What level is coal in Minecraft ? Where to find Coal in Minecraft 1.18

What level is coal in minecraft ? We’ve gone through an entire Minecraft patch cycle since Mojang completely overhauled the world’s ore distribution system. With it, the old Y=11 rule was retired and now you need to have an entirely different strategy depending on which ore you’re looking to find. While it’s easy to remember that old traditions no longer apply, it’s harder to remember exactly which world level is the most likely to have what you’re looking for. In this guide, we explain where you can find coal ore and what the best single height is in Minecraft 1.20 as far as density goes.

What is the Best Level/Height to Find Coal Ore?

Coal used to appear between evenly between Y=0 and Y=125. This made things incredibly easy. Whatever material you were looking for would also help you uncover all the coal you could possibly need. With the newer ore distribution, however, coal is completely nonexistent below Y=0, where you’re likely digging for diamonds.

You can find coal ore between levels zero and 256. There are two different sections of coal. One is a triangle shape, between Y=0 and Y=192, becoming more common as you approach Y=96 and less common as you reach those outer extremities. Because of this Y=96 is the best place to mine for coal in most areas.

This isn’t true 100% of the time, however. There’s a secondary distribution of coal that is only available in extremely high world heights. This one begins at Y=136 and extends all the way up to the world generation limit at Y=256. This shape is a rectangle, meaning the odds are static the entire way through. This second section does overlap with the first in some points meaning Y=136 is likely to have the most coal per chunk, making it the true best level to mine.

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An important change, however, is the added effect of reduced air exposure. From a technical standpoint, this means when the world is being generated and a coal ore block is about to be placed in a location where it would be exposed to open air (like in a cave), there’s a chance that the ore will be skipped instead. In short, this means there is a higher chance of finding coal ore if you’re mining. You will need to balance speed and the number of coal. You can more quickly venture through caves than you can mine tunnels.

It’s worth noting that you can still find copper, iron, emerald, and gold at these levels, but there are now more optimal heights if you’re searching specifically for those materials.

what level is coal in minecraft

Where to find coal ore as of the Minecraft 1.18 update

As of the Minecraft 1.18 “Caves and Cliffs” part 2 update, coal ore has become much more common and will generate in large blobs. These blobs are found between the height levels Y = 256 and Y = 0.

It should be noted, however, that coal ore blobs are not uniformly generated between height levels 0 and 256. The most common level in which coal ore blobs can be found is between Y = 95 and Y = 96.

A good tip for those in search of coal ore without having the resources to strip mine, is to visually scan the surface level and the sides of cliff structures. Exposed coal ore can often be found here, sometimes in huge chunks. This method is particularly useful for those in the early stages of the game as not much mining is required.

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Those looking to accumulate a large amount of coal in a relatively short amount of time, however, may find it beneficial to strip mine at the levels Y = 95 and Y = 96. At these levels, coal generates at a common rate and many stacks can be obtained in under 20 minutes or so, provided everything is done correctly.

Players are advised to strip mine for coal at its optimal level. A thoroughly detailed guide on how to effectively employ the strip mine technique in Minecraft can be found above.

Everything related to finding the most coal in Minecraft 1.20

Distribution of coal ore in Minecraft

In the Java edition, coal seems to be generated in two batches per chunk. This ore is generally generated in clusters of 0-37. The first batch of coal ore tries to generate 30 times per chunk between Y levels 136 and 320, while the second one generates 20 times between Y levels 0 and 192. In the Bedrock edition, coal ore tends to be generated in three batches, two similar to the Java edition plus a third between Y levels 128 and 256.

Out of the total amount of coal that is generated per chunk in the second batch, only 50% are exposed. The remaining coal ores are covered behind stone, granite, diorite, or any other block.

The best level to find coal in Minecraft

As discussed previously, coal is widely distributed throughout the Overworld. As you move toward either side of the range mentioned above, the ore generation reduces. Therefore, the best level to find coal in Minecraft 1.20 is Y level 96.

Some tips while mining for coal ore

Coal ore can only be mined using a pickaxe. Using any other tool will not give a drop. One coal ore drops only one coal. Therefore, to increase the drops, players can use a pickaxe with fortune enchantment. As the fortune enchantment level increases, so does the drop rate. Fortune I will drop 1 to 2 coal, fortune II will drop 1 to 3 coal, while fortune III will drop between 1 to 4 coals. Therefore, the maximum amount of coal a player can get from one coal ore is four.

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what level is coal in minecraft

Other places to find coal

Although mining is the easiest way, there are other ways to find coal. Coal can be generated in chests present in structures such as mineshafts, dungeons, igloos, ancient cities, villages, shipwrecks, strongholds, trail ruins, woodland mansions, cold ocean ruins, and underwater ruins. Wither skeletons also have a 0.33% chance of dropping coal when slain.

Coal 1.18 Guide

To find Coal in Minecraft 1.18, you will want to head into the high elevations of the mountains. Coal now spawns more frequently higher up in the world, and you will hopefully see it exposed in the sides of mountains.

Coal starts appearing more frequently at Y-Level 136 all the way to the top at Y-Level 256. In the previous versions of Minecraft, Coal spawned relatively evenly throughout all areas the world.

While Coal does show up a lot more frequently in those higher levels that doesn’t mean you won’t find it lower. You can find it frequently at Y-level 96, but the caveat to this is that it will generally spawn more if the block isn’t exposed to air. This is a new mechanic added to the game that prevents some resources from spawning too much if they are in cave like environments.

The reduced air exposure addition also affects Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, and Gold. That means that when you want to locate these types of resources, you will want to mine areas that are not exposed to air when the world was created.

Coal still spawns quite a bit throughout the height of your Minecraft world. You will find it at the top of Y-Level 256 and all the way down to Y-0. Anything below that level, however, will not spawn Coal.

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