When did minecraft dungeons come out ? What happened with Minecraft: Dungeons

When did minecraft dungeons come out ? At the end of March, Minecraft Dungeons received a new release date of May 26, which is now just one day away. With that being the case, some fans will certainly be curious about an exact Minecraft Dungeons release time so that they can get into the action as soon as possible. It is these players for which this guide is intended, and all of the details on the release of this highly-anticipated dungeon crawler can be found below.

To cut to the chase, the digital release of Minecraft Dungeons will unlock for all platforms on May 26, 2020 at the following times:

  • 1 AM PDT
  • 4 AM EDT
  • 9 AM BST
  • 10 AM CEST
  • 5 PM JST
  • 6 PM AEST

This all mean that there are only a handful of hours left on the Minecraft Dungeons release countdown, and many players are certain to be watching their clocks carefully. Some fans may even be pre-loading Minecraft Dungeons to make sure that they are ready to go as soon as the game launches.

With respect to what fans will find when the Minecraft Dungeons release time comes, this title is centered around randomly-generated dungeons that players can explore by themselves or with friends. Indeed, Minecraft Dungeons supports both local and online multiplayer, and while it will not allow for cross-platform play at launch, many fans will definitely take advantage of the chance to play with pals.

For players that are still deciding if they want to pickup the title, it is worth mentioning that Minecraft Dungeons reviews have been somewhat middling thus far, and it holds a Metacritic score of around 70 at the time of writing. There are, of course, other factors that players may want to consider before buying Minecraft Dungeons, but the critical consensus is worth mentioning none the less.

One final thing to say about Minecraft Dungeons’ release is that there are two versions of the game available: a Standard Edition and Hero Edition. Both of these will be available at the aforementioned Minecraft Dungeons release time, and the Hero Edition will give players access to two DLC packs, a Hero Cape, two skins, and a chicken pet, allowing fans to start this new dungeon crawler in style.

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when did minecraft dungeons come out

Minecraft Dungeons Release Date Is Official, And It’s Coming Soon

The release date of Minecraft Dungeons has been officially confirmed for May 26th. Minecraft Dungeons is a spinoff game of the massively popular survival sandbox Minecraft. While still maintaining the blocky charm of Minecraft, this title steps away from Minecraft’s usual gameplay, and focuses more primarily on action and combat.

With procedurally generated dungeons and loot, Minecraft Dungeons may feel like more of a hybrid between Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac, and the Diablo series. Mojang first announced the title without a release date, and fans have been speculating when this new interesting take on the world of Minecraft would actually release.

Since Minecraft was initially released in 2009, the game has constantly evolved with regular updates. With each new update, Minecraft steps further and further away from the casual building game it once was. Mojang has constantly pushed the limits of sandbox games when it comes to including new features. Now, Mojang’s experimentation has brought the world of Minecraft into an entirely new genre. The dungeon-crawler genre was the perfect choice to expand upon the treacherous and treasure-filled caverns beneath the surface of Minecraft.

According to the Minecraft.net announcement, Mojang originally intended to release Minecraft Dungeons during the month of April. Due to the world’s unanimous social distancing during the pandemic, Mojang had to ensure the development team was safe before they could complete the project, and a small delay was needed. The game will release May 26th, with the $20 Standard Edition and the $30 Hero Edition which will also grant future access to two upcoming DLC packs. The game is only available for preorder on Windows, so players on any other platform will have to wait for release day to purchase and install Minecraft Dungeons.

In terms of actual gameplay, Minecraft Dungeons will feature many randomized gameplay elements such as dungeon paths, enemies, and treasure. In other words, the game will be different each and every time it’s played. Mojang has stated that players will not be able to build houses or place blocks at will. However, the freedom of Minecraft is still present. Minecraft Dungeons will not include character classes, which means players can craft their own play style and fight mobs exactly how they want.

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When it comes to multiplayer, four players on the same platform can play online together, with cross-platform play coming at a later date. According to Mojang’s FAQ, the game will not include matchmaking. Minecraft Dungeons was apparently designed to encourage couch co-op, or online play with friends. With its low price and seemingly high replay ability, Minecraft Dungeons is shaping up to be a worthy spinoff of its massively popular parent. The game will only further contribute to the lovable and creative environments of Minecraft, and perhaps offer some even more intense gameplay.

when did minecraft dungeons come out

What happened with Minecraft: Dungeons

Minecraft: Dungeons came out on the 26th of May and was received very positively. Many gaming personalities started playing it on twitch and youtube and reviewers reacted positively. The game was a ARPG “Diablo style” game, which while many said has greatly simplified the genre, still enjoyed its mechanics and gameplay.

However, Minecraft: Dungeons has come and gone, and 5 months later virtually no internet persona still plays the game. The player base has clearly dwindled, and considering its great initial reception, it is curious as to what caused this.

On release, the game received some criticism that it was short on content. There weren’t many levels, and instead, you could replay the levels at a higher difficulty. While this is not a bad idea per say, it is just not enough in this case. Even shortly after the game’s release, I finished all of the levels and it got quite stale quickly to play through the same levels over and over.

In addition, there was a distinct lack of synergy between the gear you could obtain and equip. Creating a more complex combination, a “set” so to say, was just not possible, which meant that the moment you found a new weapon with slightly better DPS, the best thing to do was to equip it, without worrying about any enchantments or need to plan for a certain “build”. This meant that users did not have a specific item or build to focus around, the character was ever-changing and never truly a planned entity. This works for many games of course, but not so much for Minecraft: Dungeons.

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In relation to the above, while leveling you would receive “Enchantment points” to upgrade your gear further which seemed like a great way to commit to a piece of gear and preserve your points, until you realize that salvaging the item, refunds all points invested into it, ready to use them on the next item you found.

Despite the waning player base and popularity, it seems Mojang and Microsoft are not giving up on the game just yet, with updates being released and new content being announced during the Minecraft Live event.

Howling Peaks, will be released in December with new gear, missions and mobs. The update will also add new obstacles to the terrain, such as cool new animals like mountain goats and the force of wind, which can push players around or off the edges of the map.

During the same event Mojang informed us of upcoming cross-platform multiplayer for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch which will be added into the game during November.

In conclusion, while Minecraft: Dungeons was quite the fun on release and really does have lots of potential, especially playing with your friends. The Achilles heal of the title is not quality, but rather its lack of content, which is what ultimately made it lose steam. Considering the upcoming updates as well as the yet to be announced future content, I will definitely give it another spin, and hopefully, the online community will too.

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