What level does Noibat Evolve in Pokemon Sword

What level does noibat evolve in pokemon sword ? Noibat’s evolution line, spawn location, and statistics are now available. I can’t wait to get running through the Galarian region and getting my hands on one, so here’s everything you’d need to know so you can do the same.

This little bat-themed Dragon type pokémon became an instant favorite when it was released in Gen VI, and for good reason.

It is extremely adorable on top of being able to fill the more uncommon niche of Dragon-types on your team, and can evolve into the fast and powerful Noivern. For those of you wanting to get your own Noibat (and who wouldn’t?), here’s how to find and evolve Noibat into Noivern in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Finding Noibat

This little cutie is slightly harder to find, as are most Dragon types. It only shows up in Bridge Field, Galar Mine No. 2, and the Watchtower Ruins with varying encounter rates. It seems to like Thunderstorms best, so try hitting up one of these locations when it’s storming.

Evolving Noibat into Noivern

Noibat evolves into Noivern at level 48, a relatively high threshold for first time evolutions. Most Noibat you find in the wild will be between levels 20 and 29, so you’ll have to be patient with the slightly weaker Noibat before it can reach its full potential.

what level does noibat evolve in pokemon sword

Noivern Moveset

With its high Speed and Special Attack stats, Noivern is all about hitting fast and hitting hard. Tailwind is a particularly useful move to up this speed stat even further, ensuring that your Noivern will be going first every turn.

While Screech might sound like a good idea to make sure you hit harder, it actually doesn’t complement Noivern’s moveset seeing as how its most powerful moves all affect the Special Defense stat instead of the Defense stat.

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We recommend a moveset of Boomburst, Tailwind, either Air Slash or Hurricane, and your choice of a fourth move.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Noibat Locations

Noibat is a rare spawn Flying/Dragon Type Pokemon found in Galar Mine No. 2 and sometimes you can find them at the Watchtower Ruins, these places are very common for a bat Pokemon, so you’ll find them after roaming around these areas for a while.

Most of the Noibat’s come out from their caves at night; Yes, their caves! as they don’t only look like bats, they are bats, hence the name.

Noibat has an ultrasonic wave ability which helps to detect which fruits are ripened, since Noibat’s are Dragon types so they’re fragile towards Rock, Dragon, Fairy, Ice Type pokemon. This Pokemon is a very rare spawn, it appears once in every ten spawns.

Keep in mind to lower the volume, as Noibat are easy to scare and you can even lose your chance for catching them. Don’t go directly at the poor thing, use steady and baby steps to approach it. Because if you’re seen, it will fly away.

Noibat Abilities

Noibat possesses abilities such as Frisk and Infiltrator. Frisk allows it to check the item held by the opponent, whereas Infiltrator enables it to pass the opponent’s barrier and attack.

How To Evolve Noibat

To evolve Noibat, it’s rather simple. You only need to do one thing, and that is to level up your Pokemon. It does require it to be semi-high level, so it may be a little time-consuming to evolve your Noibat into Noivern. To evolve your Noibat, they have to get to level 48. You can level them up in a number of ways.

The fastest way would be using rare candies and XP candies that you have collected from the Overworld and Tera Raids. You can equally do battles with them, using XP share to get them level-ups.

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This is the fastest way of level-ups through battle. Finally, you can do auto-battles with your Pokemon. By sending them out on their own, they will battle any Pokemon they come across.

However, this doesn’t grant much XP in doing so. It is still a viable method, but it may take quite a while for your Noibat to reach level 48.

Once they have reached level 48, your Noibat will evolve into Noivern, a powerful Flying Dragon-type Pokemon.

Level 48 can be a little bit of a grind, though. If you don’t fancy that, Noivern does spawn in the wild in select locations of northeast Paldea.

Noibat Evolution

Noibat only has one evolution step above its base, evolving to Noivern at level 48. Personally, I think the little bat Pokemon’s evolved form is one of the coolest of recent generations, and that’s probably why I fell in love with Noibat so much.

Noibat Location

Noibats tend to hang out in Bridge Fields and around Galar Mine No. 2, though you can also find them in the Watchtower Ruins. I suppose those are pretty self-explanatory places for a bat Pokemon to reside, but it never hurts to be redundant.

what level does noibat evolve in pokemon sword


Is Noivern a good Pokemon sword ?

Noivern is an effective Pokémon in Sword and Shield, yes. It is a potent offensive threat thanks to its high Special Attack stat and solid Speed stat. It can take some blows thanks to its strong Special Defense stat. Noivern is a versatile Pokémon to use on your squad because of its Flying/Dragon typing, which gives it a solid combination of resistances and weaknesses.

The powerful attacks Noivern may use include Air Slash, Draco Meteor, Boomburst, and Heat Wave. It can also pick up helpful maneuvers like Roost and Tailwind. Noivern is a flexible attacker as a result, and he can play on a variety of teams.

Here are some pointers for successfully utilizing Noivern in Sword and Shield:

With attacks like Air Slash, Draco Meteor, and Boomburst, use Noivern’s high Special Attack stat to land a powerful blow.

  • Noivern has a good speed stat, so use it to outrun your opponents and strike first.
  • Utilize Noivern’s strong Special Defense stat to withstand certain blows and play for a longer period of time.
  • Utilize the Flying/Dragon typing of Noivern to benefit from its defenses and vulnerabilities.
  • To make Noivern even more adaptable, think about teaching it complementary maneuvers like Tailwind and Roost.
  • In Sword and Shield, Noivern is a strong and adaptable Pokémon that can be an important member of your squad.
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Why is Noibat not evolving ?

Your Noibat may not be evolving for a number of reasons, including:

It is not leveled appropriately. At level 48, Noivern develops from Noibat. Before attempting to evolve your Noibat, ensure that it has attained this level.

It is not part of your group. Noibat cannot evolve unless it is in your party. It won’t evolve while it’s in your Pokémon Box or in a Pokémon Center.

It has an Everstone in its hand. A held object called the Everstone stops Pokémon from evolving. Your Noibat won’t evolve if it is clutching an Everstone.

There is a problem. It’s conceivable that a bug in your game is preventing the evolution of your Noibat. If after performing all of the aforementioned checks your Noibat still isn’t evolving, you might need to get assistance from Nintendo support.

If your Noibat satisfies all the criteria for evolution but does not yet manifest itself, try the following:

  • One more level up is necessary. Your Noibat might fall just a little shy of level 48. See if leveling it up one more time results in the evolution.
  • Any held objects should be taken out. Check to see if your Noibat is holding anything, especially the Everstone.
  • Add it to your celebration. When trying to evolve your Noibat, make sure it is in your party.
  • Start the game over. Simple restarts can sometimes resolve small issues.
  • Refresh your game. Make sure you are playing Pokémon Sword and Shield in its most recent iteration.

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