Where are all the Stakes in Pokemon Violet ? How to find Legendary Wo-Chien in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All stake locations

Where are all the stakes in pokemon violet ? A total of 32 Ominous Black Stakes are scattered around Paldea to unlock four Legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet! Every generation of Pokemon brings the excitement of new Legendary mons’. For Scarlet and Violet, searching for these new Legends has become almost an easter egg hunt.

To get four of these new exciting Pokemon, you need to find a total of 32 Stakes in Paldea to unlock secret shrines in Scarlet and Violet!

Where Can I Find All 32 Stakes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

There are 32 Stakes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet scattered all across Paldea. In total, there are four different Stakes colors. Each is spread out in a quadrant segment of the map.

Yellow Stakes – Southwest quadrant area of Paldea, covering the area from Cascarrafa all the way south to the Alfornada area.

Purple Stakes – Southeast quadrant area of Paldea, covering the area from Mesagoza all the way east and up north until reaching the southern entrance of Levincia.

Green Stakes – Northwest quadrant area of Paldea, covering all areas north of Cascarrafa and west of Glaseado Mountain.

Blue Stakes – Northeast quadrant area of Paldea, covering the ground north from Levincia and east of Glaseado Mountain.

where are all the stakes in pokemon violet

All Purple Stakes Locations

Purple Stake 1 – Outside Artazon (West) – Climb ability required. You can easily get this Stake by fast traveling to the Artazon (West) Pokemon Center and climbing the nearby rock formation south of it.

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Purple Stake 2 – North of Los Platos (East) – Located on a small plateau outside the Los Platos East area.

Purple Stake 3 – East of Mesagoza (South) – On a ledge accessible by traveling east from the Mesagoza South Pokemon Center.

Purple Stake 4 – West of South Province (Area Three) – On a platform west of the South Province Area Three.

Purple Stake 5 – South of Los Platos (East) – On the top of the mountain formation south of the Los Platos East Pokemon Center.

Purple Stake 6 – Northeast of Lost Platos (East) – On top of a mountain formation northeast of Los Platos East Pokemon Center.

Purple Stake 7 – Northeast of South Province (Area Three) – Travel northeast through the ruins area until you reach a plateau with grass.

In-Game Location – This stake was already taken in the image below, but it is the exact location where you can find it.

Purple Stake 8 – South Province (Area Five) – On an elevated plateau west of the South Province Area Five Pokemon Center.

What Are Ominous Black Stakes?

While you’re traveling across Paldea, you will sometimes encounter different colored Stakes sticking out of the ground. These are known as Ominous Black Stakes, and they’re used to unlock the four Shrines of which contain the legendary Pokémon. To unlock each Shrine, you must pull all Stakes of the corresponding color out of the ground.

Types of Ominous Black Stakes

There are four different types of Ominous Black Stakes—Purple, Yellow, Green, and Blue. There are eight Stakes of each color. The Purple Stakes unlock Grasswither Shrine, which houses legendary Pokémon, Wo-Chien. Yellow Stakes will unlock Iceland Shrine, in which you will find the legendary Pokémon, Chien-Pao. Green Stakes unlock Groundblight Shrine. In Groundblight Shrine, you will find the legendary Pokémon, Ting-Lu. Finally, the Blue Stakes will unlock Firescourge Shrine, which contains the legendary Pokémon, Chi-Yu.

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Where to Find all Ominous Black Stakes

You’ll want to wait to collect all Ominous Black Stakes until your mount—Miraidon or Koraidon—has unlocked all of its abilities. Though you can get many of the Stakes without doing so, it’s much easier to collect them with the abilities unlocked, and some of them are unobtainable without certain abilities anyway.

The following are all locations where you can collect the 32 Ominous Black Stakes.

All Purple Stakes

Finding all the Purple Stakes across Paldea will unlock Grasswither Shrine. This Shrine houses the legendary Pokémon, Wo-Chien. You’ll find the Purple Stakes scattered across the South and East Provinces.

Purple Stake One

Head slightly South of Los Platos. On the top of some hills in South Province (Area One), you will find a small lake. The first Purple Stake will be next to it.

Purple Stake Two

This time, head Northeast of Los Platos. In the corner of a plateau in South Province (Area One), you will find this next Purple Stake.

Purple Stake Three

Continue further Northeast of Los Platos. You will see a spiral plateau in South Province (Area One), and the Purple Stake will be at the top of it.

Purple Stake Four

Just near the bridge leading into South Province (Area Three), you’ll find the next Purple Stake. The Stake is located a little bit below the bridge.

Purple Stake Five

Next you’ll go to a cliff that’s overlooking a lake. This cliff is located near Grasswither Shrine, in South Province (Area One). The Purple Stake will be near the edge.

Purple Stake Six

Head to Mesagoza and exit out the East gate. In South Province (Area Three), you will find the next Purple Stake at the top of a rocky hill.

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Purple Stake Seven

The next Purple Stake is nice and easy to find. It is located just outside of Artazon, just South of the Pokémon Center.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Yellow Stakes Locations

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has a lot of post-end game content. Out of all of these, the stakes that you find embedded in the ground all across the game world are by far the most interesting – and mysterious.

When you pull them out of the ground, they crumble into dust. They come in four colors, though the game refers to them as “ominous black stakes” when you interact with them.

In this guide, we’re going to focus specifically on the Yellow Stakes locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. There are seven of these golden stakes in total, and we are here to show you where to find each and every one of them.

where are all the stakes in pokemon violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet All Yellow Stakes Locations

Each of these colored nails can be found clustered in a specific part of the map. For Yellow Stakes, you should look for them roughly in the southwestern part of the map.

Again, don’t worry if the game calls them black stakes, as they glow yellow before you pull them out, and they open a yellow door. With that said, let’s see where you can find all seven of these, plus the door they open, in the game. Below is a map with the locations for all of them, as well as a brief description on how to find them:

  • Yellow Stake #1: Near the river that separates South Province (Area Four) and South Province (Area Six).
  • Yellow Stake #2: In West Province (Area One), near the first one.
  • Yellow Stake #3: Inside of a tunnel in West Province (Area One).
  • Yellow Stake #4: Atop of a hill north of the tunnel.
  • Yellow Stake #5: Near the western tip of The Great Crater of Paldea.
  • Yellow Stake #6: Behind a tree in Cascaraffa.
  • Yellow Stake #7: Southwest from #6 and west of #5.
  • Yellow Door: It is near the West Paldean Sea coast.

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