Where does Bluey take place? Real-Life Locations in Bluey

Where does Bluey take place? Bluey is well known for being based in Australia, with for its production and setting, specifically Brisbane in Queensland. There are also numerous locations which feature in the show which are based off of, if not direct copies of, locations in real life. It is often said that the Heeler family themselves live within Paddington, immediately to the west of the city centre, both through the architecture of the local area and events organised in the area.

Where does Bluey take place?

Where does Bluey take place?

The animated television series Bluey is set in Brisbane, Australia. The show’s creator, Joe Brumm, grew up in Brisbane and drew inspiration from his own experiences of raising two daughters in the city. Many of the locations in Bluey are based on real places in Brisbane, such as the park where Bluey and her friends play, the shopping center where her family goes, and the beach where they go on vacation. The show also features some landmarks that are unique to Brisbane, such as the Story Bridge and the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

Here are some specific examples of real-life locations that have been featured in Bluey:

  • The park where Bluey and her friends play is based on the Kedron Brook Conservation Park in Brisbane.
  • The shopping center where Bluey’s family goes is based on the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre in Brisbane.
  • The beach where Bluey’s family goes on vacation is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.
  • The Story Bridge is a famous bridge in Brisbane that is featured in the episode “The Creek.”
  • The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a wildlife park in Brisbane that is featured in the episode “Magic Xylophone.”

Bluey is a very popular show in Australia and has been praised for its realistic portrayal of Australian family life. The show’s setting in Brisbane is an important part of its charm and helps to make it feel authentic to Australian audiences.

Real-Life Locations

The Airport

The Airport shown in the show is, naturally, Brisbane Airport. The real life counterpart is one of the busiest in Australia, with two terminals, separating domestic and international passengers. The terminal which Bandit is shown flying out of in Curry Quest is directly designed off of Brisbane’s International Terminal, including its arrivals hall. It should also be noted that the planes shown in the montage at the airport directly depict a QANTAS livered B737-800 aircraft, albeit with branding removed.

Benjamina Place Park

In Turtleboy, Bingo and Dougie play separately at Benjamina Place Park in The Gap It’s a small park, with a swingset, brick barbecue, and basketball key.

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Currimundi Beach

In Relax and Stickbird, The Heeler Family are on a holiday to a resort with a beach. The location of the beach is most likely that of Currimundi, which just south of Sunshine Coast and is roughly an hour north of Brisbane.

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Fitzroy Island

Fairytale had Bandit a story of him as a child on holiday with his parents (Bob, Chris) and brothers (Rad and Stripe) back in the 1980s. While no location is given for where the holiday is set, it is a seaside resort with wide open spaces. It is mostly considered to be The resort on Fitzroy Island, which is in the far north of Queensland and is seperate from the continental mainland (Cairns, which is is where ferries depart from for the island, is at least a days drive from Brisbane). The resort has high prices, with prices of over AU$2,000 for a week in the summer.

Florence Café

Bluey and Bingo want ice creams, and ask Bandit to take them. He only agrees to but does Ragdoll to teach them of hard work. With Wendys’ help, they make it to a café and enjoy their frozen foods. The café has a similar design to Florence Cafe, which is in Camp Hill area of South Brisbane.

The Gap

In Pass the Parcel, invites are sent to the numerous birthday parties shown in the episode, one of which is for Missys’. Her invite shows the words for The Gap, which is an upmarket suburb 10KM west of Brisbane.

Glasshouse Primary School

The school which Bluey, Mackenzie, Coco and more recently Jack attend is Glasshouse Primary School, which is run by Calypso. This school is based of two separate schools to the north of Brisbane. Glass House Mountains State School is located in The Town of Glass House Mountains which itself is just to the north of the national park of the same name. Glasshouse Primary only takes its name from the State School, however both do take Primary School students (ages five-eleven), albeit at considerably different class sizes.

Calypso’s School takes considerably more inspiration from Samford Valley Steiner School, which is located around a 45 minute drive north of Brisbane, also in the village of the same name. Samford Valley has approximately 350 students with a very high number of teachers/staff, though it should be noted that this is an all-through school (from Preschool to Year 12). Samford Valley is a Steiner (or Waldorf) School, which focuses on artistic and and practical sides of students plus a more spiritual tone is given to lessons than would be found in a mainstream school. The shows creator Joe Brumm has stated that when he moved his daughter into Steiner Education that there was a profound positive impact on her.

The Golden Crown

The Golden Crown, which is the Chinese takeaway which is seen in the episode of Takeaway, was based off of the restaurant of the same name in the Ashgrove area of Brisbane. The design, however, is considerably different to its real-life counterpart, with no parking available directly adjacent to the establishment. Regardless, the Golden Crown in Brisbane has been closed since 2021.

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In the episode of the same name, The Hammerbarn Store is located to the north of Brisbane, and is a direct copy of a Bunnings Warehouse store located in Keperra, which is to the northwest of Brisbane, and the closest such store to Paddington. Bunnings itself is a hardware store, similar to B&Q in the UK or Home Depot in the USA, and the logo used for Hammerbarn is essentially a copy of the Bunnings hammer.

