Where do Llamas Spawn ? How to Find Supply Llamas

Where do llamas spawn ? Fortnite llamas are usually a welcome sight in the battle royale, and it’s often a novelty to encounter them as they’re so rare, with these piñatas serving as an iconic symbol of the game itself for some time now. When they were first introduced, these Supply Llamas (as they’re officially called) were simple containers of loot, but more recently they’ve sprung to life as actual animals. This does make them significantly harder to defeat in Fortnite, as they start to run away as soon as they’re alerted to your presence and if you don’t deal enough damage to destroy them quickly then they’ll teleport away from the area. If you’re looking for the best Fortnite llama locations, then here’s everything you need to know about them.

Fortnite Llama locations

On the map above we’ve marked various Fortnite llama locations we’ve discovered during our battle royales, though we must stress that their spawn locations are completely random in each match so this isn’t a definitive indication of where they may appear for you. Back in Chapter 3 Season 1 you could always find a llama at the Llama Homestead landmark near Logjam Lumberyard, which is the only time there has been a guaranteed Fortnite llama location, but this has been removed so it’s back to random placement again.

How to deal damage to Supply Llamas in Fortnite

As we mentioned earlier, the Fortnite llamas are now alive and will actively try to run away from you when you approach, dropping ammo and shield potions as it trots along. If you shoot them enough times you can temporarily stun them, and as with other players (and animals) in the game, headshots deal more damage so these can help you to bring down the bright purple creatures faster. If you manage to get close enough while a Fortnite llama is stunned, you can quickly build walls around it to fence it in, which will make dealing the remaining damage required to eliminate it much easier. Destroy the llama and 500 of each material will be yours, along with a decent selection of ammo and items too. Great job, now go put those supplies to good use!

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where do llamas spawn

How to Find Llamas in Minecraft

Llamas can be found naturally in extreme hills and savanna pleateu biomes. They spawn in packs of 4 or 6 and in four different colors: white, brown, grey, or beige. Some llamas may spawn as babies, but they will grow up to adult size with time.

Note that they also spawn in older worlds generated prior to the 1.11 exploration update (but it will be more difficult to find them). To find llamas in older Minecraft worlds, you will have to kill all other passive mobs (like cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, and so on) in loaded chunks. This includes all visible land around you and the spawn chunk of your world. Eventually, some llamas will spawn

How To Tame Llamas in Minecraft

Taming a llama in Minecraft is an easy process. You don’t even require any specific items like you do with other animals.

Just right click on the llama with an empty hand and you will mount it. If you get kicked off the llama and smoke appears, just try again. Once hearts appear, the llama is tamed. Although you are able to mount the llama, you won’t be able to control its movement like a horse.

You can put a chest on a Minecraft llama by right clicking it with a chest in your hand. The chest will be able to hold anywhere from 3 to 15 items (the exact amount is random for each llama).

To form a llama caravan, use a lead on one llama and all other nearby llamas will join each other as if they are connected.

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How To Put Carpets on Llamas in Minecraft

You can also put carpets (of all colors) on llamas as a decoration. To put a carpet on a llama, first mount the llama and then open your inventory. There will be a slot on the left where a carpet can be placed. Each carpet color will have slight variations in design, particularly around the head.

Fortnite Llama: The Best Places to Find It

Fortnite Llama can bring supplies that take a lot of work. The pinatas are full of valuable goodies and party essentials. Players spend a lot of time looking for these bright objects, but they’re less common than other stuff in Fortnite.

It’s more complicated to get a Llama when there are 100 people on the map and only three Llama available in each game. If you’re looking for a Llama, we’ve compiled a list of the top places to do so. A well-thought-out strategy will put you in the best position to win at the outset of a match.

where do llamas spawn

Fortnite Llamas locations: Where to search for a Supply Llama

So Llamas are very rare, with just three spawning per map. Not only that, but their locations are said to be completely random, unlike the fixed (but finite number of) locations of Chests and Ammo Boxes.

That said, the following heat map (created by Overwatchero4 on reddit has collated Llama location data from across 200 hours of research.

First, it’s worth knowing the data comes from a combination of replay, YouTube and in-game match observations, and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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What it does tell us is the river that splits the map into two – going north and south, and meeting in Loot Lake just off centre – seemingly offers a higher chances of Llama spawns, possibly because fewer players explore these areas.

If you were particularly keen on ticking off this challenge, then exploring the river section – or at least keeping a close eye out as you travel alongside it – could be your best bet.

Another piece info provided alongside the heat map is Llamas don’t just spawn on the ground – they can be found on rooftops, up in trees and on mountains, so don’t be afraid to look up.

Of course, there is a caveat to all this. The heat map was produced before Season 5 – as you can see in the bottom right corner, Moisty Moire is still there with a red patch suggesting high spawns – so there is every chance developer Epic Games has tweaked the spawn rate of Llamas over time.

In either case – you can increase your chances by looking at the start of a match (before other players open them) and trying a mode like 50v50 – where you can cover more ground exploring, with less chances of coming up against other players.

Otherwise, just play the game as normal until you come across one. The reason why finding a Llama location was a week 1 Challenge is because it’s difficult, and gives you the maximum amount of time to eventually find one. Best of luck!

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