What is the strongest Pokemon Card | Pokemon: The 15 Strongest EX Cards, Ranked

What is the strongest pokemon card? Power-creeping is a phenomenon that occurs in all TCGs at one point or another. As new sets of cards get released, more powerful ones will inevitably get introduced to add new and fresh elements into the game. To maintain balance, the power increase of cards is purposefully gradual.

Though a gradual incline over a long period of time can lead to behemoths being born. EX variants of cards were introduced in the Pokemon TCGin late 2011 and revolutionized the competitive scene.

Their might makes any deck benefit from including them. No Pokemon TCG trainer looking to make their mark on the world would be caught without at least a few of these powerhouse cards.

Updated on March 10, 2023, by Tom Bowen: Packing, purchasing, or trading powerful EX cards is certainly important, but so too is knowing how and when to actually use them.

Choosing which deck to insert these powerful EX cards into can be vital, for example, while pairing them with the right supporting Pokemon can go some way to preventing opponents from countering them.

Trainers should also take note of the weakness and resistance of each of their cards so that their power isn’t squandered, as losing an EX Pokemon card can often result in a loss of pride as well as a pair of precious prize cards.

Mega Mewtwo EX

Much like in the Pokemon games, Mewtwo possesses one of the very best Mega Evolutions in the TCG. Granted, the “10+” damage that its Psychic Infinity attack dishes out may seem pretty meager at first glance, but, more so than ever, that plus is actually incredibly important. With enough energy cards, in fact, the attack could in theory live up to its name when it comes to damage potential.

The thing that makes Psychic Infinity so deadly is that it considers not only the energy cards that are attached to Mega Mewtwo, but also those attached to the opposition’s active Pokemon.

Given that most big attacks typically require at least three energy cards, a couple of Double Colorless Energy cards will allow players to dish out 220 damage, which should be enough to take down all but the tankiest of Pokemon in one fell swoop.

The fact that the attack isn’t affected by weakness is perhaps a little disappointing, particularly as resistance remains unaffected. Even so, that the attack effectively uses the opposition’s energy cards against them makes it somewhat unique and an excellent counter when up against powerful EX cards that encourage players to stack energy like Malamar or Mega Gardevoir.

what is the strongest pokemon card

Mega Kangaskhan EX

Released in the Flashfire expansion, this card harkens back to some non-mega Kangaskhan cards; some of the best Normal-types. There are a few versions of Kangaskhan in the TCG where the damage of their attacks is based on coin flips. This card takes this pattern and super-sizes it.

Guaranteed 100 damage is nothing to sneeze at for regular opponents but is not particularly dangerous to opposing EX cards who usually boast 200+ HP.

Wham Bam Punch has no ceiling for damage, making it one of the most dangerous attacks in the game, though, with only 30 bonus damage per successful coinflip, it is a gamble that may not pay off.

Since this card is Colorless, it can be inserted in almost any deck to offset a natural dominant weakness to anything except Fighting-type cards.

It is especially effective in Colorless decks that are designed to search and play excessive amounts of energy cards so that Mega Kangaskhan EX can power up their sole move faster.

Mega Gardevoir EX

With no damage cap for its attack, Mega Gardevoir EX from the Primal Clash expansion can unleash insane destruction. Including the 3 energy required for the attack, if the player puts merely 2 Fairy energies on each of their 5 benched Pokemon and then mega-evolves Gardevoir, they can do close to 400 damage with no negative secondary effects.

The downside of this, of course, is that this takes quite a while to set up and requires an awful lot of energy. However, with the ability to one-shot almost any Pokemon, it may be a strategy worth investing in. It provides options, which many players feel makes it one of the best Pokemon EX cards in the TCG.

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Fairy-type decks, despite not being super viable since the inclusion of Fairy pokemon into this TCG’s Psychic-type, can still be dangerous with the right combinations. Mega Gardevoir EX backed up by trainer cards that allow for faster energy-searching can be a force of devastation.

Malamar EX

Malamar may be a fairly underwhelming Pokemon in the games, but the Pokemon’s EX card from the XY Phantom Forces set is not to be trifled with.

Granted, its HP is a little on the low side when compared to other EX cards, but what it lacks in defenses, it more than makes up for in the offensive department. Players will just need a little bit of luck if they’re to get the best out of it.

Malamar’s MAXamar attack allows players to flip a coin for each energy card attached to the Pokemon and will deal 60 damage for every head.

With this in mind, a handful of energy cards and a little bit of luck can lead to the Pokemon dishing out some monstrous damage, allowing it to destroy the opposition in a single turn. Better still, the Pokemon has a trick up its sleeve to help it to set up.

The Hyper Hypnosis ability puts the opponent’s active Pokemon to sleep whenever the user attaches an energy card to Malamar. By exploiting this and bringing along a few double colorless energy cards, players can quickly set up and unleash MAXamar before the opponent’s Pokemon even has a chance to act. At the very least, it should be able to put a serious dent in its opponent’s HP.

