When does Giovanni Change Pokemon ? What Is Giovanni’s Next Legendary Shadow Pokémon?

When does giovanni change pokemon ? Fresh off Pokémon GO Fest 2023, players will again need to overcome Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni this September 2023.

Defeating Trainers’ longtime foe will net some great rewards, including an opportunity to catch a Shadow Regirock. September marks a new season in Pokémon GO, Adventures Abound, which focuses on the Paldea region in the world of Pokémon GO, so you can expect to see the Team GO Rocket member’s line-ups change at some point during this period.

You will first need to beat the three Team GO Rocket leaders, Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo, before getting a chance to beat Giovanni. Once you have done so, Giovanni will start appearing at PokeStops, which Team GO Rocket has taken over, as well as in their balloons. Currently, no Special Research tasks are tied to defeating Giovanni, but this will likely happen during the Adventures Abound Season until the 1st of December.

Giovanni’s September 2023 Team In Pokémon GO

As of the start of September 2023, Giovanni’s Team remains unchanged from August in Pokémon GO. However, this may change later in the month to tie in with new events such as A Paldean Adventure Event in Pokémon GO that begins on the 5th of September. Giovanni has five Pokémon at his disposal, with two guaranteed to appear and another one of three chosen randomly for Trainers to face off against.

Giovanni has kept his current line-up since July 2023, so Trainers can again expect to face off against Normal-type Persian first. His second Pokémon will be one of three out of Poison- and Ground-type Nidoking, Ground- and Rock-type Rhyperior or Dragon- and Ground-type Garchomp. His final Pokémon will always be the Legendary Shadow Rock-type Regirock, which can cause Trainers many problems if unprepared.

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when does giovanni change pokemon

Best Counters For Giovanni In September 2023

While Giovanni is much stronger than the three Team GO Rocket leaders, this is not his strongest line-up. The two Pokémon he will always use, Persian and Regirock, are both weak against Fighting-type attacks, so starting with a strong Fighting-type such as Machamp is essential for Trainers.

Giovanni’s three possible second Pokémon are all Ground-types, making the battle easier for Trainers. All three are weak to Ice-type attacks, so Pokémon such as Mamoswine are super-effective against them all. For a third choice, using one of the strongest Water-types in Pokémon GO is a good backup if needed. Rhyperior is double weak against Water, with Nidoking and legendary Regirock also weak against this type.

With the debut of Pokémon from the Paldean region coming this month, new entries such as Water- and Fighting-type Quaquaval are options for Trainers’ final choice. Giovanni’s Pokémon for September are all strong but have many similar weaknesses, making him easy to overcome if the right line-up is selected in Pokémon GO this month.

Giovanni’s Pokémon in September 2023 – Pokémon Go

Giovanni always starts a battle with his beloved Persian, ending it with his new Regirock. He has a couple of Pokémon to choose from for the second position, which is randomly determined before the battle.

Best counters to Persian – Pokémon Go Giovanni

Persian is a Normal-type, which means you’ll want to use Fighting-type moves to cause the greatest amount of damage. Fighting-types will be useful against Regirock as well.


  • Types: Fighting, Steel
  • Moves: Counter, Power-Up Punch, Aura Sphere

Best counters to Rhyperior – Pokémon Go Giovanni
Rhyperior is susceptible to Water- and Grass-type attacks, which both deal double damage against it. With Water-types having use elsewhere as well, they’re a great option to go for.


  • Type: Water
  • Moves: Waterfall, Hydro Pump, Surf
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Best counters to Nidoking – Pokémon Go Giovanni

Giovanni’s iconic Nidoking can be countered by Ground-, Ice-, Psychic-, and Water-type moves.


  • Type: Psychic
  • Moves: Confusion, Psystrike, Ice Beam

Best counters to Garchomp – Pokémon Go Giovanni

This land shark is best served on Ice, which is doing double damage against it. Dragon- and Fairy-type attacks are your other options.


  • Types: Fairy, Flying
  • Moves: Charm, Ancient Power, Aura Sphere

Best counters to Regirock – Pokémon Go Giovanni

Regirock is a pure Rock-type, making Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water moves very effective against it. Since you’ll already have a Fighting-type attacker on your team to beat Persian, you should have no problem dealing with the final boss.


