What to do in Minecraft when Bored ? 10 Silly Things To Do In Minecraft When You’re Bored

What to do in minecraft when bored ? Minecraft has nearly unlimited possibilities when it comes to what you can create in the game and what you can do. Part of the game’s staying power has been the sandbox nature and the new features they keep piling into the game. But you can still get a bit bored after yet another survival world has lost your interest. What can you do to keep enjoying Minecraft when you have mined everything, killed the Ender Dragon and hung out in the Nether? Plenty.

These things may not be the largest build challenges ever, but they’re nice challenges and change ups that should keep you logging back into the world and continuing to build upon it. Some of these things are open-ended, and that’s done on purpose since Minecraft itself is an open-ended concept.

10. Start The Minecraft Bore Hole Project To The Bottom Of The World

Mining is typically done with a stair step approach, so your character can access different levels of your world in a quick and easy fashion. Well, that gets repetitive if you’ve done it for years, so make the mine the main aspect of your whole build. Build everything around a gigantic mine hole that goes straight down.

You can create your base on the sides of the hole, while having a spiraling staircase around the perimeter be the way you can access the bottom levels. This takes a long time and causes you to collect a lot of material on the way down. This also means you can be super detail-oriented for each level of your base. Just keep going down.

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what to do in minecraft when bored

9. Make Your Own Tower of Babel

In the reverse of the Bore Hole Project, make a sky-high structure that towers over the surrounding landscape. If you want to really give yourself a big challenge, then keep everything you would have in a base inside your tower.

If you create farms inside its walls as well, this challenge will keep your brain working on how to deal with proper storage in a smallish area while also trying to build upwards. Make your own Minecraft Burj Khalifa, and you’ll certainly never get lost walking around your world since it will tower above everything else.

8. Create A Dam And Reshape The Landscape

Find a narrow waterway or valley and then build a dam structure with spillways for the water to fall through. You can use buckets to bring the water level behind the dam up much higher and then go to town adding additional features and details to the structure.

Since no dam is created equal look to real life examples for the kind of style you want, and if you want to go big, by all means go big with your dam. Kudos if you can rebuild the first level from Goldeneye in Minecraft. If you really want to have some fun, make some TNT and delight in the destruction of this public works project.

7. Create A Cliff Fortress

Find the sharpest, highest peak in the world and make that your home. The additional height will make it a bit more difficult for mobs to make it to your front door, and you can tower above the rest of the land above you.

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You’ll also be stretched design-wise, since you’ll have to contend with limited space and how you want to handle farming. You can make your cliff fortress a one-stop shop or a place to sleep while all your important stuff is down below.

6. Go Big With Farming

Once you get a decent number of crops going in Minecraft, you really don’t have to make that much more to feed yourself. With this challenge, make a large, spanning farm with many types of crops, proper fencing and labeling, along with any other support structures you find interesting.

You’ll never go hungry with this idea, and you can find the act of farming to be quite soothing, even when done in a virtual fashion.

5. Create A Copy Of Your Hometown

Ever since we could customize our games, people have been making virtual recreations of the space they occupy. Minecraft is no different, and designing your home downtown or other real-life locations can take hours, but in the end, it’s super rewarding.

Bring up Google maps and look at street view to get an always accessible example. This also might be one of the few times that somebody who doesn’t play Minecraft will want to hear all about your creation and see screenshots of it.

4. Re-Live Castaway By Building A Survival World On A Small, Desert Island

You’re quickly going to be resource starved and have to figure out how to adjust in a hurry. You have to figure out how to utilize your space on the land above and wrangle a mining shaft from the surface to down below without digging straight into the ocean. Don’t forget to build a volleyball-looking thing named Wilson.

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It’s time-consuming and much more difficult than other survival base settings, but it certainly gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Just be sure to have a starter chest from the get go!

what to do in minecraft when bored

3. Do Battle With Father Winter

If you’re in a mountain alpine environment, every time it snows, the white stuff just keeps piling up. While this is annoying to most (some even quit the world altogether because of this), you can make it a challenge and continue to build your base while clearing off the white stuff from the ground as Minecraft goes through its weather cycle.

Just be warned, the snow can pile up quick, and it can be a lot to continuously shovel snow in a virtual world.

2. Build An Underground Fortress And Call It Your BatCave

Try something completely new and make your base in one of the large caves or caverns that is generated. To make it even more challenging, go down deep, very deep and start building your base.

You will still need to come up from time to time to get wood, but overall, you’ll be focused on making a secure location down below when you can fight off mobs and grow crops by torchlight. You might end up looking like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings by the end, but at least you will have a cool base to show off.

1. Build An Underwater Atlantis

By using glass and some creative ways of mining, you can create an underwater location that would rival Gungan City from Star Wars. This kind of build will take time because you’ll be dealing with flooding issues during construction, and you’ll need to make a lot of glass, but the results can be really stunning.

The challenge isn’t for somebody who just likes to spread their builds out on large flat plains, but that might be why you’re bored with Minecraft in the first place.

Above is information what to do in minecraft when bored.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what to do in minecraft when bored .Thank you for reading our post.

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