Where are all the pumpkins in GTA 5? GTA 5 Online: All 10 Pumpkin Locations

Where are all the pumpkins in gta 5? There are hundreds of pumpkin heads scattered all across the GTA Online map, but fortunately players need to find only 10 in order to unlock a brand-new Jack O’Lantern mask for the Halloween special event.

Our guide will show you all 10 pumpkin locations in GTA Online, which can be found in the fastest possible way. If you follow the instructions below you’ll find all 10 pumpkins within 10 to 15 minutes and earn your mask plus $50,000.

All 10 Jack O’Lantern Locations

The fastest and easiest way to quickly get all 10 Jack O’Lanterns is to raid the El Burro Heights area in the southeast Los Santos (indicated on the map above).

Below are listed the exact locations of each individual pumpkin for easy access.

Pumpkin Location

The first pumpkin can be found inside a shack that stands on the intersection of Murrieta Heights and El Burro Heights along the El Rancho Boulevard.

Pumpkin Location

The next one can be seen outside the building to the south of the first pumpkin or north of Fudge Lane.

Pumpkin Location

The third pumpkin can be found on the corner of the street to the southwest of the previous location.

Pumpkin Location

The next pumpkin head can be found inside a house in East Los Santos right across Fudge Lane

Pumpkin Location

The fifth Jack O’Lantern can be seen on the side of the road where Fudge Lane and El Rancho Boulevard intersect.

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Pumpkin Location

Then, move further to the south and find the next pumpkin at the corner of the building standing right next to Sustancia Road.

Pumpkin Location

After that, move up ahead and find the next pumpkin at the building where Fudge Lane intersects with Sustancia Road.

Pumpkin Location

Now go back down to the Amarillo Way and locate the next pumpkin head inside the building indicated on the map above.

Pumpkin Location

If you keep going south to the Amarillo Vista, you’ll be able to find one of the remaining pumpkins near the building indicated on the map.

Pumpkin Location

The last one can be found between the two houses located right between the Amarillo Vista and Labor Place.

where are all the pumpkins in gta 5

GTA Online Pumpkin Locations Map, Find All 200 Jack O Lanterns

Don’t know where to find all GTA Online pumpkin locations? The GTA Online Halloween 2022 has just entered its second week, and gamers will be able to collect GTA Online Jack O’ Lanterns to receive the Horror Pumpkin Mask.

There are 200 GTA Online Jack O’ Lantern locations all over Los Santos and Blaine County. In our guide, we explain where to find all 200 GTA Online pumpkins during the Halloween 2022 event with a map of all Jack O’ Lantern locations.

Where to Find all 200 GTA Online Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Locations in GTA Online Halloween 2022

The Halloween 2022 event in GTA Online continues as we’re entering its second week, full of activities, rewards, and special Halloween-themed modes.

Of course, it wouldn’t be GTA Online without some collectables, and this time around we have “Halloween Tricks or Treats Collectables”. These collectables are GTA Online Pumpkins, also known as Jack O’ Lanterns.

Hundreds of Jack O’ Lanterns have appeared in Los Santos and Blaine County overnight, scattered across Southern San Andreas. While there are 200 Jack O’ Lanterns in total, you will only need to find ten of these pumpkins to unlock the Horror Pumpkin mask and receive a daily GTA$50K bonus.

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Below we list all 200 GTA Online Jack O’ Lantern locations so that you know where exactly to find pumpkins during the Halloween 2022 event. All images courtesy of GTALens‘ Interactive GTA Online Map.

All Jack o’ Lanterns locations in GTA Online

Below are the locations of all Jack o’ Lanterns on the map. There are just too many to find – they are on the streets, verandas, parks, and more… Players will need to go door to door on almost every street to get them all.

To begin collecting, players should go to Mirror Park, Rancho, Murrieta Heights, El Burro Heights, Mission Row, Chamberlain Hills, and Pill Box Hill.

There should be pumpkins sitting on the front porch of at least one house in every couple of streets. Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, Grand Senora Desert, and Paleto Bay in Blaine County have Jack-o’-lanterns lurking around most corners.

Finding 10 of them will unlock the Horror Pumpkin mask and yield a $50K bonus. Finding all 200 pumpkins within 24 hours will yield rarer items like the Pumpkin Tee and additional cash bonuses.

You can check your progress towards this by opening the Interaction Menu and choosing Inventory > Daily Collectibles then looking at Trick Or Treat.

On top of that, every time you collect a Jack O’ Lantern you’ll receive either a Trick or a Treat. What you get is completely random – pumpkins can yield health and armor or inflict Shocked/Stoned.


Where can I find pumpkins in gta 5?

here are over 200 pumpkins hidden in GTA Online during the Halloween event. They can be found in all areas of the map, both in Los Santos and Blaine County. Some of the pumpkins are easy to find, while others are more hidden.

Here are some of the places where you can find pumpkins in GTA Online:

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Los Santos:

Mirror Park


Vinewood Hills

Del Perro

Rockford Hills

Downtown Los Santos

The City

Blaine County:

Sandy Shores

Paleto Bay



Mount Chiliad

Zancudo River

If you are looking for a specific pumpkin, you can use the interactive map on the GTA Wiki to find its location.

Once you have found a pumpkin, you can interact with it by walking up to it and pressing the interact button. This will collect the pumpkin and add it to your inventory.

Collecting 10 pumpkins will reward you with the Horror Pumpkin Mask, and collecting all 200 pumpkins will reward you with the Pumpkin Tee.

The Halloween event in GTA Online runs from October 18 to November 1. So if you want to collect all the pumpkins, you better hurry!

where are all the pumpkins in gta 5

What happens when you get all 200 pumpkins in GTA 5?

If you collect all 200 pumpkins in GTA Online during the Halloween event, you will be rewarded with the Pumpkin Tee. The Pumpkin Tee is a rare item that cannot be purchased from any store. It is a black t-shirt with a white pumpkin printed on the front.

The Pumpkin Tee is a limited-edition item, so it is only available during the Halloween event. Once the event is over, the Pumpkin Tee will no longer be available.

In addition to the Pumpkin Tee, you will also receive a $50,000 bonus for collecting all 200 pumpkins. This bonus is a nice way to celebrate your accomplishment and help you get started on your next big purchase in GTA Online.

Here are the steps on how to collect all 200 pumpkins in GTA Online:

Start by finding a map of all the pumpkin locations. There are many maps available online, or you can use the interactive map on the GTA Wiki.

Once you have a map, start collecting pumpkins. You can collect them in any order, but it is helpful to start with the pumpkins that are easiest to find.

As you collect pumpkins, keep track of how many you have found. You can do this by opening your inventory and looking at the Pumpkins tab.
Once you have collected 200 pumpkins, you will be rewarded with the Pumpkin Tee and the $50,000 bonus.

Above is information about where are all the pumpkins in gta 5 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where are all the pumpkins in gta 5. Thank you for reading our posst.

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