What level does Bagon Evolve in Pokemon Violet ? How To Get Bagon, Shelgon, & Salamence

What level does bagon evolve in pokemon violet ? In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, one of the exclusive Pokemon that can be caught in Pokemon Violet is the powerful Bagon line of Dragon-type Pokemon. Whether it is to obtain one to complete their Pokedexs or to add to their team to fight other trainers, here is how players can catch and evolve a Bagon.

The first tip is to head over toward Casseroya Lake. This lake has a large number of powerful Pokemon of level 50 or higher, which can be battled with Bagon in the party in order to gather experience quickly.

The second tip for players is to complete four, five, and six-star Tera raids in order to collect EXP candy, which can be fed to Bagon and Shelgon to quickly level it to the required levels.

If players are playing Pokemon Scarlet, the only way they will be able to receive a Bagon is to trade for it with another player, as Bagon is exclusive to Pokemon Violet. Otherwise, they will have to catch the paradox Pokemon Roaring Moon, an ancient version of Salamence.

what level does bagon evolve in pokemon violet

Where to find Salamence

Salamence can’t be encountered in the wild and has to be evolved, but don’t worry; you can find its Pre – Evolutions Bagon and Shelgon in the wild.


Bagon is commonly found in Cave and Mountain biomes and rarely in mines throughout the Paldea region. The best place to find Bagon would be the large caves, one of them being the cave near Alfornada in the South Province. Another would be the Eastern Provinces Area Three since caves are abundant in that region.

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To spawn Bagon quickly, try the Picnic Table Method, which needs you to set up a picnic and immediately end it. This would reset the spawns near your location, and you can do it constantly until you spawn a Bagon.


A bit more challenging to encounter than Bagon, Shelgon can be found in the South Province Area Six, but it’s very rare. Another method that might be more feasible with Shelgon is participating in public raids. Shelgon occasionally appears as a raid boss in Terra raid battles, and you can catch it there after defeating it.

This Pokémon is only available in the Violet version, so players of Pokémon Scarlet will have to trade Pokémon with other trainers to receive Salamence. Still, players of Pokémon Scarlet are able to obtain a different type of Pokemon: the Roaring Moon Paradox Pokemon.

How to get Salamence

Evolving From Bagon

Bagon will evolve into a Shelgon at level 30, and to do that might take a while; you could always go the old-fashioned grinding route, but there are a few other ways. Completing Tera raid battles provides you with EXP candy; you can use that to level up your Pokémon quickly. Auto Battle features are convenient since they allow Bagon to engage in battles and quickly level up.

Evolving Shelgon to Salamence

Shelgon will evolve into Salamence at level 50, and you can use the methods mentioned above for this as well.

After reaching level 50, you will have the Dragon–Flying type Pokémon in your possession.

How to get Paradox Form Roaring Moon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Roaring Moon is an Ancient Form Pokemon that can only be caught in Scarlet. Players can find it in The Great Crater of Paldea (Area Zero).

Roaring Moon is a Dragon/Dark-type, and players will find it fully evolved when they encounter it. Trainers with copies of Violet can catch this Pokemon by entering Co-op Mode with another player possessing Scarlet or by trading with someone who has already caught the Paradox Form.

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How to evolve Bagon into Shelgon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players raising Bagon will see it evolve into Shelgon at level 30.

Similar to the mid-stage evolutions of Bug-type Pokemon, Bagon is encased in a hard shell and appears as just feet and a pair of eyes. It isn’t clear why it looks this way, as it still maintains its Dragon typing and evolves into a very dragon-like Second Stage evolution.

How to evolve Shelgon into Salamence

Pokemon trainers determined to obtain the Pseudo-Legendary Salamence will need to raise a Shelgon to level 50.

Salamence is considered one of the most powerful non-Legendary Pokemon available to catch. With overall stats much higher than many other Pokemon, it is a powerhouse that will deliver crushing attacks on opponents while also enduring hits received during battle.

And that’s it! Those looking to find out more about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can check out our other guides

How to Evolve Shelgon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Shelgon is a Pokemon that looks precisely like what it is – a seed with plenty of potential that stubbornly refuses to bloom. Getting it to this stage from Bagon is a slog.

You had to either catch it in the wild, which is possible if you head to Alfornada to explore the caverns that run beneath the city, or level up a Bagon to level 30.

But why isn’t the Shelgon in your possession evolving now? Is there some secret trick? Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), there is no trick. Dragon Type Pokemon are notorious for having three stages, with the third stage being an absolute grind to obtain.

Where To Find Bagon

Although it is said on Bagon’s Habitat page that the Pokemon is rarely seen, we were able to easily find it in cave areas. The best spot to find this Pokemon, in particular, is the open cave area just outside of the Asado Desert. This Pokemon is quite small, so it might be hard to spot at first — you will want to search the whole cave area to find it.

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To find this Pokemon, here are our directions

First, fly to the Colonnade Hollow fast travel spot. This is located just above the Asado Desert.

When you arrive, head directly into the open cave area just in front of you. Search around the whole area, and you will most likely find one

here. You can also eat a sandwich that boosts your Dragon-Type Encounter Power to make more appear.

These Bagon will be around Level 26 to Level 27, so it is recommended that you use either a Poke Ball or Great Ball to catch it.

what level does bagon evolve in pokemon violet

Where To Find Shelgon

If you have already caught your Bagon and want to evolve it into Shelgon, you will have to level it up to Level 30. However, you can also find this Pokemon in the wild in a few different areas.

We were able to frequently find Shelgon in the cave just outside the city of Alfornada. We especially recommend eating something to boost your Dragon-Type Encounter Power for Shelgon, as it is much less common than Bagon.

  • Start by flying to the Alfornada Pokemon Center.
  • Then, head west on the map to the cave just outside Alfornada. When you get inside, start heading down the path, and you should be able to spot a Shelgon around here, especially if you ate something with Dragon-Type Encounter Power.
  • When you find a Shelgon, they will be around Level 42 to Level 43, so you should be able to catch it easily with a Poke Ball or Great Ball.

How To Evolve Shelgon Into Salamence

Although it is possible to catch both Bagon and Shelgon in the wild, the only way to get Salamence in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is by evolving Shelgon. This should be a quick process, however, as you will only need to level up Shelgon to Level 50.

Since the Shelgon found in the cave near Alfornada are already around Level 43, it shouldn’t take too long to level it up to Level 50. You can take part in higher-level Tera Raids to get a bunch of Experience Candies or put Shelgon in battles to allow it to level up on its own. Once it reaches Level 50, it will automatically evolve into Salamence.

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