Where can I watch Bluey?

Latrobe Terrace

In Dance Mode, Bandit, Chilli, Bluey and Bingo are having an outing and are eating at a Café. They have a window seat, with a building seen behind them. This building, with a flower as a logo, is similar to Flowers Of The World, located in Paddington, Brisbane. The same Café (which is probably The Java Lounge) is shown in Favourite Thing, as is the botanists. However, since the family sit outside, there is a better view of the surroundings, such as a bus stop with shelter. This bus stop, due to it’s location and unique design, is Trammies Corner, which has frequent services from the city centre.

The Library

In Promises, The Heeler family enter a library to take out and return some books. This library is based of the Ashgrove Library, which is to the northwest of central Brisbane, and also the closest Library to Paddington. Alongside this, the attached café and adjacent playground shown in the episode also exist in real life, albeit with some equipment changed in the playground.

Moogerah Dam

In Grandad, Chilli, Bluey and Bingo visit their Grandad Mort who lives a distance from their suburban home. A chase ensues, with all four stopping at a lake with a view. This location is reminisent of Lake Moogerah, which is located near Mount Edwards and is roughly an hour away from Brisbane.

According to Costa Kassab (the art director for most episodes of Bluey), the episode also references photos taken at Carney’s Creek Road and Creek Yarramalong, which are both roughly 10 km from Moogerah, plus Enoggera Reservoir which is just outside of Brisbane.

The Myer Centre

In The Quiet Game, Bandit and his daughters need to buy a present for Muffin, and so head to a toy shop. The shop is located in a shopping centre which is accessed from street level by escalators. This is The Myer Centre which is located in Brisbane CBD with the entrance shown being that on Albert/Elizabeth Street crossroads. Additionally, in the background shot on what would be Albert Street are public gardens, these being The City Botanic Gardens in Brisbane, with The Concourse entrance being portrayed.

New Farm Park

In Spy Game, a gathering of Bluey and her friends take place in a riverside park. This park is based off New Farm Park located in Central Brisbane. The barbecue takes place on a public grill near the Brisbane Powerhouse(a power station that has been repurposed as a performing arts centre and community space). Bingo practises her ballet moves in the rotunda. They even have a very similar toilet block.

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In Piggyback, Heelers walk down the bank of the Noosa River. The holiday house is based on Twin Quays Noosa. They pass a pelican statue based on The Big Pelican. They pass two buildings with “Jetski Hire” signs on the side; both appear to be based on U-Drive Boat Hire. Their journey ends at a river overlook at Gympie Terrace and Williams Street.

What country is Bluey from?

Orleigh Park

In Seesaw, the kids play at a park featuring storybook murals and a custom frog-tongue slide. This is Orleigh Park in West End..

Southbank Brisbane

In the episode Ice Cream, the entire episode is set away from The Heeler Household, focused instead on the SouthBank area of Brisbane. There are numerous locations shown of the site in the episode, such as The Streets Beach, an urban swimming site in SouthBank, and Aquativity.

The Wheel of Brisbane and Queensland Performing Arts Centre (shown together) are also potrayed, as is The Arbour. To the end of the episode, a shot shows the three (Bandit with Bluey and Bingo under each arm) looking over a river for a city view. This is on Clem Jones Promenade next to The Brisbane River between The Victoria and Neville Bonner Bridges.

The Heelers also watch the fireworks show in Bob Bilbyfrom somewhere in Southbank.

Toowong Cemetery

In Show And Tell, when Bandit ignored SatNav in order to teach Bluey and Bingo a lesson about doing what they’re told, they ended up at the Toowong Cemetery instead of their destination. Bingo lovingly referred to it as “Statue World.”

It is the largest cemetery in Queensland, residing on the corner of Frederick Street and Mount Coot-tha Road. It is about four and a half kilometers west of Brisbane.

Wae Rebo

To the end of Curry Quest, Bandit is away from his family for six weeks, away on an archaeology trip. The village which is shown in a few brief shots is reminiscent of Wae Rebo village. The village located in Indonesia (about 500 km east of Bali) is famed for its ecotourism and its circular-cone houses. Joe Brumms’ older brother worked as an archaeologist in the area briefly.

Wittonga Park

The birthday party in Cricket takes place at Wittonga Park in The Gap. This may also be the park from Lila’s birthday party in Pass the Parcel and the unidentified party in Perfect.

Woolcock Park

The park shown in Bike and Bob Bilby (and incidentally in Baby Race) is referenced from Woolcock Park in Red Hill. While Pirates is also set at the park, that specific section of the park appears to be fictional.

Wynnum Whale Park

In Pass the Parcel, Buddy’s birthday party is set at Wynnum Whale Park in Wynnum. It’s a seaside playground with a nautical theme and several water features.

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