Shaymin EX

When looking for the best EX cards in the Pokemon TCG, many players have a tendency to prioritize damage. In their defense, choosing a card that can dish out a lot of damage is incredibly important, but this is just one of the many important aspects that need to be considered when putting together a competitive deck.

Shaymin EX is a utility card and one of the very best at what it does. Its Set Up ability, which allows players to draw up to six cards into their hand when Shaymin is played from the player’s hand to their bench, is ridiculously useful and can really help to turn the tide in a tight battle.

What makes this ability all the more useful is Shaymin’s Sky Return attack. It only deals 30 damage, but it also returns Shaymin and all of the cards attached to it to the player’s hand, effectively allowing them to make use of Set Up indefinitely until they either run out of cards or Shaymin runs out of HP.

Mega Blaziken EX

This fiery Pokemon needs 2 turns to dish out its true damage, but it rarely needs more than that to bring down an adversary. Dealing 100 on its first attack turn and then a whopping 200 on the next means Mega Blaziken from the XY Black Star Promos expansion has one of the deadliest 2-turn combos in the game.

Furthermore, there is no discarding, self-damage, or other negative effects of Moonsault Blaze, which means one can keep up the momentum and pressure indefinitely. Mega Blaziken’s high HP comes in useful in this regard, with its bulkiness allowing it to outlast the opposition in most situations.

Mega Blaziken EX is clearly a card most suited to Fire-type decks, as it has excellent potential to burn foes to ash. While this pocket monster has a weakness to Water-type moves, the second turn use of Moonsault Blaze applies damage before weakness, and resistance modifiers are calculated, meaning that this move can help to counter the most common threat to Fire-type decks.

Dragonite EX

A lot of players prefer to have a designated retrieval card, but for those looking for something a little more versatile, Dragonite EX is a solid option. As well as being able to recover two basic cards from the player’s discard pile with its Pull Up ability, it can also hit like a truck, and, with 180 HP, is fairly sturdy to boot.

The reason that Pull Up can be useful is that a lot of the best EX cards are based on Legendary and Mythical Pokemon and are thus classed as Basic. Being able to hit the opposition for 130 HP after playing the card is a nice bonus, as too can Hyper Beam’s ability to discard one of the opposition’s active Pokemon’s energy cards.

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Ultimately, the overall usefulness of Dragonite EX will depend largely on the rest of the player’s deck. If they already have a few decent options for card retrieval then they may be better served by a purely offensive card. However, those who value versatility should definitely consider including a copy of Dragonite EX in their deck.

Mega Venusaur EX

True to the strategies consistent among Grass-type pokemon for decades, Mega Venusaur EX from the XY expansion can literally put the opponent into a state of crisis. 120 damage is not the most that can be dealt from an EX Pokemon attack, but with a guaranteed chance to both paralyze and poison the foe, it is an incredible move to lock down a tricky enemy.

On the opponent’s next turn, they will need to rely on luck, use up crucial trainer cards, or retreat — all of which put Mega Venusaur’s trainer at a strategic advantage with further potential to lock down even more opposing pokemon. Granted, the card is somewhat situational, but this is true of pretty much all of the best Pokemon EX cards.

Grass-type decks focusing on inflicting status conditions would be well suited to equip this mighty plant pokemon. There are even some regular Venusaur cards that have energy-manipulating abilities that can help increase the rate at which one charges up their active and benched pokemon for greatly useful efficiency.

Mega Aggron EX

This tank of a pocket monster is another from the Primal Clash expansion. Its Megaton Slam is an attack that relies on a bit of luck to be fully effective in battle. With a potential for an additional 120 damage on top of a base 120 flat damage, Mega Aggron EX can one-shot almost any opponent; even other EX cards.

Since losing an EX Pokemon yields twice the amount of prize cards, a single coin flip may be worth trying despite the potential damage to one’s own benched pokemon. With this in mind, Mega Aggron EX is a great option for those with a riskier play style, though it’s far from a case of there being a risk of ruin.

Metal-type decks would be a nice home for this mega pokemon, as the same-type synergy could only benefit one’s playstyle. Playing Mega Aggron EX while one has a pokemon with a healing ability on their bench is a solid way to use Megaton Slam with fewer repercussions.

Mega Ampharos EX

This Electric Pokemon from the Ancient Origins expansion is one of the most powerful of its type to be created. Its Exavolt attack gives its trainer the chance to do 50 more damage and a guaranteed chance to paralyze the foe at the cost of taking 30 damage.

The option for extra damage and applying a status effect makes Mega Ampharos EX a versatile powerhouse that can dish out big hits as well as lockdown a foe. Because of the recoil damage, it cannot do this indefinitely but will grant one plenty of chances to cause havoc to the opponent’s side.

Those seeking such power at the cost of a bit of chaos are recommended to insert this card into a Lightning-type deck that embodies this reckless attack strategy.

