Where is cypress flats in GTA 5 ? Cypress Flats GTA 5: Location, Warehouses, Missions & Guidelines

Where is cypress flats in gta 5? Looking for Cypress Flats in GTA Online? The GTA Los Santos Tuners update is finally here and adds new races and plenty of new cars to get revved up about.

And if you’re keen to jump into the new activities, you’re likely looking for the new social space in Cypress Flats.

The LS Car Meet is the biggest feature that’s been added with the update so you’ll want to get over there as soon as you can. Of course, as it’s an underground car meet, you’ll need to find it first, and that’s where this guide comes in. Here’s how to find GTA Cypress Flats in Los Santos.

What is Cypress Flats?

Did you know that Cypress Flats is a large industrial park in the city of Los Santos? Gamers already expect to see most of Los Angeles in the GTA series.

Based out of Los Angeles, California, you never know what you’re going to see rolled out into GTA. Cypress Flats GTA 5 now has more realistic features and it appears as if you are inside the city itself.

This realistic game will transport all players to another destination with realistic cars, people, and even more enhancements to the city to make it look real. You’ll literally be virtually carried away.

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where is cypress flats in gta 5

Where is Cypress Flats in GTA V?

Cypress Flats is a big industrial estate found in East Los Santos, though if you’re looking at a map of the area, it’s in the southeast corner. It’s located to the south of La Mesa and north of Terminal.

You should receive a text message from the LS Car Meet after logging in, and there should be an icon on your map to show you the location—check the screenshots above if you’re unsure.

To find the LS Car Meet, you’ll need to look out for a large warehouse with blue graffiti on the door. You’ll know you’re in the right place as a cutscene will play out.

Once that’s over, meet up with Mimi inside to get an introduction to the races and other features available within the new social space.

Where is Cypress Flats GTA 5?

Cypress Flats GTA 5 is in East Los Santos, Los Santos. It’s the location of the new LS Car Meet in the Los Santos Tuners. This update makes GTA 5 more similar to a racing game.

LS Car Meet in Cypress Flats is a gathering point for racers and car lovers. GTA 5 players can test their modded rides in the Test Track here.

To locate Cypress Flats, open the map and look at the Southeast corner of the map Los Santos. It’s near the city’s outskirts and the visible large 2-way Popular Street.

This industrial zone has a lot of industrial facilities, buildings, and warehouses, such as Cypress Flats Vehicle Warehouse and Wholesale Furniture Warehouse for different purposes. You can find the LS Car Meet inside a dilapidated warehouse.

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Cypress Flats warehouse price & capacity

As an industrial zone, Cypress Flats has many warehouses with different sizes, uses, and prices. To own a warehouse here, you need to register as a CEO of an Office, then buy a warehouse by using the computer in your Office.

Here is the GTA 5 Cypress Flats warehouse list with detailed prices and capacity you need to know.

Cypress Warehouses is one of the purchasable Crate Warehouses in Cypress Flats. This large warehouse can store up to 111 crates insides. This warehouse costs up to $3,265,000 and you can buy it from SecuroServ.

Cypress Flats Vehicle Warehouse is also purchasable at the price of $2,675,000. It’s also sold by SecuroServ. It’s one of nine vehicle warehouses in this city. This warehouse has enough storage space for 8 vehicles.

Wholesale Furniture Warehouse in Cypress Flats is a large warehouse that can also store 111 crates. You can also purchase it from SecuroServ at the cost of $1,900,000.

ypress Flats GTA 5 missions

There are four missions and events related to Cypress Flats in GTA 5. Players will do some missions or objectives in Cypress Flats.

Blitz Play is a mutual job of three protagonists Michael, Franklin, and Trevors. It’s also one of the funniest missions in GTA 5 with great rewards.

In the second objective of Michael, he needs to drive the Garbage Truck to Cypress Flats. Then, Michael will pick Franklin up after he has taken out cops.

Mr. Richards is the first mission in GTA 5 for Michael De Santa. The protagonist has to beat up Rocco before getting into the helicopter and complete other objectives of the missions.

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Fresh Meat is a mission of Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa. Your mission is to rescue Michael at Raven Slaughterhouse on Orchardville Avenue.

The Third Way is the ending mission in GTA 5. Trevors, Michael, and Franklin will do this mission together. They need to protect the stolen gold.

Besides, the Setup Salvage Hard Drives is The Doomsday Heist mission in Cypress Flats in GTA Online.

where is cypress flats in gta 5

How to get Cypress Flats GTA 5 armored truck

Cypress Flats is one of the armored truck locations in GTA 5. You can find an armored truck in the north of the Ammu-nation. Players need to block the way of the truck and rob the supplies in the security van.

Follow these steps to rob the truck in Cypress Flats:

Shoot the truck to make it stop.

Get behind the truck and shoot the lock to open the door.

Steal the deposit briefcase which has around $3000.

Take the guards down quickly and rob a car to escape the cops.

Cypress Flats – Underground Train Tunnel

Players can find a Letter Scrap 5 inside the GTA 5 Cypress Flats underground train tunnel. To find the letter, you head to the access point of the tunnel and run to the North.

It’s one of 51 letter scraps in this game that you need for missions. Follow this Cypress Flats GTA 5 tutorial to find the letter.

There is no train station in the Cypress Flats in GTA 5. The Freight Train will go through this industrial zone via the underground train tunnel following Popular Street. Then, it pops out near Chum Street and passes by Elysian Island.

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