Where is san andreas in GTA 5? 5 locations in GTA San Andreas that return in GTA 5

Where is san andreas in gta 5?  GTA San Andreas is to the 3D era what GTA 5 is to the HD era – they are open-world experiences that are linked together by a few locations.

As most players will realize, Los Santos is based off real-life Los Angeles. GTA San Andreas took several liberties in recreating their version of the city. Los Santos is full of recognizable landmarks and institutions. GTA 5 follows suit in their version of the crime-ridden city.

In particular, GTA 5 does reuse certain locations from their 3D counterparts. From the crack-filled streets of Los Santos to the glitz and glamor of Vinewood, these locations get an HD makeover. As a result of a generational shift, there will be slight differences between the two games.

Five GTA 5 locations that returned from GTA San Andreas

Grove Street

GTA San Andreas players will always remember these legendary words from CJ. Grove Street is not only the first safehouse in the game, it also represents gang-based gameplay. It’s the base of operations for the entire Grove Street Families. Everything begins and ends right here in this cul-de-sac.

Unfortunately for GTA 5, the Families are no longer in control. Franklin and Lamar visited Grove Street in Hood Safari, where they remarked how the Families lost power a long time ago. To add insult to injury, the place is now run by the Ballas.

It remains unknown what became of the Families. Lamar speculates they grew out of the hood and turned into highly successful CEOs. This is a reference to CJ’s rise to power after he left Los Santos in the first act of GTA San Andreas.

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Mount Chiliad

Mount Chiliad, the highest peak in San Andreas state, offers a spectacular view of the countryside. It’s a long way down, so players better be careful. They can perform dirt bike races on the winding roads here.

One of the major differences between the two games is weather. For the most part, fog and rain are regular climates in GTA San Andreas. Meanwhile, GTA 5 tends to be sunnier. This is a result of the landscape changes between games; the former is situated in a forest, while the latter is in a desert.

Mysterious alien markings can be found in the GTA 5 version of Mount Chiliad. It’s possibly a reference to the UFO sightings after the game is fully beaten.


The entertainment industry is a difficult one to break into in Los Santos. Vinewood and its star-marked sidewalks are among the more memorable locations in Los Santos. While GTA San Andreas doesn’t fully utilize it like GTA 5 does, Vinewood is still worth a visit.

Players can typically find high-end vehicles and luxorious mansions. The famous Vinewood sign can be seen on the mountainside. Several collectibles can be found here, depending on the game. For example, GTA San Andreas has a few golf clubs near the affluent district.

GTA 5 realizes the full potential of Vinewood, which is prominent in several missions. Sometimes it’s forcibly collecting souvenirs. Other times it’s snapping pictures of celebrities in compromised positions. Most importantly, movie fanatic Michael De Santa tries his best to complete the filming of Meltdown.

Los Santos International Airport

Both the 3D and HD Universe share the same name for this Los Santos airport. Several helicopters and airplanes can be found here. Players can steal them and take them to the skies if they need a ride.

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In the GTA 5 version of this airport, players can get into trouble by tresspassing the runways. Doing so will automatically cause a three-star rating. For players who want to achieve the Three Man Army achievement, this is a great place to try it. The runway provides enough open space to move around freely.

GTA San Andreas, on the other hand, rarely uses the airport in any story missions. Players can freely visit without the worry of law enforcement.

where is san andreas in gta 5

Ocean Docks / Port of Los Santos

Based on real-life ports in the Los Angeles area, there are industrial harbors within Los Santos. Although they go by different names between games, they serve the same purpose. Players can find several boats and semi-trucks nearby.

GTA San Andreas has the Ocean Docks, which houses several powerful weapons in the early game (such as the Chainsaw). A few important story missions take place here, such as Gray Imports and Robbing Uncle Sam.

The Port of Los Santos in GTA 5 serves an important role in the Merryweather Heist. Players can finally use submarines to traverse the sea floor, which proves very useful in a stealth mission.

Why GTA San Andreas VR But Not GTA 5?

The fifth and latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, released in 2013, brings players back to San Andreas and the city of Los Santos.

The map of Los Santos in GTA5 is enormous, with the surrounding San Andreas countryside creating a truly massive open-world map for players to drive, fly and wreak havoc across.

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The game features a wide variety of side activities for its three protagonists to engage in, like scuba diving and parachuting, alongside its main storyline quests.

Various locations, like movie theaters and nightclubs, can also be accessed to engage in different activities. However, despite building a much larger and more photorealistic version of San Andreas, GTA5 fails to live up to its 2004 predecessor.

where is san andreas in gta 5


GTA: San Andreas’ Map Was Much More Dense Than GTA5

Since it is so much bigger than GTA: San Andreas’ map, Grand Theft Auto 5’s version of San Andreas comes across as empty compared to the original setting. Due to its smaller size, San Andreas had to pack dozens and dozens of activities and quests into a tight-knit area.

Grand Theft Auto 5’s map is much larger, meanwhile, which means content is much more spread out. Players usually have to deliberately drive to reach side missions or optional content, making Los Santos feel less like a bustling city and more like a game map.

In GTA: San Andreas players could stumble upon plenty of engaging content by just walking down any given street, making the setting feel alive and exciting.

While GTA5 gives players a massive open world to explore, the size of the map ruins the tight design that fans love about GTA: San Andreas.

By adding more content to the game, or perhaps shrinking the size of its map slightly, developer Rockstar could have made GTA5’s Los Santos feel much more bustling.

Rumors suggest that GTA6 will recreate Vice City, and perhaps the next Grand Theft Auto installment can deliver a more densely-packed setting along with it.

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