As mentioned before, and on every EX card, losing one of these powerhouses means that one loses more valuable prize cards than usual. To counter Mega Ampharos EX’s recoil damage, trainers should be sure to include both trainer cards that can heal pokemon as well as allies who have moves and abilities that can do so.

Volcanion EX

Released as part of the XY Steam Siege set, Volcanion EX is a fairly unique card. For starters, it had a double type, though this is far from what makes the card such a great addition to a trainer’s deck. Likewise, its Volcanic Heat attack is nothing to write home about, despite its fairly respectable stats.

No, what makes Volcanion EX so desirable is its Steam Up ability, which allows it to boost the player’s active card’s damage by 30 at the expense of one fire energy card. This effect can stack with multiple copies of the card, effectively allowing players to boost one of their card’s attacks by 90 for just three energy cards.

Of course, this strategy requires players to have three copies of Volcanion EX and will require a little bit of setup. However, when worked into a fire deck, this can be incredibly effective, particularly when one’s opponent is packing bulky Pokemon with a lot of HP. That extra 90 attack damage can go a long way, quickly turning the tide in battle.

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Mega Tyranitar EX

Another from the Ancient Origins expansion, Mega Tyranitar is even mightier. Not only can the aptly named Destroyer King attack unleash decent damage on the first attacking turn, but it can lead to a truly destructive combo on the next. For each 10 hit points missing from the opponent, Destroyer King does 60 additional damage.

This means that if an unboosted Destroyer King hit the foe for the full base amount of 110 on the last turn, it can do over 700 damage on this turn: a truly ridiculous amount that can one-shot any foe. Furthermore, if Mega Tyranitar is sent out against an already damaged foe, its attack will be already primed for regal ruination.

The ideal deck for Mega Tyranitar EX is one composed of Darkness-type pokemon, though, this card doesn’t really need help or support to be deadly. Despite this, one can actually equip this Tyranitar card with 2 Pokemon Tools instead of just 1, meaning that decks that have a bunch of these support cards can be exceptionally useful for increasing Mega Tyranitar EX’s potential.

Mega Charizard Y EX

Like in the old days of the TCG, Charizard can be found among the strongest cards. In the Flashfire expansion, a version of Mega Charizard Y EX was released with what many consider to be a broken attack. Crimson Dive’s 300 base damage is about as high as one could hope for from a standard attack. The 5 energy required isn’t even that huge of a cost considering 3 of them can be any type, making special energies very useful.

Stoking the flames of this Fire-type Pokemon is undeniably worth the cost despite the recoil damage of 50 since the damage dealt can one-shot rival EX cards. At 220 HP, Mega Charizard Y EX can unleash this attack 5 times before felling itself; enough to win a battle without much aid in most cases.

Not only would this card be great in Fire-type decks, but can also be handy in dual-type decks thanks to Crimson Dive not requiring very many fire energies. As with other cards that have attacks that possess recoil damage as a secondary effect, inserting a few healing trainer cards as well as pokemon with healing moves and abilities can help Mega Charizard Y EX become even more dangerous.

what is the strongest pokemon card

Mega Charizard X EX

As if one overpowered Mega Charizard was not enough for the Flashfire expansion, they released a Mega Charizard X EX card as well. Somehow, they made this one even more powerful. Wild Blaze does as much damage as Mega Charizard Y EX’s Crimson Dive but has no recoil damage. Instead, using this powerful attack forces one to discard 5 cards from their deck.

This potentially causes a threat of milling oneself out of cards and losing a battle, though is it more likely to win one by wrecking the opposing forces before the lack of cards becomes a factor. On top of this, Mega Charizard X EX has a bit more HP and a less common weakness type, giving this monster even more of an edge.

Dragon-type decks focusing on Fire and Darkness-type cards are the ideal home for this flaming behemoth. Though, such decks featuring tactics that make use of cards in the discard pile will be the best to combine with Mega Charizard X EX, for they can turn the negative secondary effect of Wild Blaze into a positive trait.

Mega Gengar EX

Ghost pokemon are always tricky to deal with, and this Mega Gengar EX from the Phantom Forces expansion is no exception. In fact, it’s one that proves this notion beyond most others. Its Phantom Gate attack can emulate any opponent’s move at the cost of one Psychic energy plus any two others.

This allows the trainer to use a foe’s greatest weapon against them; possibly even before they can use it themselves and with a minimal cost! If things are looking dicey, Mega Gengar EX can be switched out easily with its minuscule retreat cost. This card is irrefutable proof that ghosts are as terrifying as their reputation states.

However, all ghost pokemon are often classified as Psychic-type in the TCG, meaning that Mega Gengar EX would be best suited to such a deck. Using this card in conjunction with other mischievous spectral pokemon can allow one to create a revolving door of low-retreat cost phantoms that can perform many hit-and-runs that will leave the opponent at a loss for what to do.

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