Where do diamonds spawn in Minecraft ? How to find Diamonds in Minecraft to craft better gear

Where do diamonds spawn in minecraft ? To find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.19, you need to dig down below Y=15. After this point, the further down you go, the higher your chances of finding Diamonds.

Minecraft 1.18 made several very important changes to Minecraft’s world generation. If you’re playing Minecraft 1.18 or later, you can go down below Y=0 and into negative figures. Below Y=0, you’ll find all the usual ores, including Diamonds, embedded in Deepslate blocks instead of regular Stone blocks.

Diamond starts generating at Y=15, and increases linearly in frequency the further down you go. To know what Y-Level you’re on, hit F3 to bring up the coordinates display. The second number next to “XYZ” is the current level of the bottom half of your body.

However, if a Diamond is about to be placed next to an open air block during world generation, it has a chance of not spawning. This makes it harder to find diamonds in caves, so you’ll need to spend some time digging tunnels through the deepslate if you want to maximise your chances of finding diamonds.

How to find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.17 and earlier

If you’re still playing on Minecraft 1.17 or earlier, then you can find Diamond Ore in every Overworld biome between Y-levels 1-15. They spawn most often at levels 5-12, so if you want to maximise your chances of finding Diamonds, stay between these two levels.

No matter what version of Minecraft you’re playing on, Diamonds will spawn in small veins of up to 9 blocks at a time, although very occasionally you’ll find larger veins that are made up of multiple veins touching each other. So even at the right levels, Diamonds are pretty rare.

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where do diamonds spawn in minecraft

Best method for mining Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamond Ore can only be mined with an Iron Pickaxe or better. As of 1.18, Diamonds are far less common in open spaces like caves, which means to maximise your chances of finding Diamonds in Minecraft you should strip-mine in straight lines in all directions.

The best method for mining Diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 is to dig down to level -57 and dig a long 2-block-tall tunnel in any direction. Then start to mine out to either side in more 2×1 tunnels, leaving a 2-block-wide gap between each new tunnel.

Once you’re satisfied you’ve strip-mined all Diamonds on that level, repeat the whole process at level -53. If you dig in this way at both level -57 and -53, then you’ll be able to see all Diamonds that spawn between levels -58 and -51. This gives you the highest concentration of Diamonds without intermittently running into blocks of Bedrock that may otherwise hinder your strip-mining progress.

Where to dig for diamonds

Every Minecraft world is divided into layers — think of it like altitude. Sea level in Minecraft is roughly layer 64, for instance. The world goes down to layer -64.

Diamonds only spawn at layer 15 and lower, and get more common the deeper you go.

To get there, find a cave or start digging diagonally down into the earth. Never dig straight down — if you accidentally dig through the ceiling of a cave, you could find yourself falling into lava or into a massive ravine. Place torches as you go to light the way and track your route.

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As you go, you’ll likely run into enemies like spiders, skeletons, zombies, and witches. Stay alert and either avoid these enemies — you’ll usually be able to see or hear them before they notice you — or carefully take them down.

If you need to run, use your blocks to build a tower and escape to higher ground. Just don’t slip and get killed by the fall damage. Or if you’re at a dead end, quickly mine into a wall and then place blocks to seal the exit.

Remember that if you die, you’ll drop everything in your inventory. And once an item has been dropped, you’ll only have a few minutes to retrieve it before it disappears. That is, unless you fall into lava; any item that hits lava is immediately destroyed.

Once you get to layer 15, keep digging

You’ll hit diamond territory at layer 15, but go ahead and keep digging. Diamonds only get more common the deeper you go, so go as deep as possible for the best results.

But remember that diamonds are rare, even in low layers. It might take a long time for you to find any. And of course, there’s always a chance that you won’t find any at all before you need to head back home.

But once you find diamond ore, mine it with the iron pickaxe and collect your prize. Most diamond comes in a “vein,” meaning that there will be multiple diamond ore blocks connected to one another. Mine all the diamonds you can see, and then move on.

How to find diamonds without mining

Although mining is the most surefire way to find diamonds, you can find them already mined out in the world.

There’s a small chance to find diamonds in village treasure chests. Desert temples and mineshafts might hold diamonds in their treasure chests too.

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The most common place to find chests with diamonds is in buried treasure chests. These are chests buried underground, usually on beaches. You can find these chests using explorer maps, which themselves can be found in shipwrecks underwater.

What Are The Best Coordinates For Diamonds in Minecraft

After the 2022 update of Minecraft’s ore generation, diamonds can be found at y level 14 to -63 instead of y:12 in underground caves and mines. Players can save time while searching at these specific elevation levels where diamonds are most commonly found.

Diamond ore and Deepslate ore are two blocks where diamonds can be mined, most of the diamonds are gathered by players from Deepslate blocks. Thus, players are recommended to use an enchanted pickaxe to mine efficiently through the Deepslate blocks.

where do diamonds spawn in minecraft


Diamonds are one of Minecraft’s most valuable materials and goods. They are the most technologically advanced swords and armor.

Although there are a lot of methods to find diamonds in Minecraft, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are the main keys to mining diamonds in Minecraft.

There are several tips and tricks for finding diamonds with not much of a hassle which we discussed in this blog. Now, you know exactly how to gather these precious elements and you can make great weapons using them!

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