What mods does Aphmau use ? What Aphmau uses in her roleplays for the 3d model?

What mods does aphmau use ? Nebula Network is back! Well, sort of. We’ve decided to revamp our old modpacks and bring them over to curse. Enjoy some new mods with the original Minecraft Diaries + feel.

Our servers sadly closed down back in 2017, and we have no plans on returning. It was originally hosted on the technic launcher. Feel free to use our modpack for your servers, if you encounter any issues, please either join the Nebula Network discord.

This modpack does NOT include a world. Aphmau has never made it public, although we attempted to recreate it, it is nowhere close to being finished nor are we releasing it to the public. This modpack is simply a recreation of her early setup. It does not include any worlds or configurations, it is just a collection of mods she used up to season 3 of the original series. I have not watched her in years but I assume that most of her mods are custom made.

Here is a list of the current mods, If you have any mod requests, feel free to send those in on our discord.

If you encounter some lag issues, its probably memory related, see the guide at the bottom of this page on how to fix that. You can install optifine yourself if you want.

what mods does aphmau use


What mod pack does Aphmau use? 

Although Aphmau has never made her mod pack available to the public, there are a few fan-built packs that try to replicate her configuration. Two well-liked choices are:

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Aphmau – CurseForge – MC Diaries +

CurseForge: Aphmau – MC Mystreet plus

A range of mods that expand Minecraft’s features, including new armor, weapons, creatures, and dimensions, are included in these mod bundles. A few custom mods that are unique to Aphmau’s series, such as her characters and settings, are also included.

It’s vital to remember that Aphmau does not officially support these mod packs, therefore there might be some glitches or compatibility problems. They are, nevertheless, a useful method to get acquainted with the tweaks she used in her videos.

What is Aphmau’s cat mod? ? 

Aphmau doesn’t employ a particular cat mod. Rather, she creates her unique cat look with a mix of tweaks. She primarily uses these two mods:

  • Metamorph: With this mod, you can add cat ears and tails to your character to change their appearance.
  • Blockbuster: With this mod, you can bring in your own 3D models into Minecraft.
  • Installing the Metamorph and Blockbuster modifications is the first step in creating Aphmau’s cat-like appearance. After installing the mods, go to a website like SketchFab and obtain a 3D model of cat ears and tails.

Additional elements, like unique fur textures or movements, can be added to Aphmau’s cat look using other mods. Nevertheless, the two most important modifications for getting Aphmau’s cat look are Metamorph and Blockbuster.

Here are some more pointers for getting Aphmau’s feline style:

  • Find a Blockbuster-compatible 3D model of cat tails and ears.
  • Verify that the 3D model is appropriately scaled to fit your character.
  • The color and texture of the cat tails and ears can be changed with Metamorph.
  • Additionally, you can use Metamorph to give your character additional features like a cat nose or whiskers.
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what mods does aphmau use

What kind of game does Aphmau play? 

Although Aphmau is best known for playing Minecraft, she has also engaged in a wide range of other gaming activities, such as:

  • Human: Take a Fall
  • Cooked over
  • Zero
  • One Gooey Life
  • Go or Perish!
  • gang creatures
  • Amidst Us
  • Fear of phasma
  • Vine Deer Valley
  • Animal Crossing: Beyond the Matrix
  • Roblox:
  • Friday Funkin’ Night

Along with her friends, Aphmau likes to play party games like Jackbox Party Pack and Mario Kart.

Aphmau makes roleplay series on her YouTube channel in addition to gaming. Her most well-known television shows are MyStreet and Minecraft Diaries, each of which have her own unique cast of characters and plots.

Aphmau is an adaptable player that likes to engage in a wide range of gaming activities. In addition, she is a gifted storyteller that gives her roleplay series’ characters life.

What Minecraft is Aphmau in? 

The Minecraft modpack Minecraft Diaries + contains Aphmau.

A fan-made modpack called Minecraft Diaries + seeks to replicate Aphmau’s setup from her well-known Minecraft Diaries series. A wide range of mods that expand Minecraft’s features, including new armor, weapons, creatures, and dimensions, are included in this modpack. It also has a few unique modifications exclusive to Aphmau’s series, such her personas and settings.

You will need to install a mod launcher, like Forge or Technic Launcher, in order to play Minecraft Diaries +. The Minecraft Diaries plus modpack can be downloaded from CurseForge after installing a mod launcher.

Above is information what mods does aphmau use.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what mods does aphmau use .Thank you for reading our post.

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