Where can i play Pokemon Infinite Fusion? How to Play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on PC

Where can i play pokemon infinite fusion? If you’re curious about what a combination of Shellder and Pikachu would look like, consider diving into Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

This innovative fanmade project makes the concept of DNA Splicing available for all known Pokemon, creating over 175,000 unique combinations.

Such liberty and flexibility with pocket monster fusing let Trainers see a wide variety of new creatures. From beautiful designs to atrocious monstrosities, Infinite Fusion can make your dream Pokemon hybrid a reality. To play Pokemon Infinite Fusion, you must know how to download and install the game on your system.

How to Play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on PC

Playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion on PC is a straightforward process that involves downloading and extracting several files. However, the tricky part is knowing where to safely navigate to the download links without encountering harmful pages.

To avoid such threats, we recommend using two sources: PokeCommunity and the official Discord of Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

where can i play pokemon infinite fusion

How to Play Pokemon Anil

To download and play Pokemon Infinite Fusion through PokeCommunity, go to the forum thread started by the game developer Schrroms. Scroll down to the “Download” section and select the link to either Mega or MediaFire. In our case, we found MediaFire to be more accessible and easier to use.

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If you are worried about these pages or download links containing malware, there’s no need to fret. We used our Premium Kaspersky Antivirus to verify that the files have no suspicious threats.

After downloading and extracting the folder for playing Pokemon Infinite Fusion on PC, open the folder and launch the EXE to start. The process is identical on the official Discord; however, you’ll also be given access to an updated community-made Sprite Pack.

To use this optional Sprite Pack, download and extract it onto your PC. Next, copy-paste the “CustomBattlers” folder into the “Graphics” folder of Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Overwrite anything that appears during the transfer. For reference, the pack is in the “downloads” Discord channel.

How to Play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on Mac

The download procedure is the same if you want to play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on Mac. However, if you try to open the EXE file, it won’t launch but be interacted with via Unzip One.

This issue is because EXE files are not compatible with Mac devices. To resolve this, please consider using Parallels® Desktop 18 for Mac. Other “free” options can be more complex and might harm your system if caution isn’t taken.

How to Update Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Suppose you already have Pokemon Infinite Fusion on your PC but wish to update it. You can do so by downloading the latest patch and copy-pasting it into the main folder, similar to installing the Sprite Pack.

According to the developer on the PokeCommunity forum, this action will not affect your existing save file in-game. Here’s a video by Square Root Of Potato if you’d like to visually follow along:

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How to Play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on Android?

Because the game was designed for PC, playing on Android is a bit tricky. But worry not, we’re here to assist you with the necessary steps to complete this process.

Step 1: Download the Game

Download the ZIP file for Pokemon Infinite Fusion from the link provided earlier. You will see 4 download buttons on the linked page. Download the one that says “Android Version”.

Step 2: Download ZArchiver or another Zip Extractor

There are plenty of file extractors on the Google Play Store, you can download the one you like. We recommend using ZArchiver.

Now extract the ZIP file using the app.

Step 3: Download and Install the JoiPlay app & RPG Maker Plugin

The next step is to download the JoiPlay app & the RPG Maker Plugin. This app allows users to play RPG Maker games such as Infinite Fusion on their Android devices. This app is free, and you can download it using these links (updated).

Step 4: Launch JoiPlay

Once you’ve installed JoiPlay & RPG Maker Plugin,

Launch JoiPlay.

Press the “+” button.

Fill out the details. Enter the game name. Version is optional so put anything on that one.

Now click on the Executable File option and locate the extracted folder.

Choose the “Game.exe” file.

Now, just tap on “ADD” and approve any permissions the Joiplay app asks for.

Now, you should see the game on the emulator’s home screen. To play, just tap on it. Enjoy!

How to Play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on PC?

Since Pokemon Infinite Fusion was created to be played on a PC, the installation process is a bit different for it.

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Step 1: Download the game

Just like in Step 1 for Android, Download the ZIP file for Pokemon Infinite Fusion from the link provided earlier. You will see 4 download buttons on the linked page. Download either the one that says “Dynamic Version” or the one that says “Pre-loaded Sprites”.

Step 2: Unzip the file

Once the download is done, unzip the ZIP file using WinRAR or 7ZIP.

Step 3: Launch the Install.bat

Launch the Install.bat file after you’ve extracted the ZIP file, and the installation of the game will begin.

Can you play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on Steam Deck?

Yes, the Deck is definitely capable of running the game. But since the game is not exactly Steam Deck verified, a bit of tinkering around is required before you can play.

While you can get Pokemon Infinite Fusion onto your Deck through a third-party program called Lutris, there is a much simpler method.

Let’s take a look at what you need to do to get this fan-made Pokemon game running on Steam Deck.

where can i play pokemon infinite fusion

How to play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on Steam Deck? 

The Pokemon franchise has become so popular that some fans have taken it upon themselves to come up with their own games like Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

Since this fan-made game is available for download on PC, we’ll show you how to play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on Valve’s handheld device.

How To Download Pokémon Infinite Fusion On Mac

The process for downloading Infinite Fusion is a little different should you be playing on a Mac, as .exe files will not open. In this case, players will need to use third-party software such as WineBottler or Parallels Desktop in order to resolve the issue.

Players can update their version of Pokémon Infinite Fusion by downloading the latest patch and copying the file into the corresponding main folder. The developers have confirmed that doing so will not erase any of your existing save data, so feel free to update the game as regularly as you like.

And that’s everything you need to know about how to download, play, and regularly update Pokémon Infinite Fusion! Get out there and get fusing!

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