What Pokemon are Strong Against Psychic ? Psychic Type Pokémon Weaknesses and Good Pokémon to Use Against Them

What pokemon are strong against psychic ? Here’s how to take advantage of Psychic-type Pokemon weaknesses in battle to bring them down. Struggling to defeat those pesky Psychic-type Pokemon? You’re not alone, Psychic-types can be especially troublesome in battle.

Not only can they confuse your Pokemon into hurting themselves, but they can also put your Pokemon to sleep in a single move. Finally, just when you’re about to win the battle or capture that Pokemon, they teleport away preventing you from doing either.

Psychic-type Pokemon have existed since the very first generation of Pokemon games, so they’ve given players trouble for over 25 years. They’re great if you’re using them, but a nightmare if you’re against them.

The good news is, that Psychic-type Pokemon have some well-known weaknesses that you can exploit when battling another trainer or trying to catch them in the wild.

Now that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are with us, here’s what you need to know to survive an encounter with a Psychic-type Pokemon – and to come out victorious.

what pokemon are strong against psychic

Psychic-type Pokemon weaknesses

When going into battle against Psychic-type Pokemon, it pays to know what their weaknesses are. Psychic-types are weak against Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokemon. Dark-types are especially useful as they are immune to Psychic moves.

Psychic moves also don’t do very much damage against Steel Pokemon or other Psychic types. Of course, this also means there’s little point in bringing a Psychic Pokemon to battle another Psychic Pokemon.

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Remember, a Psychic-type Pokemon could also have a second type, for example, they could also be a Grass-type. In this case, they’ll also be weak against other forms of damage relating to that type.

Psychic-type Pokemon strengths & resistances

We’d also avoid bringing Fighting-type Pokemon into a battle against Psychic-types, as their moves do little to no damage against them.

Poison-type Pokemon are also vulnerable to Psychic moves so perhaps leave those inside the Pokeball when in battle.

What is a Psychic-type Pokemon?

A Psychic-type Pokemon is any that specializes in certain moves that use psychic themes to either do damage or inflict status effects to an opponent. Rather than being elemental, psychic moves often scramble an enemy Pokemon’s brain in some way.

For example, ‘confusion’ is a psychic move. This puts the opposing Pokemon into a trance-like state in which the Pokemon attacks allies or themselves instead of the Pokemon casting the move.

Psychic-type Pokemon can also have a second ‘type’, which means it’s possible to be a psychic-type Pokemon and a Grass-type at the same time. There are also Water/Psychic-type Pokemon. However, the type is most often combined with, Ghost, Fairy, or Dark-type Pokemon.

Lots of Legendary Pokemon are Psychic-types due to many of them being directly descended from the powerful Pokemon God Arceus. Psychic damage is non-elemental, but Psychic-type Pokemon can also use elemental moves alongside their psychic moves.

Psychic Type Pokémon Strengths and Resistances

Psychic-type Pokémon are super effective against Fighting and Poison-types, inflicting double damage on them. This can spell trouble for some Pokémon who are also strong against them, such as Beedrill (Bug/Poison), and Gengar (Ghost/Poison).

Fighting-type moves also only do half damage to Psychic Pokémon as they resist them. As stated previously, they also resist moves of the same type as them.

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Psychic-type Pokémon also often have a high Special Attack stat. This means that Pokémon with low Special Defense can get hurt pretty easily if they take a Psychic move.

Attacks Super Effective Against Psychic Type Pokémon

As we’ve spoken about, the best moves to go for are ones that are Bug, Dark, or Ghost-type. This is especially true of physical type moves, to take advantage of the low Defense stat of Psychic-types.

It’s always key to remember that you don’t need a Pokémon that has Bug, Dark, or Ghost typing to use a super effective move. Lots of different Pokémon can learn them and help you out in a pinch.

Here is a list of some of the top 10 moves to look out for.

  • Dark Pulse (Dark)
  • Sucker Punch (Dark)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost)
  • Shadow Sneak (Ghost)
  • Poltergeist (Ghost)
  • U-Turn (Bug)
  • Knock Off (Dark)
  • Crunch (Dark)
  • Bug Bite (Bug)
  • X Scissor (Bug)

Tips on Defeating Psychic Type Pokémon

It is always key to remember that lots of Pokémon can learn super-effective moves against Psychic types and be good against them.

If you can’t find a Bug, Ghost, or Dark-type, then try looking for a Pokémon that learns a move of this type.

If all else fails, a good, powerful physical attack can pack a punch. This is because Psychic-types often have low Defense.

Some Psychic Pokémon are also slow with low Speed. As a result, you should be able to outspeed them before they hit you.

Remember that some Psychic-types may carry moves to counter your super-effective Pokémon. They may have a Fighting-type move such as Focus Blast for Dark-types, or a Ghost-type move such as Shadow Ball to hit Ghosts.

You can always scout out their moves by using Protect or Substitute to see whether you are in danger.

what pokemon are strong against psychic

Pokémon Good Against Psychic Types

There are plenty of Pokémon that can be good against Psychic-type Pokemon, that either can exploit their weaknesses or resist their moves.

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1. Scizor

Scizor resists Psychic-type moves and has high attack. This means it can do a lot of damage, especially as its ability Technician allows its moves to have more power.

Bullet Punch can also be used against faster Pokémon, or to quickly finish them off when weakened.

2. Umbreon

Umbreon has great defensive stats, meaning that a lot of moves barely make a scratch on it. As a result, it can recover damage taken using Wish, while sapping away an opponent’s health using Toxic.

If a Pokémon tries to set up on it, Foul Play is there to punish them.

3. Blissey

Blissey may not be a super-effective typing against Psychic-types, but it has 2 great things going for it.

Blissey has great Special Defense, meaning it can tank a lot of special moves. Alongside this, it has a massive HP stat making it hard to take down!

Blissey can heal itself with Softboiled and wear down its opponents with Toxic and Seismic Toss.

4. Golisopod

First Impression is Golisopod’s move of choice which is super effective against Psychic types and almost always moves first. It also has a great attack stat, meaning it can cause a lot of damage with its other moves.

Emergency Exit helps Golisopod to get out of danger if its HP is lowered to half or less.

5. Gengar

Gengar has always been a top choice as a Pokémon who is good against Psychic-types. It has amazing Special Attack and Speed, meaning it can use super-effective moves before the opponent can react.

It does need to be careful, though as Psychic moves are also super effective against it!

There are plenty more Pokémon out there good against Psychic-types. See our list below for some top choices, and some suggested moves.

Above is information what pokemon are strong against psychic.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what pokemon are strong against psychic .Thank you for reading our post.

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