When did GTA vice city come out? 5 reasons why GTA Vice City is still popular

When did gta vice city come out? It’s been almost 20 years since GTA Vice City was announced, and what a legacy the game has cultivated throughout the past two decades. It was announced at E3 on May 22, 2002, and it wouldn’t come out until October 29, 2002. The rest is history.

It might not be a game the younger generation particularly cares for, but it’s a title that older gamers should remember as being one of the all-time greats of its time. It has a legendary reputation worth looking back at nearly two decades later.

The year 2002 saw the release of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice City, which went on to become one of the most popular games of all time. The primary reason was a combination of revolutionary gameplay, iconic soundtrack, and a deeply engaging plot.

The title also benefitted from a great cast of characters that is still memorable today. While it initially faced the challenge of living up to its massively successful predecessor, Vice City surpassed all expectations.

Two decades since its launch, the title is still held in high regard by players, which isn’t an easy thing to achieve. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at five reasons why GTA Vice City is still popular in 2023.

GTA Vice City was announced nearly 20 years ago

The early trailers for this game often focused on what made it different than its predecessor. Users were able to see how colorful this new location was, which was a stark departure from how dark and gritty GTA 3 was. Even now, this title’s atmosphere holds up well.

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Taking a trip down memory lane will focus on some of the game’s new additions, such as:

when did gta vice city come out

GTA Vice City reviews back in 2002

It should come as no surprise that GTA Vice City was critically acclaimed back in 2002. Many gamers loved the:


Interactive open world

New features

Characters and plot

Players can still find plenty of fans reminiscing about the game nearly 20 years later. GTA Vice City would sell 1.4 million copies two days after its release (an impressive record back then) and would become the fourth best-selling PS2 game of all time, with over 10.25 million copies sold.

Unsurprisingly, it would win several awards, such as Choice Video Game from the Teen Choice Award.

Naturally, this title would have several ports throughout the years, including the controversial GTA Trilogy.

How does the game fare today?

Obviously, this title was legendary for its time, yet fans must wonder if it holds up well today. That answer would vary based on their criteria and what they want from a video game.

There are antiquated features that were a product of their time that the younger generation of users won’t enjoy, such as:

Almost no fast-travel option

Aged graphics

Limited quality-of-life features compared to other modern gamers (like instant replays when failing a mission outside of the GTA Trilogy)

That doesn’t mean the game is unplayable in 2022 and beyond, but it isn’t a title that everybody will enjoy today. There will still be plenty of people who love the game, especially if they grew up with it.

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It’s been nearly 20 years since Rockstar Games announced GTA Vice City, and now, many gamers are hoping that GTA 6 will be announced soon (and take place in the aforementioned city).

Engaging storyline and 4 more reasons why GTA Vice City is still popular in 2023

1) Setting

Rockstar Games’ 2002 title is set in a fictional iteration of Miami, named Vice City. It is a bustling city full of colors, serene beaches, and picturesque locations, making it the perfect setting for GTA Vice City’s story.

In addition, the game’s plot is set in the late 1980s, a vibrant decade that is fondly remembered today.

All of these things greatly helped in providing a deeply immersive experience, that only a few games could replicate at the time. In 2023, Vice City’s setting makes for sublime nostalgia, bringing back old players and even inviting new ones to its wonderful world.

2) Engaging storyline

Back in 2002, not many games included a multiplayer mode, and hence, had to come up with a plot convincing enough to spark players’ interest. Fortunately, GTA Vice City performs really well in this regard.

The game features an incredibly engaging storyline that portrays the journey of Tommy Vercetti, a member of the Forelli Crime Family, looking to make things right in Vice City.

Each mission offers something unique, keeping players on the edge of their seats till the very end. Even after the release of multiple new entries in the franchise, Grand Theft Auto Vice City’s plot ranks pretty high.

when did gta vice city come out

3) Memorable characters

No matter how well-written, a story is only as good as its characters. With the wrong cast, GTA Vice City would not have been a great experience, but luckily, that wasn’t the case.

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Besides having a solid lead character in Tommy Vercetti, Rockstar filled the title with an incredible cast. Some of these include Tommy’s erratic lawyer, Ken Rosenberg, associate Kent Paul, and the antagonist, Sonny Forelli.

However, the most memorable of them all is Tommy Vercetti’s eccentric partner in crime, Lance Vance. He, along with a few others, also appeared in 2006’s GTA Vice City Stories, a prequel to this game.

4) Iconic soundtrack

A game’s soundtrack is as important as anything else as it helps with immersion and sets the tone for any moment. GTA Vice City has the luxury of featuring some of the best music from the 1980s, which transports players back in time.

Artists like Michael Jackson, Laura Branigan, and many others can be heared on Vice City’s radio. While many songs were unfortunately removed from the game quite recently, what remains is still a treat.

5) Release of The Definitive Edition

Rockstar Games remastered Grand Theft Auto’s original trilogy and released it in 2022 as The Definitive Edition. Although it wasn’t well-received, due to it being riddled with bugs, the remaster reminded everyone about the greatness of the original game.

Additionally, GTA 5 and Online have been out for almost a decade with no sequel in sight. Hence, many players returned to the 2002 classic to relive the Tommy Vercetti’s journey on the east coast. While there isn’t any official news regarding Grand Theft Auto 6, the sequel is heavily rumored to be set in Vice City.

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