mules do.

where to find a camel in minecraft

How to ride camels in Minecraft

To ride camels, you’ll need to equip a saddle in your hand and right-click on the creature. From there, right click again, and you’ll mount it. In this sense, riding a camel is a fair bit easier than other mounts, as there is no requirement to tame it before you’re able to control it.

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If you’re looking for saddles, you have a chance to find one spawn inside chests within most naturally occurring structures. Though they won’t spawn from blocks you can use the new Minecraft brush tool on, it’s still worth checking out our Minecraft archeology guide if you want another route for collecting rare treasures.

Once you’ve got your hands on a saddle, all you need to do is right click on a camel with it, equipping the gear. Then, right click on the camel with an empty hand. Unlike horses, you won’t need to tame a camel in order to ride them, and will be able to control the creature’s movement as soon as you mount using your normal movement controls.

One unique feature you’ll notice though is that camels actually have two spaces on their saddles. This is because they’re the first mount in Minecraft to be able to support two riders at once. Of course, for the camel’s sake, only one of the two will have control over steering at any one point.

How to breed camels in Minecraft

To breed camels, attract two of the creatures using cactus blocks held out in your hand. As long as they’re within ten blocks of you, they’ll follow. Once you’ve brought two camels together, feed each one a piece of cactus by right clicking on them. Cacti shouldn’t be hard to come by since they’re abundant in desert biomes. The camels will then get to work producing baby camels.

Due to the many unique features of camels, alongside their relative scarcity in-game, it’s not a bad idea to have a way of producing more. While they might be better defended against many melee mobs, camels are not invincible. There’s also been no word from Mojang on whether they plan to one day add camel armour to the game, giving horses at least one win over their new competitors for the time being.

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That covers everything you’ll need to know about camels in Minecraft before they make their full debut. While camel armour might not be making an appearance any time soon, Minecraft armour trimming certainly is. Alongside additional uses for bamboo that will turn knowing how to make a bamboo farm in Minecraft into precious knowledge, there’s plenty more to catch up on before the 1.20 update fully launches.

How to find Minecraft Camels in 1.20

Camels can only be found in one overworld biome – the Desert. In keeping with the real world, you’ll most likely find camels in a small herd. Camels only spawn in Desert villages, though you may be able to find them wandering through neighbouring areas as they go off on their own little adventures.

Having them only spawn in villages can make them a tough mob to locate, as Desert villages aren’t the most common world-generated structures. Luckily, Desert biomes are easy to find: they’re usually huge, and are the only biome to be made up entirely of sand. Once you’ve located a Desert biome, you’ll have to travel across it in the hope of finding a randomly-generated village.

If you’re having trouble finding a Desert or a Desert village in your game, you can put your world seed into Chunkbase to search your world for both locations.

How to ride Camels

Similarly to other animal mobs, the camels in Minecraft can be tamed and ridden if you know how. You can sit and ride a camel by simply interacting with it. This is done with a right-click with default button mapping. Unfortunately, riding a camel like this won’t give you any control over them, instead forcing you to sit and wait for the camel to slowly wander around.

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If you want to ride and control a camel, you’ll need to bring a saddle with you. You can’t craft a saddle, and will instead have to find one from a chest in a dungeon or Nether fortress. Once you have one, use the saddle on the camel to instantly tame it. This is all it takes to ride and control a camel; no annoying taming mechanics required.

Camels are unique in that two people can ride them at once. So long as each player brings their own saddle, each camel can hold a driver and a passenger. This makes them ideal for long co-op treks across the overworld.

where to find a camel in minecraft

How to breed Camels

If you’re familiar with classic Minecraft mechanics, you’ll know that most animal mobs are able to breed with one another to create adorable baby versions of themselves.

Breeding animals like pigs and cows is a common way of gaining meat in survival mode. Luckily, camels don’t drop meat, so you won’t be slaughtering them to stay fed.

If you want to breed camels anyway, you’ll first have to find two of them, and force them into close proximity. The easiest way to do this it to build a small enclosure, then ride the camels into it. Block the entrance and build a way for you to enter the enclosure from above.

Once they’re trapped, you’ll have to feed each camel a piece of cactus. You can find cactus naturally from Desert and Badlands biomes. Once both camels have eaten some cactus, wait a few seconds and a baby camel will appear next to them. Each baby born will give you between one and seven experience orbs.

Once a pair of camels have bred, they won’t be able to breed again for another five minutes. Once this timer is up, simply feed them both some cactus to have them breed again. As long as you wait the required time, there’s no limit to how many babies a camel can have.

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