Where do enderman spawn ? How to Make An Enderman Farm in Minecraft

Where do enderman spawn ? Over the years, players have come up with a variety of automatic farms to collect XP and collect items in Minecraft. However, almost none of the farms are as fruitful and powerful as an Enderman farm. This farm utilizes an entire dimension to help you collect tons of experience and a lot of Ender pearls in no time. At times, it can even compete with the Sculk XP farm in Minecraft. And the best part is that it does all the work for you while you are AFK. With that, it’s time to learn how to make an Enderman farm in Minecraft in the easiest way.

Make An Enderman Farm in Minecraft

Making an Enderman farm, in itself, means creating multiple more mechanics and structures. So, to avoid any confusion, we have covered the various segments of the farm in individual parts. First, let’s look at where you need to travel to make this farm.

Where To Make a Minecraft Enderman Farm

Endermen are the only mob in Minecraft that naturally spawn in all three dimensions of the game. But they most commonly found in the End dimension, which is also home to the Ender Dragon. You can use one of the best Minecraft 1.19 speedrun seeds to find the stronghold and activate the portal to the End dimension. Once you kill the End dragon, no mob, other than the Endermen, spawn in this dimension.

Because of their uninterrupted spawn and a higher spawn rate, we will make the Enderman farm inside the End dimension of Minecraft. You can enter it by finding stronghold portals that are spread across the world of Minecraft. Using some Minecraft commands might speed up the process.

where do enderman spawn

Spawn Mechanics

The Enderman can be found in the Overworld, Nether, and End dimensions. The spawning of endermen depends on specific conditions and differs across these dimensions.

Overworld Spawning

In the Overworld, endermen spawn relatively infrequently, appearing in all biomes except for mushroom fields and deep dark. To facilitate their spawn, they require a solid surface with a minimum of three unoccupied spaces above. Endermen can materialize in areas where the light level is at 0 or below.

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Nether Spawning

Within the Nether, endermen have a rarer spawning rate. They can be found in soul sand valleys, although uncommonly, and appear more frequently in nether wastes. These mysterious creatures are most commonly sighted in warped forests within the Nether.

End Spawning

In their home dimension, the End, endermen spawn more commonly than in the Overworld and Nether. Groups of up to four endermen can manifest themselves anywhere throughout the vast expanse of the End dimension.


Upon defeating an enderman, players can acquire several types of drops from these mysterious creatures:

Ender Pearl: Endermen commonly drop 0 to 1 ender pearl. However, the maximum number of ender pearls that can be obtained from a single enderman can be increased by 1 for each level of the Looting enchantment applied to the player’s weapon. With Looting III, players have the potential to obtain a maximum of 0 to 4 ender pearls from a single enderman in the Java Edition. In the Bedrock Edition, without the Looting enchantment, endermen drop 0 to 1 ender pearls, and with Looting, they may drop nothing at all.

Experience Orbs: When an enderman is defeated by a player or a tamed wolf, it releases experience orbs that can be collected by the player. Accumulating experience points can help players level up and enchant items.

Moving Blocks: Interestingly, endermen have a unique ability to carry certain blocks, and when they are slain, they can drop the block they were holding at the time of their demise. This can include various blocks found in the game, which adds an element of surprise and environmental changes to the gameplay.

So, when facing an enderman, players have the chance to receive ender pearls, experience orbs, and potentially a block held by the enderman during the encounter, making these drops valuable resources for their progression in the game.


Endermen display unique and distinct behavior in response to player actions and environmental factors:

Provocation: Endermen can be provoked by players or other mobs attacking them. Additionally, making direct eye contact with an enderman for 5 game ticks (1⁄4 second) from a distance of up to 64 blocks can also trigger aggression. When provoked, endermen exhibit signs of anger, such as opening their mouths and shaking (Java Edition only), accompanied by loud and lengthy sounds.

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Player Interaction: When a player continues to maintain eye contact with an enderman, it becomes fixated and remains motionless, though it may occasionally teleport to another location. If the player breaks eye contact, the enderman charges toward the player’s back to initiate an attack, unless interrupted by another player or mob.

Pursuit: Agitated endermen aggressively pursue players until they are either eliminated or distracted by external elements like rain or fire. They do not suffer damage from sunlight like undead mobs but will randomly teleport when exposed to sufficient light levels during the day, often ending up in caves or dark locations.

Vulnerabilities: Endermen can be harmed by melee attacks, water, lava, fire, splash water bottles, and rain. Striking them causes them to teleport away repeatedly until they find a secure location. Ranged attacks, such as arrows and tridents, are ineffective as endermen teleport when struck by projectiles instead of taking damage.

Movement Abilities: Endermen can ascend one full block without the need to jump, allowing them to navigate the terrain more efficiently.

Attitude Towards Other Mobs: Endermen are hostile towards endermites within a 64-block radius but remain passive towards other mobs unless provoked.

Interaction with Beds: Having an enderman in close proximity prevents players from sleeping in a bed at night, mimicking the presence of any hostile mob. If players are already asleep in a bed, an enderman can teleport onto it and awaken them by pushing them off.

Aggression Range Adjustment: Endermen’s aggression range for being looked at is reduced when the player is sneaking or under the Invisibility effect, based on the number of armor pieces the player is wearing. The detection range in blocks for invisible players varies depending on the number of armor pieces worn.

Overall, endermen possess fascinating and complex behaviors that add depth and challenge to the gameplay experience in the Minecraft world.

where do enderman spawn

Teleportation Behavior of Endermen

Endermen possess remarkable teleportation abilities, and their teleportation behavior follows specific rules and checks:

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Teleportation Sound: Endermen emit a distinct sound exclusively at their teleportation destination, providing an audible cue for players.

Random Destination: Each teleportation attempt selects a random destination within a 64×64×64 cube centered on the enderman’s current position. The destination is chosen 32 blocks along each axis from the starting point.

Teleportation Checks: Endermen perform a series of checks to ensure successful teleportation:

a. Seek Downwards: The enderman seeks a downward path as long as the selected block is not made of a material that impedes movement. If the found block is waterlogged, the teleportation attempt fails.

b. Seek Downwards Again: Starting from the originally selected destination, the enderman continues to seek downwards until it finds a block that does not obstruct movement. The teleportation attempt succeeds if there are no liquid or solid blocks preventing the enderman from standing at the destination.

Teleportation Requirements: For successful teleportation, endermen need at least three non-solid blocks above the destination. Additionally, they do not teleport to waterlogged blocks unless the ceiling above is made of a non-waterlogged material that blocks movement.

Preventing Teleportation: Certain blocks with large collision boxes but not made of movement-blocking materials, such as carpets not placed on movement-blocking blocks, 10 or more deep snow layers, and azalea blocks, can be used to prevent endermen from teleporting.

Teleporting on Taking Damage: Endermen always attempt to teleport upon taking damage. Most melee attacks are effective, but the enderman usually teleports a few blocks behind the player upon being hit, provided there is sufficient space behind the player. Endermen can be attacked with projectiles if they are in a boat or minecart in the Java Edition, but in rain and water, they attempt to teleport repeatedly until death (Java Edition only).

Attempts and Minecart/Boat Behavior: When teleporting due to damage, an enderman makes 64 attempts to teleport in the Java Edition. In the Java Edition, an enderman cannot teleport while inside a minecart or boat. However, in the Bedrock Edition, this restriction does not apply.

Overall, endermen’s teleportation abilities, along with the specific checks and conditions, make them elusive and unpredictable creatures, adding an intriguing element to encounters with these enigmatic beings in the Minecraft world.

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