What Level are the Titan Pokemon ? Every Titan Pokémon In Scarlet & Violet And How To Beat Them

What level are the titan pokemon ? There are a total of five Titans in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Pokémon grown to enormous size thanks to the power of Herba Mystica.

They are encountered during the Path Of Legends, one of Scarlet and Violet’s multiple storylines. But while Scarlet and Violet are technically open-world games, there is still an ideal order to fight the Titans in.

The beginning of the Path Of Legends is clearly signposted for the player by Arven, who urges the player to follow him eastwards out of Mesagoza. This points players in the direction of a low-level encounter ideal for learning the basics of a Titan battle.

However, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s structure poses a problem for more explorative players, as the Titans all have fixed but hidden levels in their initial encounters. This can make any subsequent Titan anything from disappointingly weak to overwhelmingly difficult depending on when they are battled, making planning ahead critical.

Scarlet and Violet’s Titan Pokémon, Weakest To Strongest

The Stony Cliff Titan Klawf is undoubtedly the easiest Titan Pokémon to battle in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, as indicated by Arven and the fact it can later be caught at a humble level 16. Following from Klwaf, the next strongest Titan is the Open Sky Titan, Bombirdier, located in western Paldea at Level 20.

The Lurking Steel Titan follows at level 26, the Quaking Earth Titan at level 45, and finally, the False Dragon Titan duo offers the player battles at levels 56 (Dodonzo) and 57 (Tatsugiri).

This order for the Titans, from weakest to strongest, takes players all over Scarlet and Violet’s open world on a long and winding route.

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 are the titan pokemon

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s Herba Mystica Work Logically In The Right Order

In addition to giving the Titans a scaling threat for players to contend with, this order also creates a logical progression for the Herba Mystica. While they slowly heal Arven’s Mabosstiff, the potent herbs also empower Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s ridable Legendaries.

Following the optimal path for the Titans likewise places these mobility upgrades in a logical order, beginning with a simple dash and ending with climbing cliffs.

The Legendary also gains a powerful jump, followed by its gliding ability. This progression emphasizes the theme of strengthening and recovery paralleled by Mabosstiff. Although the Herba Mystica are remarkably unbalanced when used for sandwiches, the story they enable is quite poignant.

Despite Scarlet and Violet professing to enable an open-world adventure, the fact remains that every Trainer and Titan the player battles maintains a static level.

Although this may lessen the appeal of free-roaming for some, it also means that players can chart an optimized route through Paldea. Ideally, of course, the Titans will be battled in conjunction with Gym Leaders and Team Star, although this can create a remarkably convoluted path.

Nevertheless, the best order to take on the Titans is clear, both in terms of challenge and in contributing to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s incredible stories.

All Titan Pokemon and what Level Order to battle them in

Each Titan is an oversized, extra-powerful version of an existing Pokemon in the Paldea region. Below is a guide to each Titan’s location, type, type, and what order they should be battled in according to Serebii.net.

The Stony Cliff Titan, Klawf

The Stony Cliff Titan may have the lowest level out of all five titans, but it shouldn’t be underestimated. As a giant form of the Pokémon Klawf, it has an impressive physicatanl attack and defense stat, both backed up by a potent ability, Anger Shell. Anger Shell causes the titan to gain a boost to its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed when reduced to below 50% HP.

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Trainers who started with a Quaxly or Sprigatito are in luck, as both have potent offense options against a mono-Rock-type, especially if their Pokémon learned Water Pulse or Magical Leaf respectively.

But there are options beyond those two. A Mankey with Low Kick can deal massive damage to the heavy titan, while a Basculin or Shellder can chip away with Water-type attacks. Mudbray also deserves a mention, as Bulldoze and Double Kick also work well.

The Open Sky Titan, Bombirdier

While the Open Sky Titan might not be as sturdy as the first, it makes up for it by having a more versatile movepool. This Bombirdier has a potent combination of Flying and Rock-type moves at its disposal, the latter boosted by their Rocky Payload ability which increases the power of Rock-type attacks. Torment completes its moveset, preventing moves from being used twice in a row.

Using the previous titan against this one may be one of the best options, as Klawf resists Flying and can deal heavy damage with Rock Tomb by this point. Sudowoodo can also be an unlikely powerhouse here, as Stone Edge will shred through Bombirdier. Fidough is another excellent choice, as Play Rough will deal heavy damage. Lastly, the Ice Fang TM can be acquired from a rooftop in Mesagoza.

The Lurking Steel Titan, Orthworm

As the Lurking Steel Titan, Orthworm goes for a slow but steady approach to combat, using its massive defense stat to buy time while moves like Sandstorm and Wrap slowly weaken opponents. It should be noted that while Orthworm is a pure Steel-type, its Earth Eater ability renders it immune to Ground-type attacks, leaving only weaknesses to Fighting and Fire for players to exploit.

Luckily for players, the area that Orthworm is encountered in also happens to be one of the first places they can find a Fire Stone, which gives them access to powerful Fire-type special attackers like Arcanine and Scovillain. Lucario is another excellent choice, as Fighting/Steel resists all of Orthworm’s attacks and Aura Sphere ignores its sky-high defense. If the player has a Primeape, they can also make use of Low Kick or Cross Chop.

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The Quaking Earth Titans, Great Tusk & Iron Treads

Exactly what the player faces as the Quaking Earth Titan varies depending on if they’re playing Scarlet or Violet. In Scarlet, the player faces off against the hard-hitting Ground/Fighting-type Great Tusk, and in Violet, they’ll battle the Ground/Steel-type Iron Treads.

While these Pokémon share common Ground-type weaknesses, both have a moveset designed to cover that, at least to an extent.

Both titans will struggle against Water/Flying-types like Gyarados and Pelipper, as those resist or are immune to most of their attacks and can dish out powerful moves like Waterfall, Surf, and Hurricane every round.

Flamigo and Talonflame can be good choices as well, as they resist the attacks of Great Tusk and Iron Treads respectively. Flamigo can chip away using attacks like Acrobatics while using Roost to heal, while Talonflame can take a more aggressive approach with Flare Blitz.

 are the titan pokemon

The False Dragon Titans Dondozo & Tatsugiri

The hulking Dondozo and tiny Tatsugiri together make up the mighty False Dragon Titan, though players shouldn’t let the name fool them. This titan is plenty strong.

Both Dondozo and Tatsugiri have access to powerful Dragon-type moves, with the former mixing in Aqua Tail and Body Slam and the latter making use of Icy Wind and Muddy Water.

While no Pokémon provides a perfect defense for this challenging fight, having at least one Fairy-type will make it easier. Any Fairy-type Pokémon will provide some protection from the barrage of Dragon-type attacks, but Florges and Mimikyu have some of the best options for fighting back.

Florges can make use of Wish and Gigadrain for survivability alongside Petal Storm and Moonblast for pure damage. Meanwhile, Mimikyu can use Woodhammer and Play Rough as needed while tanking hits with its Disguise ability and Double Team.

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