When does Vulpix Evolve ? Pokemon Sword and Shield: What Level Does Vulpix Evolve

When does vulpix evolve? As players make their way along Route 3 in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it is very likely that they will both encounter and catch a Vulpix. While many of these fans will undoubtedly be happy having a Vulpix on their teams, others may prefer to evolve this Fire-type Pokemon into Ninetales.

This desire may leave some players wondering about exactly what level Vulpix evolves at in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the answer to that question is not entirely straightforward.

When Does Vulpix Evolve in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

To put things simply, there is no set level at which Vulpix evolves into Ninetales in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and players are essentially free to initiate the transformation whenever they wish.

Fans will need to have a Fire Stone on hand to start the process, though, which means that they may not be able to evolve Vulpix immediately upon catching it. That said, there is a Fire Stone to be found quite early in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Fire Stones in Sword in Shield

Players can pickup a Fire Stone in the Motostoke Riverbank Wild Area, which is located to the east of Motostoke. In this area fans should cross the bridge that connects North Lake Miloch and the Motostoke Riverbank and turn to their left when they reach the north side.

Players should now look for three pipes that are positioned against Motostoke’s wall, and indeed the Pokeball that is found on the ground next to these pipes contains the Fire Stone.

There is also a Fire Stone that can be collected from the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area before Hammerlocke. Here players will find a circle of stones, and each of these rocks hide a different Evolution Stone.

The caveat with this location is that fans must obtain the Water Rotom Bike in Pokemon Sword and Shield before they can reach it, and thus the Fire Stone that is situated there is not obtainable until after a player has reached Route 9.

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when does vulpix evolve

How to Evolve a Pokemon with a Fire Stone

With a Fire Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield collected, fans are now ready to evolve Vulpix into Ninetales. This is done by simply selecting the Fire Stone from the Other Items section in the menu and using it on the Vulpix.

Players should then see their Vulpix immediately begin to evolve, and again this evolution can be performed regardless of what level the Generation 1 Pokemon happens to be when the Evolution Stone is applied.

Fire stones are also used to evolve two other Pokemon in Sword and Shield; they are used to evolve Eevee into Flareon and Growlithe into Arcanine. They can be evolved with the same method used for Vulpix into Ninetales.

Getting Alolan Vulpix in Sword & Shield

Those that purchased the Isle of Armor DLC can get an Alolan Vulpix from a Hiker standing by the bridge near Mustard’s Dojo. The Hiker is looking for his 150 Alolan Diglett that are scattered about every corner of the Isle of Armor.

If players collect 20 Alolan Diglett and report back to the Hiker, they’ll get an Alolan Vulpix with its Hidden Ability. Alolan Vulpix’s Hidden Ability is Snow Warning, which summons a hailstorm when Vulpix is called out to battle.

Players can get another Alolan Vulpix by breeding it with another Vulplix or a Ditto. Alolan Vulpix can also breed with a Pokemon of a compatible Egg Group, but, in order for the offspring to be an Alolan Vulpix, the parent Vulpix needs to be female.

However, Alolan Vulpix also needs to be holding an Everstone, or else the Vulpix that hatches from the egg will be the Fire-type Vulpix. Players should therefore make sure that Alolan Vulpix is holding an Everstone before leaving it at the nursery.

Evolving Alolan Vulpix with Ice Stones

Like Glaceon, Alolan Vulpix evolves when it’s exposed to an Ice Stone. A guaranteed Ice Stone sits at the same stone circle near the Lake of Outrage (requires Rotom Water Bike) where players can get a Fire Stone.

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There’s also an Ice Stone on Route 9 where players get the Rotom Water Bike upgrade. To find it, they’ll need to ride along the water to the top right corner. The Ice Stone isn’t a Poke Ball item, but is instead a shining item.

If players are impatient, they can speak to the Digging Duo near the Pokemon Nursery in Bridge Field of the Wild Area. They will charge 500 Watts to dig up treasure. Since the items dug up are randomized, it’s not guaranteed that players will get an Ice Stone.

Unfortunately, though, this is the only way to get an Ice Stone before getting the Water Bike.

Once trainers use the Ice Stone on Alolan Vulpix, Vulpix will become Alolan Ninetales and gain the Fairy-typing, making it a dual Ice/Fairy-type.

Alolan Ninetales will be able to defeat Dragon, Fighting, Dark, Grass, and Flying-type Pokemon with ease. However, its dual typing gives it a 4x weakness to Steel-type moves.

Like its Fire-type counterpart, Alolan Vulpix does not need to be at a specific level before it can evolve. As long as players have an Ice Stone, Vulpix will evolve.

when does vulpix evolve

When Does Vulpix Evolve in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Evolving a cute little Pokémon into an intimidating monster is one of the features players like about Pokémon. If you’re after some flaming hot foxes in Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you’ll be hard pressed to pass up the likes of Vulpix and Ninetails.

Fortunately, Vulpixes are a dime a dozen in the game but what about getting them to power up to their next form? Curious about when Vulpix evolves in Pokemon Sword and Shield? We can help you with the answer.

So, you have a Vulpix and you’re wanting to know when this bad boy gets powered up in Pokemon Sword and Shield into the majestic Ninetails? Yeah, we’ve got you. If you don’t have a Vulpix yet, well, it’s actually fairly easy to get one.

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You can pick them up while they’re wandering around Motostoke in Route 3, which means that you can get them at relatively low levels, so if you’re worried about when you can evolve them then let us put your fears to rest.

The good thing is that if you’re wondering about when Vulpix evolves in Pokemon Sword and Shield in terms of levels, there’s actually no cap. You can basically get a Level 10 Ninetails if you’re so inclined as long as you meet the single criteria needed to evolve this Fire Type Pokemon.

If you’re someone who has quite a bit of experience with the games, then you might already know what we have to say. Yes, you need to actually find a Fire Stone in order to evolve your Vulpix, and as soon as you do this, it will turn into a Ninetails regardless of levels. Cool, right?

To get a Fire Stone, we actually have a separate guide solely to do with that topic which covers off the multiple avenues of acquisition for said elemental rock. We’ve relinked that guide here for your convenience.

You don’t even need to have your Rotom bike capable of cycling over water to find one, as you can find a Fire Stone fairly early on if you head to East Lake Axewell en route to Hammerlocke.

Cross the bridge to the path leading you to Hammerlocke, and then take a left before following the path until you see a Pokeball between two pillars. There you go! A way to evolve Vulpix.

Now that you have our guide on when Vulpix evolves in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it should be a lot easier for you to know when you can start slotting Ninetails in to your roster. We definitely don’t want to bench either of those cute foxes.

If you don’t yet own Pokemon Shield, you can pick up a copy here from Amazon and also support Prima Games at the same time. Neat, right? Once you’ve cracked into Galar, why not hop over to our dedicated guides hub for the game which contains a variety of tips and tricks designed just for Trainers like you?

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