When does Dragon Ball GT take place ? Dragon Ball’s Official Timeline Teases That GT Is Actually Canon

When does dragon ball gt take place ? One of the biggest debates among the Dragon Ball fandom, if the Dragon Ball GT anime series should actually be considered canon or not, has finally been answered. A timeline for the entire franchise’s story provided by Shueisha itself and shown at a 2017 event caused a commotion among fans because it also includes the events in Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon Ball GT is an anime that came out in 1996, one year after the end of the Dragon Ball manga. Due to the incredible success of the anime adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece, Toei Animation decided to create a new anime based on an original story, with character design by Toriyama.

GT was never considered as part of the Dragon Ball’s canon, but because the story of the anime picks up shortly after the manga left off, five years later to be precise, and it uses the same characters, a decades-long debate began between fans who consider GT canon, and those who don’t. The debut of Dragon Ball Super, the actual, official sequel to the original series, should have cleared the air, because it’s a completely different story from GT, but things are not so simple.

Dragon Ball’s Publisher Made GT Canon With An Official Timeline

In 2022, thanks to fans such as @DBGTLegacy, pictures resurfaced on the internet from the 2017 edition of an event called Dragon Ball Tenkaichi Budosai, a Japanese festival dedicated to the franchise, which included an exhibit on the history of Dragon Ball. Shueisha, the publisher of the manga, provided an Official Dragon Ball Timeline Board and, much to everyone’s surprise, this included not only the events shown in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super, but also those in Dragon Ball GT, complete with pictures of the most famous characters from the anime, such as Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, and Goku and Vegeta’s future descendants. This is possible because, in fact, Dragon Ball Super takes place immediately after the end of Z, while GT was set five years later, so the timeline is still coherent, for now.

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According to the timeline, Dragon Ball GT takes place between the years 789 and 889 of the Dragon Ball calendar (for reference, the battle with Frieza on Namek takes place in 762). This is, however, not the first time that GT has been considered part of the franchise’s canon. In 2013, a timeline was included in the Chouzenshuu 4: Dragon Ball Super Encyclopedia, an illustrated book guide to the franchise, that was identical to the timeline used for the Akira Toriyama: The World of DRAGON BALL art exhibition held in Tokyo and Osaka. Both timelines included the events in Dragon Ball GT, so the one used in 2017’s Budosai is just further confirmation that, according to Toriyama and Shueisha, who own the franchise, the much-maligned anime is indeed canon.

when does dragon ball gt take place

Even Akira Toriyama Considers GT “Canon”

In fact, one of the reasons why many fans don’t want to consider GT as part of the canon is that the anime is the least appreciated part of the Dragon Ball saga, bringing significant changes to popular characters and introducing new ones that were scarcely successful. However, Toriyama himself declared GT “a minor part of the Dragon Ball story” and was personally involved in several stages of its making. Perhaps the best possible answer is that GT actually takes place in a parallel universe, a concept that was introduced in Dragon Ball Super. Super Saiyan 4 also appears in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, a manga set in an alternate universe. Until there is an official statement of the opposite by Toriyama or Shueisha, fans of Dragon Ball should consider Dragon Ball GT’s story as part of the franchise’s canon, as this official timeline proves.

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Dragon Ball Daima release date, cast, trailer 

An upcoming Dragon Ball animated series, titled Dragon Ball Daima, has been announced at the New York City Comic Con (NYCC) in celebration of the franchise’s 40th anniversary.

Dragon Ball Daima will see a number of classic Dragon Ball Z characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma transformed into children, similar to the way Goku became a child in Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama, is said to be heavily involved with the production of Daima, overseeing the original work, story, and character designs, so we won’t have to deal with some non-canon stuff – I’m looking at you, Dragon Ball GT.

With regards to its timeline, Dragon Ball Daima takes place between the events of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. It fills the events that happened after the Z Fighters defeated Majin Buu and before the arrival of Beerus.

Dragon Ball Daima cast

The English and Japanese cast are yet to be revealed.

Even Bulma actress Monia Rial and Whis actor Ian Sinclair were caught off guard when Daima was announced at NYCC. Iyoku confirmed that Bulma would be in it but answered “maybe” when asked about Whis.

How old is Goku in Dragon Ball?

The little Saiyan explodes into Bulma’s life at the young, naïve age of 11 years old. The original Dragon Ball series follows Goku exploring the world and meeting what he’ll soon call family.

His age impacts the action and scenarios massively compared to later sequels which makes the show feel more like a slice-of-life comedy. After accompanying Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong and Puar to stop Emperor Pilaf and his forces from using the Dragon Balls towards world domination, Goku trains to prepare for the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.

A three-year interim takes place, meaning he grows to the age of 15 before he can take part. Directly following the tournament is when the Piccollo arc takes place and another three years later is when it wraps, setting Goku up as an 18-year-old adult.

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How old is Goku in Dragon Ball Z?

Dragon Ball Z is where the meat of the series takes place. Five years after the events of Dragon Ball, Goku is now 23. He’s now joined by his five-year-old son, Gohan.

Sadly, this is where we see Goku sacrifice himself in order to stop his evil half Saiyan brother, Raditz, from destroying the world. As the Z Fighters train on Earth for the arrival of Raditz’s superiors Vegeta and Nappa, Goku trains in the afterlife. Upon his resurrection through the Dragon Balls, Goku remains physically 23 but chronologically ages to 24 when he helps drive Vegeta from the Earth.

After defeating Frieza, Goku spends the next three years training once again for the arrival of the androids, landing him at 27. Several arcs later and many more world-ending opponents vanquished, Goku is forced to sacrifice himself once again, this time to stop Cell.

He remains dead for the next seven years until Elder Kai’s resurrection to defeat Majin Buu. The series experiences a 10-year jump which means Goku is (bear with us) 37 but chronologically 44.

when does dragon ball gt take place

How old is Goku in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super takes place during Dragon Ball Z, sitting between that 10-year-gap between Majin Buu’s defeat and the epilogue at the end of the series. We enter into Super roughly around 4 years into that jump, so in the first episode Goku body-wise is about 30-31 years old, but in terms of hard, chronological time, he is 38 years old when we meet him again.

As we reach the end of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the sequel animated movie, not much time has actually passed – about a year, making Goku physically 32 and in actual lived years 39. The manga has continued on beyond the events of Broly, but as of yet, there hasn’t been a clear definition as to how long it’s been since that confrontation and showdown.

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