What Pokemon is good Against Persian ? Defeating Persian in Pokemon GO

What pokemon is good against persian ? With Giovanni back in Pokemon GO, many players are getting around their best battle teams to take him and his powerful new ally, Shadow Lugia, on in battle.

While many players are focusing on how to take down the powerful legendary Pokemon, Giovanni’s other Pokemon may slip under the radar when preparing for war, leaving players defenseless against his other Pokemon.

Veterans of the franchise know that Giovanni is not truly Giovanni unless his trusty Persian is by his side. Feeding into the stereotype of the evil mastermind always petting the cat in their lap while addressing their subordinates, Giovanni has been known to have a Persian since the franchise’s debut, and Pokemon GO is no different.

Knowing how to deal with not just one of Giovanni’s Pokemon but the first one he sends out can make the battle much easier.

Countering Persian in Pokemon GO

The first thing to keep in mind when going against any Pokemon in Pokemon GO is its typing. Persian is a pure Normal-type Pokemon. This means that Persian only resists Ghost-type attacks and only takes super effective damage from Fighting-type attacks. Normal-type attacks also deal significantly less damage against Ghost, Rock, and Steel-type Pokemon.

Persian’s stats are terrible in Pokemon GO. There is simply no other way to put it. Even for a fully evolved Pokemon, Persian is just a bad Pokemon. Persian was built around the niche of critical hits in its debut generation.

Back in Pokemon Red and Blue, where Persian originated, critical hits were determined by the speed stat of a Pokemon. This mechanic was quickly taken out of the game, and Persian was useless ever since. In Pokemon GO, Persian has an attack stat of 150, a defense stat of 136 and a stamina stat of 163.

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The best strategy to use when dealing with Persian is not simply to overpower it as that would require a Fighting-type Pokemon. Bringing a Fighting-type Pokemon would be a waste as Lugia would take it down very easily later in the fight.

The best strategy for taking down Persian is to outlast it. What this means is to mitigate its damage output while dealing chip damage. The best way to do this is to use a powerful Ghost-type Pokemon like Gengar. Bonus points if this Gengar has Focus Blast.

Defeating Persian in Pokemon GO is easy due to its lack of stats and powerful attacks. Persian is present solely for fulfilling the role as the pet of an evil leader of an evil organization. Persian is completely helpless against chip damage from fast attacks; even Ghost-type fast attacks can be scary for Persian.

what pokemon is good against persian

What is Persian’s Weakness

Pokemon Go is making a comeback, and Giovanni’s Persian is the main villain nobody can defeat. Being a Normal type, people question what could get through its defenses. Well, not many things.

Everything is straightforward with powers such as Fire and Water, but this one comes right out of the right field. Fortunately, if you want to know what element is the chosen one that can bring down Persian and Alola Persian as well, this is where to learn that.

What is Persian’s Weakness in Pokemon Go?

Persian’s weakness, which is not solely present in Pokemon Go, is the Fighting Type. These guys get a 60% bonus on the damage dealt on Normal types.

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The best Pokemon (with their strongest attacks) to use against Persian and deal maximum damage are:

  • Lucario (Aura Sphere)
  • Conkeldurr (Dynamic Punch)
  • Breloom (Dynamic Punch)
  • Machamp (Dynamic Punch)
  • Blaziken (Focus Blast)
  • Sirfetch’d (Close Combat)

The quick attack they should learn to counter Persian is Counter. This ability has a high amount of DPS (around 13 per second) and destroys Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark Pokemon. Therefore, anyone combating Normal types should always equip Counter as their base skill.

The other elements also hurt it well enough. Players should, however, thoroughly avoid using Ghost type powers against this Pokemon. They will only deal 39% of the total average damage output.

Persian is also a Tier 3 Raid Boss that boasts a total of 12000 CP. With 3600 HP, this boss would require around two to three players to beat.

Alola Persian Weaknesses

Another version of Persian one might stumble into is the Alola form. It is also weak to the Fighting type, with a bit of Bug and Fairy vulnerability.

On the other hand, it is more resistant toward Ghost, Dark, and Psychic Pokemon.

The greatest companions in Pokemon Go against this Persian form are:

  • Lucario (Aura Sphere)
  • Conkeldurr (Dynamic Punch)
  • Breloom (Dynamic Punch)
  • Volcarona (Bug Buzz)
  • Blaziken (Focus Blast)
  • Heracross (Megahorn)

what pokemon is good against persian

Pokemon Go Persian’s Best Moveset

Persian is a Normal category Pokémon and it has six thick whiskers that give it a rugged appearance. To assess what is in the Pokémon’s immediate vicinity, the whiskers detect air movements and If these whiskers are grabbed, it becomes docile as they are highly sensitive. Continue reading the article to know more about this Pokemon and the required moves to defeat it in battle.

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So how to beat Persian in Pokemon Go? Persian is a Normal-type monster with the ability to use any of the following types of moves: Normal, Dark, Fairy, and Rock.

Fighting-type moves will be the best to use when you encounter Persian anywhere, but Persian is the weakest of the three Pokemon that you will face when you are having a battle against Giovanni.

In such a case it would really help to use some charge based attack of your strongest Pokemon’s charge move in preparation for the final Pokemon at the end of the fight. Some of the charge moves that you can charge and use on this Pokemon are:

  • Lucario – Counter/Power-Up Punch
  • Machamp – Counter/Cross Chop
  • Blaziken – Counter/Blaze Kick
  • Poliwrath – Mud Shot/Power-Up Punch

Here is a summary of steps that you need to keep note of during a fight against Persian:

  • Always use the CP (Combat Power) Advantage
  • Use Move Types Persian is Weak Against
  • Use Pokemon and moves that are of the same type as this will grant an additional amount of damage
  • Make use of the Best types of Pokemon that Persian is weak against
  • For getting Max Damage, you can use High DPS Movesets


  • Attack of 150
  • Defence of 136
  • Stamina of 163
  • Max CP with weather boost
  • Level 25 (raids) – 1,206
  • Level 35 (wild) – 1,568
  • Max HP at Level 40 is 140
  • Reaches a height of up to 1m
  • Reaches a weight of up to 32kg
  • The Base capture rate is 20%
  • The base flee rate of this Pokemon is 7%
  • The distance needed to travel for buddy is 3km

Above is information what pokemon is good against persian.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what pokemon is good against persian .Thank you for reading our post.

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