What is Vanilla Minecraft ? How To Choose Which Minecraft Server to Install

What is vanilla minecraft ? Vanilla Experiments is a fascinating setting in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. As a vast sandbox game that keeps getting updates, there is so much content to go around that it’s nearly impossible to know how everything works. Since it’s already been established that Vanilla Experiments is a setting, let’s try to learn more about it.

After the successful release of their biggest update yet, The Caves and Cliffs Update, Mojang is now gearing up to release a new 1.19 The Wild Update sometime in 2022. As Java Edition players continue to get snapshots with future features, normal Bedrock Edition players can also get a feel for future updates with the Vanilla Experiments setting; however, they may come with some flaws and bugs.

How to toggle this setting in a Minecraft Bedrock Edition world

When players enter the game, they will need to make a new world where they can test these experimental features. Players must never turn this setting on in any previous worlds where they have made progress and advancements, as the world may get corrupted or crash.

Once the world list opens, players can press the Edit button on the right-hand side of each world to open the Settings tab. From there, they can scroll down to the toggle named Vanilla Experiments. As soon as they do this, a prompt will pop up, warning players about the dangers of crashes and bugs that may come with the experimental features. Players can proceed, and the game will create a copy of the world where the feature will be enabled.

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Once players enter that particular world, they will be able to see new and upcoming features. However, they might have to find some other settings on the World settings page that can be used to get features that you can’t get using the Vanilla Experiments toggle.

what is vanilla minecraft

Wild Update toggle in the World settings

Since the new update is right around the corner, almost all players want to see the new features and mobs coming to the 1.19 The Wild Update. However, these new features can no longer be found under the Vanilla Experiments settings but have been moved to the Wild Update toggle. If players want to see the new sculk blocks, frogs, and other upcoming features, they will need to change this setting. It can be easily found near the Vanilla Experiment toggle.

None of this means that the Vanilla Experiments toggle is completely useless. When an update is in its early stages, Mojang does release certain features under this toggle, but later shifts them to a new one.

Best Minecraft Vanilla servers

This server is by far the most on the list, with several server-side plugins. These plugins have been installed to improve the overall gaming experience and provide a new twist to the repetitive basic solo vanilla survival mode given by many other servers.

The server has a large vanilla survival world that can only be accessed after breaking out from the main jail. Players can construct here while being fully safe from griefing. Purple Prison also includes its own in-game economy, which allows users to set up their own in-game stores.

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Purple Prison is a popular Minecraft server that has hundreds, if not thousands, of people online at any given moment. The server has a long history as well, having been up and operational for over seven years. It has attracted some very big personalities, like PewDiePie, throughout the course of this period.

“Minimalism with a hint of usefulness” is how Vanilla WTF portrays itself. Griefing, raiding, and PvP are all allowed under the rules and griefing, raiding, and PvP are all enabled by default.

The vanilla WTF server, on the other hand, has a well-designed anti-cheat mechanism that prevents players from getting an unfair edge by utilizing hacks or exploits.

Simply Vanilla is a fantastic and friendly Minecraft survival server with a few added features to help with vanilla gameplay. Their teleportation technology is an example of this.

This allows players to teleport to each other by typing a simple command in chat rather than trekking massive distances across the map, saving them an endless amount of time.

The server also has a unique trade option, which allows players to swap stuff quickly and safely.

Modified Minecraft (Forge/Sponge/Fabric)


Mostly used for big and game-changing mods. It also uses its own launcher, as Vanilla Minecraft cannot be played with Forge mods. Mods are different from plugins because mods require changes on the client side. So you can join a plugin server from any Minecraft client, but you won’t be able to join a Forge server without a modified client. The advantage of mods is that they can significantly change the game world.

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Was created as an optimized server for Forge. Sponge uses Forge on the server but has many optimizations and bug fixes. Unfortunately, it lost support after version 1.12.

what is vanilla minecraft


Lightweight mod and plugin loader that allows players to still run both Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft. It was created with the intention of replacing Forge, as well as making it easier to create mods. The main differences between Fabric and Forge are stability, good optimization, and no lags. Although there are more modifications on Forge, they often conflict with each other, there is no such thing in Fabric.

Vanilla Minecraft

A Minecraft base server that is suitable for those who want to play the original Minecraft. Vanilla Minecraft is well suited for servers with a small number of players who are just getting to know the game universe. If you plan to play on a server with more than 10 people, then it’s better to create a Paper server (described below).

This is the server with the fastest and easiest launch of Minecraft. There is no need to set any settings for the standard game.

Limited in scope, cannot install plugins/mods, and does not allow any settings (except for basic ones).

Weakly optimized for a long game on the server, as it is built for a single-player game. Servers with 10 or more players will have trouble with lag, especially as players move away from each other.
Perfect for newbies to Minecraft servers.

Above is information what is vanilla minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is vanilla minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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