  • Types: Fighting, Steel
  • Moves: Counter, Power-Up Punch, Aura Sphere

What Is Giovanni’s Next Legendary Shadow Pokémon?

Pokemon Go players are always on the lookout for new and exciting challenges, and one of the most anticipated events is facing off against Team Go Rocket’s leader, Giovanni.

But what legendary Shadow Pokemon will Giovanni have next? In this blog post, we will explore various aspects of Giovanni’s battles, including his potential next legendary Pokemon, frequent updates, and other players’ experiences. So grab your Rocket Radar and get ready to delve into the world of Giovanni and his formidable team of Shadow Pokemon.

What is Giovanni’s Next Legendary Shadow Pokémon?

Have you ever wondered what Giovanni, the enigmatic leader of Team Rocket, has up his sleeve next? Well, get ready, because the rumor mill is spinning faster than a Jolteon on caffeine! Everyone is buzzing with anticipation over his next legendary shadow Pokémon. Will it be a fearsome Rayquaza spreading terror from the skies, or perhaps a majestic Lugia soaring through the clouds? Let’s dive into the Pokédex and speculate on what Giovanni’s next dastardly move might be!

The Legendary Lineup

Giovanni has always had a penchant for powerful and rare Pokémon. After all, he is the boss of Team Rocket, the notorious organization that has made a career out of infamy. From Mewtwo to Entei, Giovanni has never settled for anything less than a legendary partner in crime. So, who could he have captured this time to unleash havoc on unsuspecting trainers?

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Enter Darkrai, the Master of Nightmares

Darkrai, the embodiment of bad dreams, is a strong contender for Giovanni’s next legendary shadow Pokémon. With its ability to induce nightmares and corrupt the dreams of its opponents, Darkrai would be a formidable weapon in Giovanni’s arsenal. Plus, it’s always more exciting to battle against a Pokémon that’s capable of giving you the heebie-jeebies. No one likes a predictable fight, right?

A Glimmering Groudon

Another possibility for Giovanni’s next legendary shadow Pokémon is Groudon. As the legendary ground-type Pokémon, Groudon has the power to reshape the earth itself. Imagine the chaos and devastation Giovanni could cause with a shadow Groudon at his command! Buildings crumbling, the ground quaking beneath your feet – it’s like a disaster movie come to life. Just make sure you’re wearing sturdy shoes before challenging Giovanni!

when does giovanni change pokemon

Mysterious Meloetta in the Shadows

If Giovanni wants to throw us all a curveball, he might opt for Meloetta as his next legendary shadow Pokémon. This melodic marvel has the ability to change its form and unleash a symphony of powerful attacks.

With its unique dual typing of Normal/Psychic or Normal/Fighting, Meloetta would definitely keep trainers on their toes. Picture Giovanni slyly grinning as Meloetta dances its way through battles, leaving rivals in awe of its beauty and strength.

While we can only guess at Giovanni’s next legendary shadow Pokémon, there’s no denying the anticipation and excitement that comes with every encounter.

Will he choose Darkrai, Groudon, Meloetta, or surprise us all with a different legendary shadow Pokémon entirely? Only time will tell. So, trainers, be prepared, sharpen your skills, and stay tuned for the next chapter in Giovanni’s shadowy escapades!

Does the Rocket Radar Expire?

With all the excitement surrounding Giovanni and his legendary Shadow Pokémon, trainers are eager to know more about the Rocket Radar. One question that comes up frequently is whether or not the Rocket Radar has an expiration date. Well, fear not, fellow trainers! I’m here to shed some light on this topic and put those worries to rest.

Understanding the Rocket Radar’s Lifespan

Now, now, before we jump into the details, let’s take a moment to understand what exactly the Rocket Radar is. The Rocket Radar is a special item that allows you to track down those elusive Team GO Rocket leaders and eventually face off against Giovanni himself. It’s like having your very own James Bond spy gadget, but for Pokémon!

Above is information when does giovanni change pokemon.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of when does giovanni change pokemon .Thank you for reading our post.

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