Where is Kofu Pokemon Violet ? Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to defeat Kofu (Cascarrafa Gym)

Where is kofu pokemon violet? Kofu is the Gym Leader of the Cascarrafa Gym in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and naturally, that means you’ll need to beat him in order to progress through the main storyline.

But as we’ve seen with some of the other Gym Leaders in previous Pokémon titles throughout the years, there’s a prerequisite of sorts you’ll need to do before it can happen.

No, Kofu isn’t off battling Team Star members at another location. Instead, the burly old-timer dashes off the market when you arrive at the gym, leaving his wallet behind.

How to find Kofu to give him his wallet in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The market isn’t located in Cascarrafa, but it’s not too far away, either.

Head west from the Cascarrafa Gym and make your way through Asado Desert and look for a town called Porto Marinada. If you’ve already visited it, you can fly to the nearby Pokémon Center instead of walking.

Kofu will be standing in the market in the town. The moment you approach him, though, his apprentice will stop you and challenge you to a battle, which you’ll have to accept.

The apprentice will use Floatzel and a Clauncher, which tie into the Water-type theme of the gym, so it’s best to use Grass or Electric-type Pokémon against them.

After that, you can give Kofu his wallet, but he’ll have one more request for you—help him win rare seaweed from the Hoenn region via an auction in the market, which he’ll give you the money for.

The most reliable method for winning the auction is bidding 10,000, followed by 30,000, and then finally 45,000.

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Once you’ve done that, the deed is done. He’ll let you keep the remaining 5,000 for helping him out, and return to his gym, where you can battle him and advance the story.

where is kofu pokemon violet

Kofu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Gym challenge and team-building tips

To start Kofu’s gym test in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, trainers must approach the gym building on the highest level of Cascarrafa. A cutscene will begin before one enters the facility, giving players their next task: take Kofu’s wallet to him in the next town after he leaves it behind in a frenzy to get to the market.

After traveling across the desert to deliver the forgotten item, the gym test will begin. First, players will need to face off against Kofu’s apprentice. He is a standard gym trainer, so he will not pose much of a challenge. He has a Water-type Pokemon, a Floatzel, but trainers can make quick work of it to progress to the next part of the test.

In one of the strangest gym tests in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the next step forces trainers into an auction to win fancy kelp from the Hoenn region. Players must use their best intuition and place the winning bet with the cash Kofu gives them.

After winning the auction, the test will be completed, and trainers can make their way back to Kofu’s gym to start the battle.

Kofu will open with his Veluza. This is a new Pokemon and cannot be encountered in the wild until the late game, so many players may not know how to take it on. Veluza is a Water and Psychic-type Pokemon with access to a Flying-type move. Using an Electric-type counter is recommended.

For his second Pokemon, Kofu will summon the evolved form of Wiglett, Wugtrio. Much like its pre-evolved form, Wugtrio is a pure Water-type Pokemon. However, it possesses the ability to use Mud-Slap, a Ground-type attack. For this stage of the fight, using a Grass-type counter is recommended.

Kofu’s final Pokemon is Tera Crabominable. This might be the first instance where a Gym Leader in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet makes their ace an actual threat.

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Crabominable with the Water Tera Type greatly increases the power of Crabhammer, a devastating Water-type physical attack. Nevertheless, this new type leaves it weak to Grass and Electric attacks.

For potential team compositions, those who choose Sprigatito will have no problems with this fight. However, for trainers who want a Grass-type Pokemon, Cacnea and Cacturne can be found in the desert outside of Cascarrafa. As for an Electric-type creature, Rotom can be caught just outside the town where trainers won the auction.

How to Beat Kofu at the Cascarrafa Gym

Kofu only has three Pokemon, with all three of them being weak to Grass and Electric-type attacks. Veluza and Wugtrio should be fairly easy to take down, with players able to tear through their HP pretty effectively simply by attacking weakness. Tera Crabominable is a bit more challenging though as its Crabhammer attack can hit pretty hard.

To get around this, players should attempt to paralyze Crabominable early on with a move like Spark or Pikachu’s Static ability, which has a chance to cause paralysis on contact.

Magnemite’s Sturdy Ability can come in pretty handy too, as it all but guarantees that the Pokemon will be able to get in at least two attacks, which should be more than enough to take down Crabominable.

Upon his defeat, Kofu will hand over ₽5,400 and the Cascarrafa Gym badge. Assuming that players have been following the optimal gym order for Scarlet & Violet, this badge will make Pokemon up to level 40 much easier to catch and will also ensure that they always obey commands.

Players will also get TM022, Chilling Water: a new Water-type move that calculates damage using the Special Attack stat. They’ll then be introduced to another member of the Elite Four, after which, they’ll be free to leave and can make the short trip north to the Medali Gym.

How to Prepare for the Cascarrafa Gym

All of Kofu’s Pokemon are Water-types, so Grass and Electric-types will be the best counters. There’s a good chance that players will already have a pretty decent selection of suitable Pokemon at their disposal by this point in the game, particularly those who decided to choose Sprigatito as their starter Pokemon.

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Those who don’t need not worry though, as they’ll be visiting West Province (Area Two) as part of the Cascarrafa test. Here, they can catch powerful Electric-types like Pikachu and Magnemite, as well as a few useful Grass-type Pokemon like Tropius and Bramblin.

where is kofu pokemon violet

How to Complete the Cascarrafa Gym Test (Make the Winning Bid at the Auction!)

Upon their arrival at the Cascarrafa Gym, players will run into Kofu as he leaves for the marketplace in Porto Marinada. Unfortunately, however, he’s forgotten to pick up his wallet and so the lobby staff will ask players to deliver it to him there.

This means passing through the Asado Desert to the north, which can be a little frustrating due to a combination of the raging sandstorm and the ridiculous amount of pop-in in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet at launch.

After passing through the desert, players will arrive in West Province (Area Two), where they’ll be shown a cutscene of Kofu strolling toward the marketplace.

Once it ends, they should follow him down there, at which point they’ll need to beat Kofu’s apprentice in battle. He has a Floatzel and a Clauncher, both of which are level 28, so players should lead with a Grass or Electric-type Pokemon. Once they beat Hugo, they’ll get ₽3,920 and Kofu will appear.

Returning Kofu’s wallet will lead to him asking players to win some rare seaweed for him in an auction that’s about to start nearby. He’ll hand over ₽50,000 for them to bid with, after which the auction will begin.

To complete the test, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players should refrain from bidding until they absolutely have to and should always bid the lowest amount possible when they do.

It’s impossible to fail, but as Kofu will let them keep any money that’s left over, players should try to spend as little as possible.

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