Where are Minecraft Screenshots Saved ? How to find Minecraft Screenshot Folder

Where are minecraft screenshots saved ? There are a few different versions of Minecraft out there, and they install in different places. These different Minecraft versions also save screenshots in different places. Here’s how you can find them.

How to Find Screenshots from Any Java Version of Minecraft

The Java version of Minecraft saves screenshots into a screenshots folder in the main Minecraft directory. If you have no idea where you installed Minecraft, this method is the easiest way to find your screenshots.

The file name — which is generated based on the date and time of the screenshot — is actually clickable. When you click the name, it’ll open the image in the Photos app. From there, it is easy to find the folder.

A sidebar will open with all of the information about the file. The file location is displayed about mid-way down. Click the option to “View File Location” to open the screenshots folder.

Regular (Vanilla) Minecraft Screenshot Location

Minecraft installs to “C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft” by default, and you’ll find the screenshots folder in the “.minecraft” folder.

The launcher allows you to have multiple installations of Minecraft — it’s super handy if you want to run multiple versions, or run a modded client alongside a vanilla client. Screenshots are stored separately between Minecraft versions, so you’ll have a screenshot folder for every Minecraft installation.

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where are minecraft screenshots saved

Feed the Beast Screenshot Location

Feed the Beast (FTB) won’t install in the default Minecraft location, but it does retain the same folder hierarchy as vanilla Minecraft. That means wherever you install a FTB mod pack, the screenshots folder will be found inside the main modded Minecraft folder. Each modded installation of Minecraft is called an “Instance.” Here’s how you can find where yours are being installed.

How to Find Screenshots From Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The Windows 10 and Windows 11 version of Minecraft, otherwise known as Bedrock Edition, removed the ability to take screenshots using in-game controls and outsourced it to the Game Bar.

Game Bar saves screenshots to “C:\Users\(YourUserName)\Videos\Captures” by default — all of your Bedrock screenshots should be there.

If they’re not there, your capture location has probably been changed. Open the Game Bar by hitting Windows+g or by typing “Game Bar” into the start menu search bar and clicking “Open.”

Where to find Minecraft screenshots on PC?


If you are playing the Java Edition on PC, the screenshot function is used with F2 by default. When you press it, the game will confirm the action and let you know the file’s name it will be saved under. To find it, open File Explorer and type %appdata%\.minecraft\screenshots into the address bar. This will take you directly to the location the game stores its screenshots. You can move or share them wherever you want from this location.


On the Windows version of Minecraft, you can take a screenshot by pressing the Windows key and G to open the Xbox bar. You can then select the camera icon that will open Capture settings. Here, you can take a screenshot or capture your gameplay. The default save location of your screenshots through this method

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Additionally, you can also take a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen key. However, this method will take an overall screenshot of everything on your screen, not just your Minecraft session. If you play in Windowed mode, your screenshot will be smaller than the previous version without editing it. You can find it in the Screenshots folder located within Pictures.

Minecraft: How to find screenshots folder

Depending on the version, the game folders may possess a different location on gamers’ devices. Fortunately, none of these folders are particularly difficult to find and can be spotted in just a few short steps.

If players can find their game folder, they’ll notice that the screenshots folder is located inside, where they can then locate all the screenshots they’ve taken.

Below, users can find a list of default file paths where each game folder can be located depending on what version of the game is being played

An example would be Windows’ search function in the start menu, where players can input “%appdata%” to pull up their Appdata file before proceeding to the screenshot folder.

Alternatively, Mac users can utilize the Finder’s search function to the same effect. As long as players haven’t altered the file paths of their base game, the screenshot files should remain in the default file paths listed above.

In addition to using the game’s screenshot function, it’s also possible to use third-party software such as Fraps, OBS, Xbox Game Bar, and Markup Hero to take screenshots in-game.

However, these screenshots will be routed to the folders of their respective applications instead of the game’s folder. This is something to be aware of, as players may be confused about why some screenshots are missing if they’re taken with different software.

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The special Education Edition also possesses its own unique brand of screenshot capture that utilizes the camera and portfolio items.

Players can take snapshots using the camera as a block before placing their collection into their portfolio, which can then be exported as an archive file that can be opened or sent to others.

where are minecraft screenshots saved

Why Is It So Hard To Find Your Minecraft Screenshots?

Honestly, it could be a wide variety of different issues. The truth is that Minecraft is an app that was coded in a unique way that involves storing all of its resources in a dedicated app data folder.

That being said, you don’t have to use the in-game commands to have the screenshots taken. If you use standard commands for your phone or Mac, they’ll end up in the same place as all your other screenshots, too.

How to Take Screenshots on your Minecraft Game

Before we dwell on finding the location of your screenshots folder, let us first know how you can take screenshots on your Minecraft game.

If you use Windows PC to play Minecraft, all you have to do is press the F2 key. For Windows 10, you can press the Windows key + Print Screen button. If you want to take a screenshot on your Xbox Game Bar, press the Windows key + G and press the camera icon.

How Does Minecraft Name its ScreenShots

You can identify the screenshot files taken in your Minecraft game since all screenshots have a naming format when saved at the default location. It only takes the pattern of the current date and time: YYYY-MM-DD_HH.MM.SS.png, where Y is year, M is month, D is day, H is hour, M is minute, and S is second. If ever you take several shots in the same second, it will add a revision number in the end.

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