What is the strongest pokemon in Pokemon go | Top 3 Strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Go

What is the strongest pokemon in pokemon go? With well over 600 creatures in Pokemon GO and counting, not all Pocket Monsters in this title are equally powerful. As many experienced fans will know, what qualifies as “strong” in this game differs.

Strength in this franchise is not something that can be measured definitively. With the many different facets of gameplay present in this mobile game, some creatures might be more viable in one compared to others.

Thankfully, there is a group of entities that are consistently used in many different aspects of Pokemon GO, from raids to NPC trainer fights. So what are the five creatures that gamers are recommended to find? Moreover, what makes these picks so unique and special compared to other viable choices?

Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO: What Makes A Strong Pokemon?

A Pokemon’s strength is determined by its Combat Power (CP). This is the number you see above a Pokemon any time you tap on its profile. The higher the CP, the more damage a Pokemon’s attacks will do. You can increase your Pokemon’s CP by tapping ‘Power Up’. It’ll use up Candies and Stardust, but it’ll increase the strength of that Pokemon.

Some Pokemon are more likely to reach higher CP levels than others. For example, a Trubbish that you catch in the wild will usually have a CP below 600, and no matter how often you power it up, will hit a CP cap of 1,000.

This maximum CP cap varies widely between Pokemon: legendaries are more likely to hit maximum CP, as are the final evolutions of Pokemon, such as Dragonite. Having a higher IV Pokemon – determined by appraisal – will increase the max CP it can hit.

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To help you choose which Pokemon you’ll train to hit max CP, we’ve got a list of ten of the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO. This isn’t necessarily the ten strongest—as a lot of those are legendary Pokemon only available in very infrequent raids—but a mixture of Pokemon that are readily available, and very strong when fully upgraded.

what is the strongest pokemon in pokemon go

Best Pokemon In Pokemon GO


First up is a relatively common Pokemon, but one that grows very strong. The final evolution of Dratini, the Dragon-type Dragonite can hit a maximum CP of 3,792. It’s a particularly good choice for novice Pokemon GO players, as you’ll come across a lot of Dratini in the wild during semi-frequent Dragon-type events. It’ll take a while to fully evolve, as Dragonair needs 100 Candy to evolve into Dragonite, but it’s certainly worth the end result.


Next is another Pokemon that’s quite easy to evolve throughout the early stages of your Pokemon GO adventure. Tyranitar starts off as Larvitar which, like Dratini, you can find in the wild during special events. Once it’s fully evolved, Tyranitar has a maxium CP of 3,834 – making it stronger than Dragonite. It’s also one of the strongest Rock-type Pokemon in the game.


Rhyperior is slighty less common, and evolves from Rhyhorn, to Rhydon as the second stage. This Ground- and Rock-type Pokemon can reach 3,733 CP when boosted to its fullest capacity. The only drawback is Rhyperior’s significant weakness to Water and Grass-type Pokemon, making it a risky choice.


You might not expect Blissey to be one of Pokemon GO’s most powerful fighters, but it absolutely is. Blissey can reach a maximum CP of 2,757, once you’ve evolved it from a Happiny to a Chansey. Blissey is much better as a defensive Pokemon, with moves like Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam, so this is the number one choice for defending gyms.


Believe it or not, Slaking is actually the strongest Pokemon in the game when it comes to raw CP value. It can reach a CP of 4,431, which is higher than anything else. As a Normal-type Pokemon it isn’t especially effective against particular Types – and its trademark Yawn move does no damage. Therefore, even though it’s strong, Slaking isn’t a great fighter.

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The final evolution of Gible is a Dragon- and Ground-type, with a max CP of 3,962. Its Dragon Tail and Outrage moves are particularly damaging, too. This makes Garchomp a very strong choice.


Metagross isn’t the best attacking Pokemon, but its max CP of 3,791, and its high HP, make it a strong choice to place in Gyms. Definitely keep an eye out for its Meteor Mash move, which takes full advantage of this Steel-type Pokemon.


It isn’t the first Dragon-type on this list, but Salamence is certainly a Pokemon to consider. With a 3,749 max CP and a base attack rating of 277, it’s a quick and powerful fighter.


Togekiss may start out as the lil’ baby Togepi, but this final evolution form is another one of the best defenders in Pokemon GO. It has a max CP value of 3,332 and thanks to being a Fairy-type, offers an interesting curveball in battles.


Last on the list, Mewtwo might be a Legendary Pokemon, but you can catch it through mandatory research – meaning if you play enough, you’ll definitely have a chance to catch it. With a maximum CP of 4,178 and a Psystrike move that does 47 damage per second, Mewtwo certainly lives up to its reputation.

There you have it – the strongest Pokemon to keep an eye out for in Pokemon GO. If you have these in your team, you’ve got a very good chance of succeeding in most encounters you’ll face. If you want more, check out our other Pokemon GO guides below:

Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go: Slaking

Slaking is the Pokemon with the highest MAX CP in the game, making it insufferable to battle against. When players place it in the gym, its high defense stat will widdle down any other Pokemon’s attacks.

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While it is slow and does minimal damage with its base attack, once the charge move comes out, the opponent will only be able to handle 1 or 2 of these moves. It’s a perfect Pokemon to use for defending a Pokemon gym. The best way to obtain one is by capturing a Slakoth and walking with it as your buddy to get candy.

what is the strongest pokemon in pokemon go

Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go: Mewtwo

Coined as the world’s most powerful Pokemon, Mewtwo is exactly that in Pokemon Go. Its attack stat sits at around 300 and it can quickly demolish any Pokemon team.

The only way to obtain this Pokemon in Pokemon Go is by participating in raid battles. Every few weeks, the legendary Pokemon that is in the rotation will change. Make sure to pay attention when Mewtwo makes a reappearance. It’s also difficult to take down in raids so make sure to bring at least 7 friends along for the battle.

Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go: Groudon

While Groudon does have a heavy weakness to Water, Ice, and Grass-type moves, its move set will allow it to take down almost any other Pokemon. With Dragon Tail and Earthquake, Groudon does the most damage in the game.

Similar to Mewtwo, Groudon can only be found in raid battles. Although, it sometimes makes an appearance as a Pokemon that appears for completing the weekly research tasks in the game. It even has the chance to appear shiny. This is definitely one the player wants for their teams.

Pokemon Go changed the world when it released back in 2016. The game inspired players to go outdoors and see the world while capturing Pokemon along the way. New updates and Pokemon appear in the game every few months to keep things interesting.

Recently, GO Fest, a massive Pokemon Go event, took place online to prevent players from going outside. It was a huge success for the game and showed that support is stronger than ever. Pokemon Go remains one of the most important games of this generation.

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